What Are The Common Types of Cervical Collars and Neck Braces?

Human body is composed of two most significant body parts which are cervical spine and head. With increasing problems associated with spine, medical device manufacturing companies are today producing different types of cervical collars for treating the complications caused to spine, cervical and neck region.

The one main goal of all these neck braces and collars is the same which is – to help reduce the pain in a natural way by giving optimum support to the affected area.

As many variety and sizes of these collars are made available to provide optimum comfort along with sufficient neck protection, these can be bought by the patients as per their requirement.

Most Common Cervical Collar Types

As these braces are randomly used to provide strong support towards cervical spine these are also called as cervical collar.

Using cervical collar is truly advantageous because it facilitates re-positioning the cervical vertebrae so that it won’t face any further problem in near future. These collars helps to keep the affected region stabilized. And by controlling the movements of spine it accelerates the healing process.

Due to advancement of Medical Science, various cervical collar types have now grabbed the market to provide proper healing to the sufferers.

These collars are classified differently depending upon the type and hardness of the material used. In simple terms these are grouped into soft and rigid type. Some of them also are the combination of both and can be groped differently according to the features, shape and design.

Let’s have a look on some of the major types of cervical collars here in detail.

1- Soft Collar (Standard Cervical Collar)

The chief materials used to make soft collar or standard cervical collar are foam and stockinet. Velcro strap is essential and is provided in this kind of neck brace to provide the support. The patients who are suffering from mild cervical spine injury are prescribed to use soft collar for some days.

Patient can move their head and neck slightly by wearing this type of neck brace. It is available cheap and people don’t face any trouble using this as it is completely washable and allows proper skin respiration to avoid the risk of itching and irritation.

2- Philadelphia Cervical Collar

Philadelphia collar is generally a two-piece rigid neck collar. One part is used to protect the back portion of the neck and another one is for supporting the front portion. Velcro is used from left to right for providing sufficient support and convenience for attachment and removal.

Most of the Philadelphia collars are made up of hard plastic. However some of these hard cervical collar types are also made with comfortable, resilient and non-allergenic foam. It supports the neck muscles completely and a chin rest is provided for extra comfort. It also have a hole in the middle which is provided for the purpose of tracheostomy. Based on the problem of the patient this can be used or left unused just for ventilation.

Overall it provides the spinal cord and ligaments an adequate time for healing and are one of the best types of neck cervical collars for treating the cervical pain problems.

3- Miami-J Cervical Collar

Miami-J collar is just like a Philadelphia collar with an only difference that it may be provided with an additional thoracic extension brace. This extension is provided for supporting and protecting the thoracic spine. Similar to Philadelphia collar it is composed of front and back parts and also have a hole for the purpose of tracheostomy.

This collar is provided with the protective inner padding which helps in preventing the issues caused due to prolonged usage of collar. Overall this collar can be called as an advanced Philadelphia collar which is designed for providing extra comfort to the patients.

4- Aspen Cervical Collar

Aspen collar is much similar to Philadelphia and Miami-J collar types with an only difference being of the padding material used. This inner padding material used inside the rigid collar is made much more breathable than as compared to other two types of cervical collars. Just like Philadelphia cervical collars this also consist of a hole for the purpose of tracheostomy.

5- Thomas-Type Cervical Collar

Besides the above most common cervical collar types, Thomas-Type collar is also available in the market for patients which is less common. Similar to soft collar, this collar is made up of vinyl plastic material which has many small holes for proper ventilation. Foam padding is provided on upper and lower sides of the braces and a chin rest can be provided for providing extra comfort to the user.

All these types of neck braces and cervical collar types are meant to provide best comfort and support to your neck and spine. Choosing the best type of cervical collar is however important for you so that you get the maximum benefit out of it.

If you are not very sure about choosing the right type, do visit your doctor. And based on your problem your doctor will recommend the type of cervical collar which will be best suited for you.

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