What Is Reverse Curve In Neck And How Using Neck Curve Restorer Help?

Wondering why your neck does not have a normal neck curve?

Does something seem to be wrong in your neck curvature? Or if you are suffering from the pain in your neck but not sure about the exact reason maybe?

Well, it can be due to a reverse curve in the neck! And nothing but using a neck curve restorer can help you out.

But before we talk more about how to fix the reverse curve in the neck or treating the problem with a neck curve device, let us know about the condition in short.

How Common Is A Reverse Curve In Neck?

Loss of Curve In Neck

Many people like you suffer from such problems due to the loss of curvature in their neck and this is something not to worry about.

Lordotic curve is the normal neck curve (C-shaped curve).

And the loss of lordotic curve in the neck is a common problem today for many.

Any change in the shape of the curve found in the neck leads to mild or even severe health issues due to loss of curve in the neck.

Few of the improper neck alignments that can cause damage to the neck and loss of complete health are:

  • A lordotic or Hypolordotic curve – Loss of curve in the neck or reduced neck curve
  • A kyphotic or reverse curve in the neck – Curving of the cervical spine in the opposite direction
  • “S” curve – Spine having a combination of the reverse curve in the neck and Lordotic curve

A severe issue like paralysis below the neck can be a result of such improper curves in the neck.

Hence this health issue should not be neglected and you have to approach a chiropractor as soon as possible for correcting the issues related to the curvature of the neck.

X-rays and also physical examinations are done by the chiropractor in order to identify the problem in your neck curve. These tests will help in getting the best reverse curve in neck treatment.


Reasons Of Getting Loss Of Curve In Neck

Loss of curve in the neck might be the result of wrong postures, accidents or injuries.

However, some people may have such issues since birth too. In a few of the cases, it is also caused due to:

  • Stress or regular strain to the neck
  • Overweight problems
  • Osteoporosis (thinning of bone tissues or loss of bone density)

What Are The No Curve In Neck Symptoms?

Identifying whether you are really suffering from reverse neck curve or not is the most important thing.

Thus knowing about the loss of curve in neck symptoms will help you out in diagnosing your problem easily.

Some of the most common no curve in neck symptoms are:

  • Headache
  • Severe neck pain
  • Restricted neck movement
  • Weak legs and arms
  • Reduced gripping strength
  • Difficulty with bowels and bladder
  • Difficulty while walking
  • Misalignment of the ear canal with a shoulder from the side

How To Restore or Fix Reverse Curve In Neck?

Diagnosing the problem at an earlier stage and getting the best treatment at the initial stages can help a sufferer a lot.

This avoids the risk of getting more complications and problem getting worse. Some of the most recommended ways to restore the neck curve are:

1- Always maintain the right posture –

Maintaining proper posture is important as it helps in maintaining the body balance well.

Never return back to the wrong posture and always be conscious to retain right posture while sitting, eating, walking, running, etc.

Most importantly you need to check your posture while working as you spend long hours while at work.

Check whether the screen of your computer is at the right angle and is never below your eye level.

Your legs should rest comfortably on the floor and if they are not, then buy a small stool for resting your legs properly.

2- Approach chiropractor –

If you are doubtful that you are suffering from reverse neck curve, approach a chiropractor for correcting the defect on your neck immediately.

A chiropractor diagnoses the problem precisely with the help of X-rays and other reports which helps to restore neck curve as soon as possible.

3- Avoid sleeping on the stomach –

You might feel comfortable while sleeping on the stomach but this is not good for your health especially when you are suffering from the loss of curve in the neck.

Completely avoid sleeping on your stomach to get the reverse curve in neck treatment fast.

4- Exercise well –

Based on your condition and severity of the problem, your doctor may recommend doing a few exercises for restoring the neck curve problem.

You should understand these exercises from your chiropractor which helps to make your health better.

Performing exercises and physical therapy with proper care helps you in treating the problem at a faster pace.

Be sure that you maintain a regular schedule for doing these neck curve exercises and never miss them out.

Using neck curve device like neck curve restorer can greatly help in performing the exercises and are most recommended.

5- Using support pillows and wedges –

Items such as support pillows, bed wedges, orthotics, etc are often recommended in special cases which offer the best natural loss of curve in neck treatment.

These neck curve pillow and bed wedges are meant for providing the complete rest to your body and you can use them for relaxing in a better way, especially when you have an aching neck or back.

6- Use strapped purses –

If you are a person who carries a heavy purse, then it is advisable to use a purse which has a strap attached to it so that you can wear it switching sides.

If you use only a light purse and do not like using strapped purses then you need to keep your purse in the front pocket as keeping it in the back-pocket affects your sitting posture & creates imbalance.

7- Surgery –

If you follow the above methods well, then you can easily restore your neck health slowly and steadily.

However, getting surgery is the last resort for those who had already tried various other ways to restore neck curve and have failed.

As this can be risky and can hamper your present lifestyle it should not be tried out earlier.

How Does Neck Curve Restorer Help To Get Natural Curve?

Exercises make your health better and it is always good that you include certain exercises into your daily schedule even when you feel there is no ‘need’ of it.

Neck curve restorer

Especially when it comes to finding a solution to a question: How do I get the curve back in my neck?

There are certain neck exercises, exercising tools and equipment which helps you to restore the neck curve as soon as possible.

Neck curve restorer is one of the best reverse neck curve fixing device which helps you in getting the loss of curve in neck treatment fast.

As it only involves doing some neck curve exercises it works naturally and helps brilliantly to fix the reverse curve in the neck without any risk.

You can get many varieties of neck curve restorer devices from the market but make sure that you go for only those that are good for your health and can give positive results rather than creating negative impacts on your neck health.

It has been seen that some of the neck restorers do not provide the needed support to your neck while exercising.

For avoiding such issues Neck Curve Restorer Device supplied by Hill Therapeutics, a Division of Hill Laboratories (Est. 1945) in conjunction with Dr. Calvin Hargis is the best one you can buy.

Hill Therapeutics products are always advisable as they provide high-quality products with 100 % satisfaction.

They do immense research before offering you any solution and the same research helps you in grabbing quality products which excel in results.

Their neck curvature device is your savior from neck pain and you should have one for treating your reverse neck problem forever.

This neck curvature device offers you the following benefits:

  1. Provide more strength to your neck muscles
  2. Improve neck posture and restore neck curve
  3. Strengthen muscles of the upper back
  4. Relieves pain for a long time
  5. Offers better head posture
  6. Restores head balance

Obviously, this device offers you one of the best technique to restore neck curve fast and easily.

Besides getting above benefits the Neck Curve Restorer by Hill Therapeutics also helps you to slim and tone the neck area under the chin by performing Forward Neck Flexion stretch effectively.

Few Additional Advantages of Using Hill Therapeutics’ Neck Curvature Device are:

  1. It is lightweight and easy to use
  2. Comes with removable handles (Makes storage easy)
  3. It’s portable and sturdy

If you have a reverse neck curve history which involves pain or discomfort in the neck region you can take the best advantage of this device for getting a fast relief.

However, it is important to note that as these exercises may not be suitable for all types of neck pain conditions.

It is vital to discuss your problem with your doctor before trying out any sort of neck extension exercises with this neck curve restorer device.

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