CFS Causes, Symptoms and Best Treatment Options for Adults

Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction (CFIDS) or Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is referred to as serious, constant weariness or sleepiness which cannot be reduced by merely taking enough rest. It is actually a disorder without any identified origin and is a condition where a patient feels too much tired for a considerable period of time.

CFS symptoms and causes
Chronic Fatigue

Extreme kind of exhaustion is felt with the loss in concentration of work along with pain in body parts such as back, neck, arms, etc. The factors causing such syndrome are not specific.

However some people believe it occurs due to environmental toxins, bacteria or virus attack and can be genetic also.

It is sad to reveal that no perfect cure for CFS is yet possible. However knowing and following some of the best chronic fatigue syndrome treatment options can provide relief from the CFS symptoms in an effective way.

But before we discuss about the best effective chronic fatigue treatment options, let us check about few causes, common signs and symptoms of cfs which can help you diagnose the problem easily.

Causes of CFS

Even though no specific cause of cfs has yet been reported, the condition is generally linked with infections that affect the immunity system. Many researches have been conducted on the causes of this condition, but nothing has been clearly defined and proved.

Some people say that CFS is linked with Epstein-Barr virus and others say it is related to the bacterium Chlamydia pneumonia.

Bronchitis, diarrhea and candidiasis are also associated with CFS in some cases. Conditions such as malignancy, adrenal insufficiency, AIDS, kidney disease, liver disease, psychosomatic illnesses, thyroid, etc cannot be rejected as the causes of CFS either.

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Symptoms of CFS

There are no sure shot specific ways to diagnose the problem of cfs in adults. And this is the reason many people suffering from this syndrome overlook it as nothing has happened to them.

There are varieties of tests that your doctor may need to do before they rule out the possibility of other conditions that show similar symptoms. These tests will make them sure about the real problem and will confirm that the symptoms you see are really chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms.

Proper diagnosis of the fatigue symptoms in adults is important so as to ensure that you get the best treatment and medication that is meant for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). For most of the people chronic fatigue syndrome brings a flu that includes symptoms like:

  • Fatigue and regular tiredness even after a good night sleep
  • Continuous headaches
  • Stomach problems with loss of appetite
  • Joint pains and muscle pains
  • Weak concentrating power and memory loss
  • Blurred visions and pain in chest
  • Problems in taking decisions
  • Hot flashes, mood swings
  • Tender or swollen Lymph nodes under the arms
  • Nausea, sore throat, depressions, etc

Basic diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome is usually done on the basis of some specific symptoms of cfs in adults. These include:

  • Fatigue from long time is the main symptom of this condition. The fatigue is unexplained and can remain for almost 6 months to 3 years.
  • Cognitive problems that include short term memory. Patients often complain about their inability to remember certain words in normal speech.
  • Postexertional fatigue. This attacks when CFS starts and during this time patients will feel constant exhaustion while doing the most basic activities.
  • Patients will start feeling depressed with chronic fatigue syndrome and will find unable to do the most basic tasks at home or office.

As Chronic fatigue symptoms also causes loss of appetite in many cases, person suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome also experiences weakening in immune system due to body not getting enough nutrition that it require. This leads to other types of disorders, infections and illnesses which may cause even worse conditions.

It is very important to consult the doctor when a person finds these above mentioned symptoms with him. Doctors encourage the patients to perform routine of exercises which acts as a best chronic fatigue syndrome treatment.

5 Best Treatment Options for Treating CFS Naturally

Relaxation and stress-reduction techniques can do wonders in curing chronic pain and fatigue.

Some relaxation techniques that work wonder for CFS patients may include Meditation, yoga, Biofeedback, Hypnosis, Deep breathing exercises, Massage therapy, and Muscle relaxation techniques.

At certain times patients are told to breathe well alternately called deep breathing. Stretching of legs and body parts are suggested throughout the day to relieve the unnecessary tension in mind and body parts.

