7 Best Zero Gravity Recliner Chairs to Relieve Your Back and Neck Pain

The appeal of any furniture should be weighed based on the salubrious effects it will impart to the body apart from adding character to the home décor by being voguish and durable.

Zero gravity recliner chairs concept draws inspiration from NASA’s experiments in space where gravity is missing and the feedback provided by astronauts who have been to space.

This has been used to provide various health benefits to the users, especially for those who are suffering from body pain.

Lets check more in detail about these zero gravity recliner and chairs below…

What is Zero Gravity?

According to Wikipedia the term “Zero Gravity” refers to the state of weightlessness or in other words an absence of weight. However it is never truly possible to completely escape or nullify the effects of the gravitational pull of any celestial body.

It is often mistaken for microgravity. Microgravity actually refers to creation of conditions where the effects of the gravitational pull can be reduced, causing weightlessness; for example sky diving.

Any object with a mass is said to have their gravitational fields. Even a small amount of gravity can be found anywhere in space. In case of Weightlessness there is absence of any stress or force.

A body in free-fall in such an environment with a uniform gravitational field experiences no gravitational acceleration and hence feels weightless. This aspect of feeling weightlessness is what we can call as, zero g-force or zero gravity.

Zero gravity in regard to chairs and reclines means to define design aspects, aimed at minimizing the effect of the gravitational forces upon the body, thus reducing overall stress build up.

Everyday routines, including working at the office for hours on end, and the pain of daily life, can cause reduced flexibility and core strength which eventually show as back aches and sore necks.

Experiencing “Zero gravity” positions need not compulsory involve a costly purchase. This can easily be done at home in a DIY way.

You can actually experience this state by making your own DIY zero gravity furniture by elevating legs on a stack of pillows, with knees bent at 133 degree angles, while gearing up to sleep.

What is Anti Gravity Chair?

Zero gravity recliner chairs are the specially designed chairs that helps to ease the pressure built on vital points on the body due to bad posture maintained over long hours.

Anti gravity chair recliner is most helpful for people who suffer from various problems due to bad posture. A special chair like the zero gravity recliner allows releasing unnecessary tension that builds up in body and thereby improves posture to a great extent.

People experiencing chronic lower back or neck pains are often advised to use zero-gravity chairs or recliners as they provide excellent support and comfort with multiple adjustments.

These adjustments usually includes relaxed seating, lounging and fully reclines postures with adjustable headrests to be altered for personal optimization.

Many of these bestselling zero gravity recliner chairs for back and neck pain comes with an adjustable knob to shift it in a comfortable position as desired by the user. It makes them quite easy to use by all.

Many of these chairs also comes with automatic shiatsu massage therapy which provides great relieving massage to the patients suffering from neck or back pain.

Benefits of Using Zero Gravity Chair

With the changing work and living style, humans are getting prone to different kinds of body ailments. People with back ache, neck pain and even sciatica pain find these anti gravity chairs very much useful for treating the pain.

The spinal position is essentially relived from contracting a nasty backache. Muscular cramps and aches will be severely brought down owing to the easing up of tension on the externals.

In addition it also helps in reducing problems associated with spine discs such as degenerative, bulged and herniated discs.

These zero gravity back stretcher or chairs also keeps the heart safe from any toxicity by taking the pressure off it and simultaneously aids in capacity expansion of the lungs.

Since the feet of the user are positioned above the heart it allows easy circulation of blood from and to heart. The oxygen level in blood is eventually enhanced and the augmented flow will improve the circulation.

7 Best Zero Gravity Chairs To Ease Your Spinal Pain

Zero gravity recliner folding chair and massage chair are good to have in home, especially for those who suffer from spinal pain.

You can opt for a simple cost effective zero gravity recliner garden chair (which can be placed in your garden, lounge or room) or a heavy massage chair (to be placed in your living room).

Below we list down 10 best selling chairs which are worth checking. You may check out the detailed consumer reviews and ratings before buying one.

1- Belleze Zero Gravity Chair

If you are looking for something comfortable and portable, Belleze 2- Pack zero gravity chair patio lounge is the perfect choice for your outdoor space.

The chairs are available in pair which has an ergonomic design and appeals majority of the buyers. The look is trendy, and has comfortable, non-allergic PVC materials which will lasts longer.

This zero gravity chair 2 pack has hassle free recline function which can be adjustable as per your desired sitting position. The reason behind its soaring popularity is its good to use if you are suffering from back or spinal problems. They get you into good sitting position without hurting your back.

Another great thing about this combo set is it comes with 2 cup holders at one of its side; which means your beverages will always be close by you.

These zero gravity chairs can support up to 250 lbs. of weight each. It gets firmly grounded when you are resting and relaxing on them.

Easy to assemble, they are lightweight to carry and stacked into one corner. Stylish, comfortable and affordable the zero gravity combo pack is available online to purchase at stores such as Amazon.

2- Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair

If you need the chair which gives optimum comfort and make you feel relaxed when you are outdoors, Timber Ridge oversized XL padded zero gravity chair is a perfect option for you.

Majority of the people have no idea about this zero gravity chair hence end up getting a basic lounge chair which is not so great to enjoy outdoor recreational activities.

The arms on the chair are durable, so you shouldn’t have any problems with them breaking or anything along the lines. There is a little pillow attached in the head rest area, making this chair amazingly comfortable.

If for some reason you don’t wish to have the pillow on the chair, you can remove it. The pillow is attached to the chair using straps, so it’s easy to remove. You can also remove the pillow to wash it as well.

Lightly padded and extremely comfortable Timber Ridge zero gravity chairs has beautiful stripped blue black and grey green combination mesh fabric.

This zero gravity chair with cup holder is adjustable and can go full recline position you wish to have. Retractable side with integrated drink holder is an amazing accessory that you can use for your outings.

Timber Ridge zero gravity chair with side table has a powder coated finish and can take up the weight up to 350 lbs.Why not try this out for all your comfort.

3- Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chair

Best Choice Products zero gravity canopy sunshade lounge chair is great for enjoying your beach or any of your outings because these are light in weight and offers best protection from sun.

For those families, who frequently have outdoor gatherings; these zero gravity canopy sunshade lounge chairs makes it an ideal outdoor accessory.

You can retreat to the comfort of this Best Choice Product’s portable chair to relax and even to take a snooze. If napping at your outing is one of your goals, then this chair will surely give you the best comfort by reclining it to several positions.

This zero gravity recliner with canopy sizes about 34” (L) x 27” (W) x 49” (H); and can take up 250 lbs. of weight. Designed out of supreme quality UV-resistant mesh, it has a robust steel frame that comes with a removable pillow.

The chair has a detachable cup holder tray which makes it perfect for holding drinks, magazines, books, phones etc. It has got lockable reclining system which easily adjusts to your body.

This chair works well on any flat ground and can be used at the campsite or park too. The shade canopy can be rotated backward to allow for full sun exposure.

The best thing is: when it’s time to leave, the chair folds up into a compact shape and can be worn like a backpack with its two shoulder straps.

Everyone in the family can manage carrying their own chair plus any supplies and accessories they wish to bring.

4- Extra Wide Zero Gravity Chair with Canopy & Tray

Well-furnished and extremely comfortable; these extra wide oversized brown zero gravity chair is best one for your outings.

The chair looks great and is made out of good quality UV resistant material hence you need not worry about usual wear and tear. Also the sitting material of the chair is sturdy that lasts longer than as compared to other chairs in similar price range.

As per the manufacture, this zero gravity chair is widely used for health reasons and this stands completely true. The chair design is made such that it easily adapts the sitting position without hurting your back.

If you are suffering from spinal or back problems, rest assure the chair will make you fully relaxed and comfortable.

The headrest and armrest are comfortable and when fully reclined it measures approximately 6 feet and width 25 supporting up to 300 lbs.

This zero gravity chair with side table has a detachable tray and foldable shade canopy perfect for your outdoor gatherings. The best part about the chair is its light enough to carry around with ease.

This zero gravity chair seems to be out of the world creation, with its innovative design intended to imitate the weightlessness experienced in space, this folding chair offers comfortable seating that adjusts according to your body.

Whether you are enjoying the sun, camping, or enjoying your own outdoors, the chair is made to fit your lifestyle best.

5- Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

Caravan sports infinity zero gravity chair is perfect for health conscious people who love to indulge in outdoor recreational activities. This zero gravity chair can be fully reclined offering a perfect back support to you.

This zero gravity recliner garden chair has got some of the finest standout features like:

  • It has got a robust metal frame which supports up to 300 lbs.
  • It has got sturdy locking system which lets you firmly lock the chair for the position you like to sit.
  • The fabric is of supreme quality which doesn’t sink in.

Portable and light weight, this zero gravity chair can be taken anywhere outdoors where you feel like, as it measures up to 2 feet wide and 6 inches high when you fold.

This Caravan Sports lounge chair can recline back and can elevate your legs highly, better then most of the other traditional recliners.

The chair offers good lumbar and back support for those who have difficulty in sitting in certain position.

Black color gels well and looks trendy in all locations, however if you wish to have different color the chair is available in 5 other colors i.e. green, blue, maroon, beige, and grey.

Overall, it’s a value for money chair that you can have it for your recreational activities as well as outdoor family gatherings.

6- RELAXONCHAIR Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II PLUS] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built-In Heat and Air Massage System has become an instant favorite amongst its variety of users within very short period of time.

Programmed to massage along whole length of the body (from the back to the thighs) for deeper relaxation, this zero gravity recliner massage chair comes with redesigned upgraded model.

