The Top 4 Yoga Wheels for Upper Back and Neck Pain

A yoga wheel is a simplest, quickest and most efficient remedy to get immediate relieve in your lower, middle and upper back muscular pain- without burning a hole in your pocket

A long-lasting yet comfy yoga wheel can cure back pain from muscular tightness, back muscle spasm and a lot more within just 5 minutes.

However, it is important to purchase the most recommended versatile yoga wheel that is robust yet flexible enough to render support to your weight and permit quick muscle pain relief.

How Does Yoga Roller Wheel Help?

The yoga wheel is an innovative improvement to the conventional foam roller, crafted to stretch and massage your spinal muscles- via canal which protects your spine.

The wheel is soft yet firm to provide pressure points for a complete 4-way stretch to open your back fully.

A channel in the mid of the wheel is crafted to fit on your spine and it also adjusts nicely between your shoulder blades.

Let’s explore some of the best benefits offered by yoga wheel stretches here.

1- Tight Back Muscles

Speaking of supporting your spine, the wheel massages your back muscles in the form of myofascial release (that’s why we also use foam rollers).

It is like deep tissue massage with stressed muscles in the back. If you work at a desk, it will be especially a relief for you!

2- Helps in challenging situations

Is it frustrating to try more than one posture without the right result?

We all went there. While this use is limited by your thoughts only, the wheel really sparkles in the above postures – forearm stands and backbends.

By providing a counterbalance in a scorpion-like posture, you can fully open your chest to maintain great stability.

This is especially useful in backward bending movements because the wheel is designed to support the curvature of your spine – especially useful if you are still comfortable with these movements.

3- Helps with balance and core strength

Most of the yogi practitioners know that the key to quality is your core and long-lasting practice.

Because the wheel is strong and rounded, it can support your body weight when included in tiles, arm/leg extensions, and other balance postures.

As I mentioned earlier, it is also useful for inverted postures, which help you to be comfortable with movements and build vital core muscles.

4- Multipurpose and Easy to transport anywhere

Like a yoga mat, the yoga wheel is easy to transport and travel with. You can keep in your bag, loop over your rolled mat or keep it on your shoulder.

Not like other complex devices you can set it up and go to work – no setup required.

In simple words, it means that the core of the wheel is made of long-lasting and solid plastic-wrapped with thick padding.

Dissimilar to the foam roller, this ergonomic style helps in stretching and massaging your muscles, without putting complete pressure on the spine.

It is highly recommended for spinal disc generation, sciatica, pinched nerves, spine arthritis, muscle pain in the back, bulging disc, etc.

The 4 Best Yoga Wheels Reviewed

1- Pete’s choice Dharma Yoga Wheel

Pete’s choice Dharma Yoga Wheel is the first choice when it comes to picking the best yoga wheel for back pain.

Being inexpensive, it’s good for beginners who are looking for a comfortable yet durable accessory for practicing yoga poses and balancing.

Not only for increasing your body’s flexibility and core strength, but it’s also an ideal prop for stretching your back and shoulders at the same time.

What’s more, Pete’s yoga wheel also helps you in strengthening postures, creating deeper asana, and for shaping your body internally for a pain-free better life.  

Unlike other cheap products in the market, Pete’s wheel is made up of high-quality, durable ABS material that lasts for long. Also due to premium quality material used, its comfortable, sturdy and safe.


  • Bonus eBook
  • Free yoga strap
  • Better back massage
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty


  • Good for basic exercises
  • Free eBook only by email
  • May crack if not used properly

Verdict: Overall, its a very good basic yoga wheel that’s ideal for beginners and affordable to gift who love yoga.

2- UpCircleSeven Dharma Yoga Prop Wheel

UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel is one of the strongest & most comfortable dharma yoga prop wheels for yogis and yoginis.

It’s in fact a #1 consumer favorite dharma peace yoga wheel that bestselling on stores such as Amazon (don’t believe – check here).

