What Are The Symptoms Of Degenerative Disc Disease In Neck?

Degenerative disc disease in neck is relatively a common issue in aging adults. When a person gets affected with this condition their cervical disc shows inability to absorb small shocks, which one feels during their day to day tasks like walking, running or jumping.

Degenerative Disc Disease In Neck
Degenerative Disc Disease In Neck

Further more incorrect movements of body, poor posture and also wear & tear weakens the disc which leads to the problem of degenerative disc disease in neck.

For many, this disease is a part of natural process of growing older. As they grow older, the intervertebral disc loses elasticity, flexibility as well as the shock-absorbing capacity.

However many other may also suffer from degenerative disc disease in neck due to the injury in the spine or back portion of the body.

Does Degenerative Disc Disease Causes Pain?

The pain arising from degenerative disc disease in neck may be just irritating or severe in nature. Some people may suffer from chronic lower back pain with irregular episodes of severe pain.

Sitting makes situation worse than standing. Activities like bending, lifting or twisting also causes tremendous pain. Lying down lessens pain by relieving strain on the disc space.

Along with painful back, other symptoms of DDD include numbness and tingling sensation in legs (mainly if degeneration is present in lower spine area).

If degeneration is present in cervical spine, it leads to symptoms like pain in back, arms, shoulder blades and hands. Also it causes numbness as well as tingling in arms and shoulders.

Symptoms Of Degenerative Disc Disease In The Neck

The symptoms of degenerative disc disease usually depends on quantity of distortion found in a bulging disc, degree of disc height loss in the degenerative process and the amount of herniated disc material in case of disc herniation process.

Mild painful symptoms of degenerative disc disease in neck may be accompanied with inflammation in cervical disc which can be easily treated by taking adequate rest.

DDD in neck usually does not cause intense pain but in some cases it shows moderate or severe painful symptoms which radiates to other body parts and thus require medical attention. Moderate and severe symptoms only occur when changes puts pressure upon the neural tissue.

When the intervertebral foramen through which spinal nerves travel becomes small, it is termed as loss of disc height. The traversing spinal nerve becomes trapped and tighter the entrapment, more severe the symptoms of DDD are.  Even bulging disc or herniated disc material shortens the diameter of the central vertebral foramen in which the spinal cord lies.

Even in this case, greater the entrapment, stronger the symptoms become. Since the degenerative disc becomes unable to absorb  higher amount of stress and fails to provide required support, some of the other parts of spine becomes overloaded which ultimately cause symptoms like fatigue, irritation, back pain, inflation and muscle spasms.

Signs And Symptoms of Degenerative Disc Disease In The Neck: A Short Glimpse

Based on above, some of the major signs and symptoms that are associated with degenerative disc disease in the neck are as follows:

  • Unbearable shooting pain which sometimes radiates to the nearby areas where the compressed nerve is passing through
  • Pain mostly felt (and sometimes increased) during movements like sitting, standing, turning, twisting, bending, etc.
  • Loss of sensation and feeling of numbness in the localized areas
  • Stiffness of the particular inter-vertebral joint
  • Appearance of welling in the external cutaneous surface of the concerned affected inter-vertebral disc area

After carefully studying about the above symptoms, an affected person should rush to doctor for proper diagnosis of the condition, so that a doctor can prescribe them with the right type of treatment as soon as possible.

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