Deriving know-how from the Japanese Shiatsu massage technique, the Deep kneading Shiatsu massage nodes soothes aching muscles and helps promote overall muscle recovery and rejuvenation.

Interesting feature in this RELAXONCHAIR massage chair for neck and shoulder is that you can be in motion around the chair as the chair adjusts to give relief at certain pressure points on your back. The main massage function unique in massage chairs is the rolling action where the rollers move to and fro all through your spine to give complete relief.

The easy access control panel enables making quick adjustments to the massage treatment and chair position without having to get off the chair. The removable pillow provided allows for a comfortable neck support as well.

This zero gravity massage chair features 4 pre-programmed massage (along with the full body and the back modes) with a selectable heating arrangement. It provides a real human-like massage with its brilliantly designed features that delivers spot massages to target certain areas as is desired.

The RELAXONCHAIR Massage Chair is easy to move but requires considerable space to be well set. So why not place it comfortably in your home, relax in the chair, put on the headphone, play your favorite music and let the chair with heat feature relax your body and reduce aches, joint pains and swelling on your body.

7- BestMassage Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Chair

Equipped with Shiatsu technology, this ideal designed massage chair with zero gravity let you relax well and take a deep breath in. It reduces the pressure from joints and backbone and thus prove to be best for relieving all your body pains.

Its effective program with vibration is verified to be excellent to relieve the tight muscles and soothe through the muscle to the bones which is amazing and quite relieving as well.

This massage chair by BestMassage presents roller scraping for the complete foot with roller massage. The equipped roller massage improves immunity, blood circulation, better sleep, refresh the mind and relaxes the body.

Its OPTO sensor device helps people to find various shoulder positions, that suits to the body.

Heat for waist function is an active effect to those who have backache, stiff waist and stomach cold. This feature helps to be free from the expensive therapies and regular visits to the massage centers, unblock the energy and allow free flow of blood all through the body.

Besides all the above features, it also helps to increase the levels of lymph and blood flow to feel younger and stronger with a youthful glow. Also it reduces time for recovery for exhausting workouts and eliminates certain risk of muscle strain.

Overall this is a perfect, effective and best massage chairs with outstanding elements to get a satisfying and relieving massage at home.

5 Things To Check Before Buying Zero Gravity Recliner Chair

Now when you have made up your mind on buying a best recliner chair for sciatica and back pain, you need to check few points to ensure that you end up buying the best one as per your requirement.

There are certain things that must be considered while one decides to have one zero gravity back chair for use. Lets check them out…

1- Purpose of purchase: Deciding on the nature of chair depends on usage or purpose. If it is meant for permanent positioning better quality models are recommended.

You should go for a high quality recliner in case if you want to get it for indoor usage. This not only looks great but also offer better features along with ideal relaxation.

However if you want to get a recliner chair for outdoor purpose (like for placing in lawn or patio area) it is better to go for some light weight models so as to carry them at any place easily. These are cheaper than the premium quality recliners as it comes with lesser functioning.

2- Frequency of usage and maintenance: Choosing a recliner depends upon the usage rate. If anyone is considering using it for most of the time daily, then it is recommended to go for the highest quality ones (and not the cheaper options).

In this regard it is necessary to inquire about manufacturer warranty, its normal maintenance while usage, availability of the replacement parts (like cord, fabric, cushion and headrest), etc.

3- Foldabe or non-foldable chair: Choosing the foldable or non foldable chair again depend on your requirement and suitability of placing the chair.

In case you are looking for a chair for large room, you can choose the non-foldable chairs with extra features and functioning. Although these are bit expensive, but the advantages you get will be worth your investment.

However, if you are in need of a chair which fits into a small space or for outdoor purposes, you can choose the low budget foldable chairs.

These looks like a simple chairs with only zero gravity feature as an add-on. As these are fold-able you can take them where ever you want, even at outdoor trips or for camping.

4- Suitability for your body type: The best recliner chairs are designed as per definite height and weight of a person.

Especially if a person is overweight, will find it uncomfortable for usage. Thus it is better to research a bit about the type of chair you are choosing. You should choose something (extra wide) that suites your body weight and size.

5- Deciding on the budget: Nothing comes for free on this planet. It is equally applicable for these shiatsu recliner massage chairs too.

Good quality attracts price and thus there must be a balance between the price and quality. Of course you need to give preference to your need first and then invest in a zero gravity back stretcher which comes best for your requirement.

Overall, zero gravity recliner chairs assure you world class aesthetic value, supreme comfort and oodles of health benefits while trying hard not to make a dent in your wallet.

With a number of major players making their way to the web market, these zero gravity chairs and recliners on sale are now available online to buy.

As these are very competitively priced it is not at all hard to find a glittering deal for yourself or for your loved ones (as a most valuable gift).

These recliner chairs are real assets that returns back hundred times what is invested in them. Why not get one for your living room. We assure you that you will simply love it!

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