Not only for stretching and improving backbends but it’s also an awesome yoga accessory for opening your back. It’s considered as the best back opener that can efficiently help open you up to new sequences & forms.

This UpCircleSeven Yoga wheel is available with thickest padding ever that helps in cushioning your palms, feet, and back while you are in motion.

Thanks to its sweat-resistance superior padding material, you can use this prop even for your most intense poses and exercises that cause excessive sweat and musky perspiration scents.

What’s more, this reliable most yoga wheel for the back is available in all your favorite colors (like pink, purple, black, and even in cork) so that you can choose the one according to your style.


  • Free PDF E-guide
  • Can withstand up to 550lbs
  • Thick padding for extra comfort
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee or full refund


  • Narrow ring
  • Needs practice

Verdict: Trusted & approved nationwide various yogis and yoginis, UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel is one of the best quality accessory you can have at a very reasonable price.

3- Acumobility The Ultimate Back Roller

Acumobility offers you its ultimate back roller yoga wheel that works great for releasing myofascial neck and back pain with much ease.

This Acumobility back roller yoga wheel comes with a spine gap and therapeutic bump pattern.

By targeting the painful trigger points this offers you deep tissue massage, which overall helps you provide better mobility.

Unlike other flat rollers that can jam your spine, this one works to provide enhanced spinal extension and flexibility.

Since it comes with proper height, it also allows you to target tough to roll areas such as the upper back, middle and lower back.

Remember, as there are patented bumps for effectiveness these can hurt your back initially.

Beginners are therefore advised to use a towel or soft cloth over the roller for a week. This will help you get used to the pressure.


  • Designed by Chiropractor
  • Portable and travel-friendly
  • Spine gap and bumps for greater relief
  • Proper height and width that fits everyone
  • Sturdily built with EVA molded foam – can support up to 1000lbs


  • Can be painful and hurting for beginners 

Verdict: Although hurting at the beginning, Acumobility is one of the best yoga wheel roller that can effectively help to release spinal pain. Its also great in providing you better flexibility and mobility within a week.

4- ATIVAFIT Sports Yoga Wheel Roller Rad

ATIVAFIT sports yoga wheel is a premium quality rad roller for back pain that offers you improved stretching, backbends and flexibility.

Also, if you are looking for improving your yoga poses, this can be a perfect partner for you.

Unlike many other poor-quality roller wheels that are often made of PVC, ATIVAFIT is made from eco-friendly TPE material that makes it highly durable, odorless and comfortable.

Moreover, its ABS inner core is highly stable, safe, and strong enough to support the weight of up to 220 lbs.

Ativafit Yoga Back-Roller also features the thickest padding available on the market.

This means you can easily practice on this pain-free without hurting your palms, feet, and back.

No matter you want to practice yoga in your yoga studio, the gym, the park or just anywhere you want, you can take this light weight yoga wheel (weighs only 3 lbs) with you without any hassle.


  • Lightweight & portable
  • Premium quality and optimum thickness
  • Sweat-Resistance padding that does not retain awful body scents
  • Available in different colors, sizes, and kits for better professional yoga training


  • Padding not extending to the edge making the border bit hurting

Verdict: Ativafit Yoga Wheel is a great have for sedentary lifestyles. Not only it helps in stretching those tight muscles in the upper and lower back regions, but it also helps you to stretch your arms and legs, thereby relieving all the stress and pain from your body.

How to Use A Yoga Wheel for Back?

The best way to use a yoga roller wheel for your neck, shoulder and back pain is through a deep back-bend.

Keep the yoga wheel in the back mid, between your shoulders and lie down on it. Keep your arms outwards to the side and allow your head to hang back.

Another recommended way to stretch back using a yoga wheel is through the child’s pose.

Go for the child pose by keeping your knees apart and put both your hands on the wheel’s side in front of your mat.

Put your head down and roll the wheel gradually forward as you press your chest towards the ground. The stretch helps in opening the shoulders up.

