Types of Neck Traction Therapy and At-Home Traction Devices

For people suffering from neck pain problems, there are so many treatment modalities available that are effective in relieving the pain and stiffness. Each and every treatment has its own potential benefits and importance in treating the neck pain and associated stiffness.

Some of the major treatments available readily to treat the main problem associated with neck pain are Interferential therapy, wax therapy, infrared light therapy, mustard pack, cervical manipulations, cervical joint stretches and strengthening exercises, etc.

Most of these treatment measures are there to relieve the long term neck pain permanently. Also there are some of the treatments available which are meant for providing the emergency relief to the neck pain. These are most helpful in treating the conditions in an emergency and are employed when general neck pain or sprain remedies do not work.

One of the most popular treatment measure for relieving the neck pain is known as cervical traction therapy or neck traction therapy.

Traction or stretching of the spine has been used for treating the painful neck conditions since ages. Neck traction therapy is a drug free method which is mainly helpful in conditions where the person is screaming with severe intolerable neck pain. In such occasions giving wax therapy or general heat or ice therapies will not work effectively.

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When is Neck Traction Therapy Useful and How It Works?

Mostly the neck traction physical therapy is highly needed in conditions where there is continuous and heavy inter-vertebral disc compression, chronic inter-vertebral disc prolapse or bulge, accidental compression or fracture of the cervical vertebra, cervical muscle spasms, neck arthritis, etc.

In all these mentioned conditions there will be high shooting pain in the neck region experienced which may also radiate to the shoulders and towards the hands along with numbness or sensational loss in the arms and fingers of the hands. Such pain is severe and heavily unbearable which sufferer needs to experience in the neck region.

The principle aim of the cervical traction or neck traction physical therapy is to relieve the compression or pressure present between the cervical vertebrae. It helps by releasing the pinched nerves and neck muscles which are the main reasons for experiencing the pain.

The working of the neck traction therapy involve placement of the tension or weight on the head region so that it is pulled up and away from the neck region. This procedure stretch the muscles and ligaments near to the vertebrae of the spine which results into the expansion of the space in between the vertebrae region.

Neck traction therapy is useful for most of the people who are interested in getting the neck pain relief instantly without the medications. This is also helpful in recovering the pain caused due to neck injuries.

Types of Neck/Cervical Traction Therapies

With the modern neck traction machine and physical therapy strategies you need not go to physical therapists for treating the neck pain.

The best thing about choosing the neck traction therapy is that severe pain and stiffness can be reduced using these therapies without the use of medication or surgery. Based on how it works, neck traction therapy is generally available in two different types: i.e. Manual traction and Electronic traction.

In manual or mechanical traction therapy the pressure will be exerted either by the physical therapist or by hanging the metal weights. Whereas in case of electronic traction therapy for neck pain, a pre-designed traction equipment will be available which helps in stretching the cervical vertebrae with necessary weights which are already installed or programmed in it.

For those of you whose neck pain is generally caused due to bad sleeping positions at night or early morning it is recommended to use a neck traction pillow. This can give you the best help and can act as a life saviour for you by providing the pain free life.

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3 Common Types of Cervical Traction Devices

There are home neck traction devices that are most effective and safe. You can use them on your own with bit of knowledge about the best device to use and how to do this efficiently. When talking about the neck traction home units these are mainly of 3 types.

They work differently but the main aim is to provide the relief from the neck pain instantly within the shortest period of time. Let us look more about these three types of at home neck traction devices below and know how it really works.

1. Inflatable Neck Traction Device

These are also called as Air neck traction devices or neck traction collar. The device is inflated using the pump attached to it. To use it, it is wound around the neck region and slowly pumped to fill air. Fill in air till it stretches to a comfortable level.

As the device gets strong, it shifts the weight from the neck downwards onto the shoulders. The pain reduces with relaxing of the muscles and the decreasing pressure from nerves and the blood vessels as well. The discs also come in line so they can hydrate again.

Pros: Advantages of using the air neck traction device are:

  1. Gives ease of use
  2. It is portable
  3. Does not require to be assembled and is handy
  4. Can be easily carried while travelling, while working, etc
  5. Can be used in any position, sitting, standing, lying down, walking, etc

Cons: There are also some disadvantages of this device which are:

  1. The quality of these devices has to be checked properly before buying. As there are devices that wear out too soon and are of very poor quality you need to invest in a branded quality product.
  2. Sometimes the pressure applied is not accurate and can be a little too much for the neck and jaw areas.

One of the best quality air traction devices to use at home is the ChiSoft Traction Device. You can buy it online at an affordable price.

2. Over The Door Cervical Traction Device

These devices require a door for use, as the name suggests. Assembly is required as it has to be hung from a door’s back. The straps of the device need to be tied around the back of the person’s head and also the chin.

Tighten the straps by using a cord or something that is available and suitable. Take care not to use anything that can hurt the neck (like a water bag).

Pros: Advantages of using over the door traction device are:

  1. Place the straps correctly over a firm door and then tie it around the neck, this makes it easier to use.
  2. As the device plays its part, the person can sit comfortably on the chair doing his favorite reading, watching television, etc.

Cons: There also major disadvantages of this device.

  1. They are not as portable as the air neck traction devices, as they need a door to be tied to.
  2. The person has to sit on the chair throughout and there is no choice to lean or lie down and relax.
  3. The correct stretch takes a little more time here and the chin has to take up most of the pressure from the traction.
  4. When compared to the air neck traction devices, these are not simple to use.

As per our research, one of the best quality ‘over the door traction devices’ is the NeckPro Over the Door Traction Device. You can use them easily at your home under the supervision of a family member.

3. Posture Pump for Neck and Back Device

Posture Pump® for neck pain is of comparatively higher cost than the other two neck traction devices. Made up of highly durable high quality medical materials, these devices are very well-built and powerful.

It is said that they mimic the cervical traction that is done in a clinic and the treatment is very much similar to that given by the doctor. However it is much more effective than regular neck traction devices.

The person needs to lie down, fit the knobs by adjusting, to hold the base of the skull and then let the straps be placed on the forehead. Once this is done correctly, slowly pump the air in, to let it tighten up to the required amount.

Pros: Advantages of using the Posture Pumps devices are:

  1. The posture pumps are light, larger, and handy, sold in a case that is easy to carry
  2. These are said to give traction effects stronger than the other devices
  3. No assembly is required for these devices
  4. Their straps and head pads are also softer and comfortable for use
  5. These devices are more durable and work without any defect for a long time
  6. Unlike the other devices, they do not require a door and there is no fear of leakage as pillows are not used
  7. The device is safe inside the handy case it comes with, when it needs to be carried anywhere
  8. The device is safe inside the handy case it comes with, when it needs to be carried anywhere

Cons: some disadvantages of this device are:

  1. They take a little more space and the units are less portable
  2. They can be used only in the lying down position
  3. The price is comparatively higher

According to the Posture Pump reviews online, the best models include: Posture Pump 1100, Posture Pump 1400 and Posture Pump 4100. You can check more about these models online at stores such as Amazon before buying one for home use.

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