What Is Cervical Traction Device: The 10 Best Devices That Can Work For You

Neck pain could become really uncomfortable and in some cases unbearable as it would restrict you from moving your neck, turning it on either side, upward or downward. This would impair your routine activities like sleeping, walking and even talking.

The pain could occur in the center or on either side of the neck and sad to reveal that all are equally unbearable. The most common causes that result in neck pain are:

  • Bulged vertebral discs due to herniated conditions in neck
  • Arthritis in the neck portion
  • Strains in the neck
  • Spasms in the cervical muscles

At some instances the discs present in the vertebral column in the neck region might be offering pressure that would result in neck pain. There are places in the vertebral column where the nerves come out and if they are under pressure due to less space, then pain might erupt.

The pain in neck also could get reflected in your shoulders or even the arms if not cared for long. When such a pain occurs it is always advisable to see a doctor immediately.

Seeing a Physical therapist is also recommended as it is essential to find out about the root cause of the pain before taking decision about the medication treatment, which is mostly recommended by your doctor. Your doctor or the therapist might recommend treatments after thoroughly examining your condition.

One of the many treatments that are normally recommended for neck pain is the usage of cervical traction therapy. Using cervical traction device is one of the most effective, natural and drug free way which can help you in relieving the neck pain.

What is A Cervical Traction Device and What It Is Used For?

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Cervical traction is generally a process of creating the space between the vertebrae which in turn keeps your spinal discs healthy. This can be done with the help of effective yoga poses, massage sessions performed by massage therapist, physical therapy employed by physical therapist, exercises and stretching recommended by chiropractor, etc.

Cervical traction device is an equipment which is used for providing the necessary force of pressure for easing the pain in neck or back caused due to various conditions. The device releases the pressure created by both the discs and the nerves. Also it eases your pain by providing a stretching action for the muscles and the joints.

Using the best home cervical traction device is usually advised by the therapists in case when the treatment is needed to be done at home. People who seek the natural methods of neck pain treatment find this way quite useful. With proper knowledge about using the cervical traction at home they can easily utilize it for getting the permanent relief.

10 Best Cervical Traction Device That Can Help You

Below we list down 10 top recommended cervical traction devices which are best selling in the market. You can find their respective detailed reviews before you consider buying one for treating your condition.

1- ChiSoft ® Neck Traction Device

This is the best traction device from ChiSoft that is available in the market. It comes with a 3 TIER tube that is unique and that helps in for the faster inflation. For fast relief from the pain it is recommended to use 2-3 times daily for about ten to twenty days to get a long term relief from the numbness in the arms, compressed disc and muscles spasms that are caused by the pinched nerve.

The unique three detachable air tubes allows for the fast inflation and safety features and a unique design. It is an easy to use neck stretcher and you just need to place it around the neck and inflate it to the required level using a hand pump and then adjust with a strap.

This cervical neck traction device by ChiSoft helps to align the cervical spine and neck by preventing poor posture. Largest pump, Long Velcro Strap, quick inflation and no leaks are some of the basic features of this traction device. Get relief from your pain with Traction services from ChiSoft.

2- Easy Neck Cervical Traction Device (with Adjustable Size Collar & Bigger Pump)

The cervical traction device for neck and back provides fast relief of pain by using it daily two or three times for about a month. Long time relief from shoulder pain, neck pain, tension, muscle spasms, head and cervical vertebral area is what these neck pillows offer. Place the pillow around the neck and adjust it to fit the size of the neck and then slowly fix the nylon strap. Within minutes the results are seen and the adjustable device delivers a solid and firm support for the head and neck.

The computer or cell phone or touch pad users can rectify their cervical or neck posture with this traction pillow device as it prevent down head or wrong forward position. It also stretches the stiff muscles around the neck giving perfect neck posture. Soft and comfortable fabric with a convenient notch can give more comfort and relief.  Relax yourself and reduce your tension and pressure and lead a comfortable life with the help of neck pads.

3- NeckPro Cervical Traction Device (with Adjustable Door Bracket)

NeckPro Cervical Traction Device is an effective unit that is meant to give you instant great relief for pinched nerves, cervical radiculopathy and disc herniation. You can use this device for reliving pain, comfort and added safety. It works with ratcheting action by pulling the cord. According to various mixed reviews by the consumer it is not a very great product but can be worth checking in case if you want to compare few of them.

4- Duro-Med Over The Door Cervical Traction Device For Physical Therapy

The over the door cervical traction devices make it easy to do the physical therapy exercises when at home, office and while at travelling. This device is effective for neck pain, arthritis, disc bulges, physical therapy, herniations and much more. No tools are necessary to assemble this cervical traction device and it includes a vinyl weight bag that comes with a graduated scale of about 20 pounds.

The package also has foam padded halter for head and fits most of the components. It is very simple to use as prescribed by your healthcare personnel. The product comes with a limited warranty from Amazon. The additional details are provided with the product package.