The Child’s pose is a classic, relaxing posture which is proven to help in stretching the hips, thighs as well as low back in a convenient and comfortable manner.

How to Choose The Best Yoga Wheel?

When looking for buying a yoga wheel, you’ will initially know what you like and what you don’t.

The most vital thing to consider (other than elegance and price) is that it is well built, can support your weight and has a comfortable cushion exterior.

Foam (or the other material you chose like wood or cork) must be high quality because it is usually the first thing to go for cheap products.

Most wheels can support hundreds of pounds, so if you don’t buy a ten-dollar product, you should be completely safe.

Additionally, you should also think about the size of your yoga wheel. They are 6 to 15 inches in diameter and 5 to 7 inches wide.

Consider choosing a larger size, as it is more supportive (12 inches is the most comfortable size for most people).

There are usually three standard sizes for yoga wheel small, medium and large.

The largest wheel is approximately 12-13 inches high and 5 inches wide. It is best for deep postures, leaning back, and assisting you with beginner and advanced asanas.

Medium-sized yoga wheels are about 10 “tall and slightly lesser on the same width. These are good for small people or anyone who wants to go deeper into the back bend, but is not ready to go without yoga wheels.

Smaller yoga wheels are 6″ in length/height and 5-6’’ width. These really help stretch the muscles of the throat as well as supports you for stretching and balancing poses.

For example, a small yoga wheel can be placed under your back thigh during a lunge or front support in cobra, so that you can start flexing your back.

What Size of Yoga Wheel Should I Buy?

The size of the yoga wheel you decide depends entirely on your own personal practice and needs.

Beginners of yoga can choose to start with a smaller wheel so that they can ease their way into positions, as well as adjusted with the wheel.

With that said, beginners do not have to start with a small wheel and small wheels can still work well for experienced learners.

Smaller wheels are also great for targeting certain muscles and for releasing them through myofascial tissue, similar to a foam roller.

Larger wheels support in inversions, creating a stronger imbalance. They allow you to go deeper into the back bending posture and provide stability.

Big wheels are also great for working with balancing positions. Most people step on the wheel for postures such as tree posture and eagle posture.

It’s hard to balance with one leg on the wheel, but it definitely helps strengthen your body in crazy ways!

Is Yoga Wheel Safe for Neck & Back Ache?

For most of the parts, people using the yoga wheel found it safe and effective, particularly for upper back pain.

However, it’s good that novices should begin with less deep stretches. When you use it for back-bends, keep some additional props handy like blocks, a mattress top or a blanket to avoid any injuries.

In case, you have severe osteoporosis, forced spinal flexion may lead to fracture. Also, if you suffer from osteopenia, you should be cautious about extreme spinal movements.

It’s best to commence slowly and find your way out. If you experience more than mild pain, then you should immediately stop.

Yoga Wheel Vs Yoga Block: What to Choose?

Yoga studios are today full of yoga belts, blocks, wheels, and other props to help you out in practice.

However, every prop offers you a unique advantage and is meant to serve a different purpose, provided you know how to use them correctly.

Here in this section, we will be talking more about yoga blocks, you will find out the difference between yoga wheel and yoga block and which one is better.


The round shape of the Yoga wheel permits you to open your spine along with shoulders and inversion practice. Professionals can use the yoga wheel as core exercise too.

While yoga blocks serve not just for backbend but also for different asanas, whether it is standing postures, Vajra asana, etc.

So, it depends on what kind of practice you want to do. If you are an amateur in yoga prefer blocks, but if you are a regular practitioner then go for the wheel.

Size and Security:

If you need something very compact, a yoga block can be a better option. The yoga wheel is bigger and heavier than a block.

It is also harder because it is made of wood and offers a solid base to apply pressure. While yoga block proves to be a better choice for those who need to pack it and use it anywhere else.

Usually, yoga blocks are considered safer for practice because it is used in a lot of yoga classes.