Besides this over-work is not at all advantageous and frequent rest intervals are suggested. Additional tips for CFS patients that can help in getting relief from CFS symptoms in an effectual way include:

  1. Maintain a good balance between work, rest and sleep
  2. When feeling tired, avoid doing too many tasks at same time
  3. Spreading challenging tasks to be performed throughout the week

Other most effective treatment methods for CFS include:

1- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Patients

One of the best chronic fatigue syndrome treatment which is recommended by doctors is Cognitive behavior therapy. CBT is a psychological therapy which focuses on helping the patient to develop strategies for day to day living. It helps to deal chronic fatigue symptoms successfully.

CBT provide chronic fatigue help in educating the persons regarding how their behaviors can affect their symptoms. It teaches how certain behavior changes can affect their quality of life. Thus, cognitive behavioral therapy help to change the way of the sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome think, their daily behavior and feelings. CBT therapists help them to focus their thoughts and feelings and the causes of negative behaviors.

Lot of people find this chronic fatigue treatment very useful and effective. It helps in changing patients distorted thoughts. It redesigns the thinking pattern of patients suffering from CFS.

The cognitive behavioral therapy taught CFS patients to think differently about their fatigue, educate ways in dealing with CFS symptoms and in improving their ability in dealing with stressful situations. It also helps them in dealing with sleep related disorders effectively. It defines and set limits and right behavior pattern which are extremely important for CFS patients.

Overall, cognitive behavioral therapy helps to manage emotional symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

2- Healthy Diet with Nutritional Supplements and Medications

Healthy diet for CFS should include starchy fiber-rich foods, plenty of fresh and dark colored antioxidants rich fruits and vegetables. Enrich diet with omega-3 essential fatty acids like fish oils, etc. and limit the consumption of saturated fats. Increase the intake of salt in your diet only if you have low blood pressure.

Magnesium is an important mineral required by the body to relieve joint pains which gives energy. If magnesium malate can be used as supplement in chronic fatigue syndrome treatment good results can be observed. Vitamin B12 injections can make your sleep routine regular. Intravenous application of Myers’ cocktail that includes vitamin B and C, magnesium and calcium can also be done.

A very good medicine like Prodigil is seen to be effective with no major side effects. If taken once a day can bring positive mental stability.  Also antidepressant called Effexor can relieve the patient’s tension and let him feel good.

Chronic fatigue syndrome treatment may also include the prescribed intake of anticonvulsant named Neurontin that can give relief from symptoms like headache, anxiety and swings in moods. As substitutes of sleeping pills Melatonin and valerin root is found to give good results in providing sound sleep thus giving relief from the syndrome.

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3- Graded Exercise Therapy or GET

Another beneficial chronic fatigue help is graded exercise therapy. It is a physical therapy which focuses on engaging the person with CFS in low impact exercise for short periods.

Slowly, the period is increased until the individual can maintain comfortable level of physical exercise without worsening fatigue symptoms. Graded exercise therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome is a structured activity program in order to get mobility using aerobic exercise, swimming and walking in a guided environment.

4- Acupuncture and Aromatherapy for CFS

Patients suffering from the problem can feel free to discuss about their problems if sent to spend time with support groups. These groups often recommend taking the help of alternatives therapies such as Acupuncture and Aromatherapy which acts as best natural treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome.

Acupuncture for treating chronic fatigue syndrome besides curing fatigue syndrome in adults can also help to provide overall well-being of the body in a natural way.

Aromatherapy on a similar note, is very helpful in giving a soothing effect to mind. Specially if you feel stressed or under depression aromatherapy can easily help in relieving the conditions. Lavender oil is an example of excellent aroma producing element that CFS patients find useful.

5- Ayurveda for CFS

Ayurveda is something that can be called as a complete health. If one thinks that Ayurveda is something traditional and its days are gone then it is really a big mistake. Today, more and more people are getting well aware of the importance of Ayurveda and know the concept of living the Ayurveda lifestyle.

Ayurvedic massage of the body in the soft tissue regions and joints can be considered as one of the best natural chronic fatigue syndrome treatment options as it relieves pain and provides optimum relaxation without any side effects.

Ayurveda basically insists on living and maintaining a proper lifestyle with the help of ideal diet and exercise. Not only it helps in relieving the body pain and fatigue of the body, but also helps in living all natural life.

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