Exercises or physical therapies are no longer restricted to your home or you can’t skip from them as duro-med cervical traction device or kit is there to make life simpler and easier. With the easy manual and instructions you can use it and take everywhere you travel or go.

5- Drive Medical Overdoor Traction Set

This is an excellent cervical traction set by Drive Medical which makes traction easier with its heavy-duty head halter for over door use. The halter includes a metal support; self-attaching closures; a 12 inch adjustable spreader bar; an 8 feet traction rope; double-sealed rings; water bag; and “S” hook. You just need to add the right quantity of water to the device bag for getting the desired level of traction.

This pain relieving device is good to use at home or even when travelling. The size is built to fit all and it is machine washable which makes the cleaning at home easy.

6- OTC Over Door Cervical Traction Kit

OTC over the door head halter is a cervical traction kit for women and men. The model 2501 OTC brand head halter is used to relieve the pressure on the nerve tissue, or muscle and also minor fractures happened in the cervical spine of the body. The product is made by OTC professional orthopedic brand and is well famous in the market when it comes to cervical traction kit. The product has been made in a way that it is easy to setup even for home use.

The sturdy metal bracket that comes with this traction device can get fixed over any door and the weight bag is standardized from two lbs to about 20 lbs. Fill the bag with simply ordinary water and use it simply. The complete product kit comes with metal spreader bar, head halter, door hanger with two pulleys, metal door bracket, section of rope and the water weight bag. The adjustable size head halter is latex free and fits almost all the adults.

7- ComforTrac Cervical Traction Unit

ComforTrac Cervical Traction Unit comes with contouring memory foam headrest along with independently adjustable neck wedges for providing the maximum comfort to the user while getting traction. The device includes patented hand pump with quick release button which makes the usage quite easy.

You can adjust the angle of incline to your desired level (1, 15, or 20 degree). This home traction unit comes with easy to transport light weight wheeled carry case which makes it easy for you to carry it along with you anywhere you like. You may find this device bit costly but the results it provides can be quite impressive.

8- NEW Model Comfortract Home Cervical Traction Unit

This new model of ComforTrac Home Cervical Traction Device is brilliantly engineered to provide maximum comfort to the users. It is not only effective but also easy to use and comes with an easy to carry case. As per the user reviews this is one of the best traction units currently available on the market. It provides the results which are realistic and comparable to that provided in the physical therapy clinic. For this reason most of the therapist recommend using this device for relieving chronic pain.

This home traction unit by ComforTrac is considered far better than over-the-door traction units which are most of the times difficult to use. Also this creatively designed unit is far superior to its competitors due to its safe and effective traction use.

It comes with fully adjustable angles of incline, patented hand pump for increasing or decreasing the traction force. The quick release button is provided to instantly release the traction force when required. It also features memory pillow and forehead strap which ensures easy usage.

9- Pronex Cervical Traction Device

Pronex Cervical Traction is an easy to use most comfortable device that comes with blue foam cushions to rest on the shoulders. This is over a decade old product which is helping people to cure their pain cycle.

Various reviews from satisfied customers reveal that this Pronex unit is efficient enough and has reduced and even avoided the costly pain treatment medications and surgery. You can use it for the pain free enhanced lifestyle. Just make sure that this is the right product that you need, as it is non-returnable once used.

10- Posture Neck Excercising Cervical Spine Traction Disc Hydrator Neck Pump

The posture neck exercising cervical spine traction disc hydrator neck pump gives a complete relief of the neck, head and upper back stiffness, tiredness and discomfort. This product restores and shapes the proper curve of the neck. It also decreases the bulging of the disc and gives maximum relief from the related pain. Another important feature is that this traction disc dramatically reinforces the cervical lordotic curve.

The product is widely used by many as it is found to be useful to get relieved from pains related to the stiffness of back. It can be used to get comfort for the neck and provide shape to the neck. This is one of the famous traction devices in the market of this range and is used by many. The reviews of the device also mention about its make and how people are comfortable with the same. Looking for a relief from the stiffness of the neck area and head then try the new cervical spine traction disc for shaping your neck.

Besides all these there are many other traction devices (like Saunders Cervical Home) that are recommended by doctors. But those are less popular. Above mentioned are the best ones which are worth consideration. You can hopefully find the right traction unit from these which can help you out.

Getting The Best Cervical Traction Device

The cervical traction which is the best cure for the neck pain could be done with ease at home. And this does not really cost you much when you are using the one from above mentioned list of best home cervical traction devices.

We always recommend getting the help of your physical therapist when you want to buy the best cervical traction device for the first time.

He will teach you the way of using the traction equipment at home. And he would also advise you about the appropriate quantum of force that has to be applied to the condition detected for your case.

How to Use a Cervical Traction Unit (Video Explained)

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