Yoga wheel, on the contrary, requires specific knowledge and understanding as it offers its user a very deep practice.

Back bend Practice:

Lastly, the yoga wheel is recommended for heart opening sequences because of the way it is designed. Often people fear that the opening may be very deep for a few.

Talking about the stability of the wheel, you can perform a forearm stand pose by landing your legs on the wheel.

All in all, it is a great practice when done with a certified yoga teacher in a studio, before practicing it on your own.

The Yoga wheel’s circular shape permits your spine to blend in with the asanas when you require a curvy back bend while yoga block is recommended for those who want to target their spine before going for deeper practice as you need to have a firm foundation to go for the wheel pose.

Yoga Wheel Vs. Foam Roller: Which Is Better?

Foam rollers are basically longer and less sturdy. They may soften and break with constant use and time. It doesn’t happen with a yoga wheel.

(This is the reason why popular Plexus wheel with a 10-year warranty and others offer a lifetime warranty).

Using a yoga wheel is an amazing way to get between your shoulder blades- without putting unrequired pressure on your spine.

The yoga wheel is highly nimbler and you can use it to roll tough to reach to body parts where foam rollers cannot reach.

A yoga wheel can be used for a plethora of house exercises, including yoga, core exercises, etc.

5 Yoga Poses You Can Try for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

Yoga exercises for neck and shoulder pain are most effective and can be tried out at home without any side effects.

You can check these effective yoga postures here and can try them out, next time when you suffer from neck and shoulder pain.

Carrying out single or all of the 5 ones can help you a lot in relieving your upper back pain, neck and shoulder muscle tension.

1- Pawanmuktasana (wind releasing pose)

Lie on your spine with legs straight and together. Lift both the legs up to 90 degrees and with knees straight. Then bend the legs at the knees and take both knees closer to the chest.

Now with an inhalation lift the head up and place the chin between the knees and exhale slowly. Then onwards try to have normal breathing and maintain this final pose for about 1 to 3 minutes if possible.

2- Simple Matsyasana (simple fish pose)

Lie on the spine with legs straight and together. Then with the help of your hands slowly lift your head and neck and try to place the crown o the head on the floor which gives an elevated throat appearance.

Try to maintain this final pose for about 1 to 3 minutes if possible.

3- Bhujangasana (cobra pose)

Lie on your abdomen with legs together and chin placed on the ground. Now keep your both palms directly below the shoulders on the floor.

With inhalation lift your head, neck and chest up till your umbilical region with elbows half flexed and exhale slowly.

Then onwards try to have normal breathing and maintain this final pose for about 1 to 3 minutes if possible. On regular practice, this pose helps to strengthen the neck muscles, shoulder muscles, and arms effectively.

4- Sarpasana (snake pose)

This is an advance pose to bhujangasana where you have to follow the same procedure like bhujangasana but you have to lift your total spine up with the elbows completely erect.

Thus the total spine weight will be rested on the neck, shoulders, and hands which maintaining for a long time strengthen the muscles on those areas effectively. Try to maintain this pose for about 1 to 3 minutes if possible.

5- Vakrasana (spinal twisting pose)

Sit with your legs straight and together and then bend your right leg at the knee and rest the foot on the right side floor just behind your left knee where the right knee should face the roof.

Then lift your left hand up and cross the right knee to catch the right ankle joint or the big toe.

When doing this the shoulder and neck will automatically twist towards the right side which in turn strengthens the neck and shoulder muscles effectively.

Try to maintain this pose for about 1 to 3 minutes if possible.

Besides learning and practicing the above yogic postures you should try to improve your lifestyle for living healthier and happier.

Try to be calm and stress-free, meditate, drink more water, eat vegetarian food, quit smoking and drinking, etc.

Also, it is important to maintain good posture (while you are working, sitting, standing, walking, etc.) which will help in overcoming various spinal and cervical problems.

Spend a good time to care for your body and you will see that your body will thank you in return!

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