10 Best Travel Neck Pillows for Long Flights Or Airplanes

Travel neck pillow

We already know that we spend about one third of our lifetime sleeping. Without a sound sleep our entire day slogs, making us look miserable and fatigued.

Travel neck pillow

It is therefore important to choose the right neck pillow for getting a sound sleep no matter you are in your home or traveling.

A pillow on the go is essential to give proper support to your neck, shoulders and most importantly head region when you are resting in your flight, train, bus or a car while traveling.

With properly designed best travel pillow for neck pain your sleeping posture and head alignment is automatically corrected.

Hence, there are no chances of developing neck and shoulder stiffness when you sleep with a good travel pillow.

Best travel pillow for long haul flights also ensure that you are well relaxed, charged-up and prepared for the day when you reach your destination.

You can comfortably accomplish all your tasks without feeling fatigued.

10 Best Travel Neck Pillows for Airplanes Reviews

There are good percentage of people who complain about improper/ insufficient sleep, spinal aches, shoulder and neck aches after a long journey.

But with a best travel pillow for long haul flights you can be rest assured that you travel without experiencing any pain in your neck.

As market is sprouted with loads of options, we have reviewed here the top 10 options that are best selling in the market. You can check the detailed reviews about them along with its features before buying one for your journey.

1- Travelrest – Ultimate Travel Pillow / Neck Pillow

For those who are looking to have a relaxed, comfortable journey when they are travelling, Travelrest – Ultimate travel pillow/neck pillow serves the purpose. It is one of the most compact travelling accessories that you can for a hassle free itinerary.

This Travelrest ultimate travel neck pillow is the first full body travel pillow, that you can enjoy during your journey.

The pillow can be fully inflated and measures about 26 inches long and 7.9 inches wide and 5.9 inches thick. The weight of the pillow is half a pound or 6.5 ounces. The pillow when deflated can be easily tucked up anywhere in your car.

To start with the fabric of the pillow, it has a faux velvety material which is really soft and comforting to rest your head.  The cover slips easily through a side zipper and replaces the velvet material which is amazingly soft.

You might have few bad experiences with the other brand of inflatable travel pillows for airplanes, but this one will leave a good impression.

The customer reviews are awesome and they are enjoying taking it wherever they are on the go. Available in two colors, blue and grey you can buy it online with a warranty to go with it.

2- BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Neck Pillow

Enjoy your journey without any neck pains and stiffness, Bcozzy chin supporting travel pillows are specifically designed to give comfort to your chin, neck and head when you are upright in a sitting position.

If you are a frequent traveler and suffer with a bad neck then Bcozzy chin supporting travel pillow is just what you need.

It is a wraparound styled pillow which is extremely supportive, stops your mouth from drooping or opening while you are sleeping, along with steadying your head and not making your neck and back stiff throughout the journey.

The exclusive design of this pillow fits any neck length and head size. It can be adjustable to any position while seated without any requirement to connect it with buttons or connectors.

Easy to carry; the snap of the BCOZZY Chin supporting travel pillow easily attaches to a handbag or a luggage.

It offers maximum comfort because designed out of durable fabrics. It is machine washable. It is available for both adults and kids.

Travelling for some could be a leisurely activity or a work that can’t be ignored; the pillow is an innovative product that will put your travelling woes to an end. It is readily available online with a warranty to go with.

3- Aeris Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow with Accessories

For frequent travelers there’s good news to share, Aeris memory foam travel neck pillow with sleep mask, a sleep mask, pair of ear plugs and a small carry bag with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Aeris brand is providing its buyers with amazing accessories which ensures that your journey is comfortable and you have peaceful sleep on the go. The pillow has a memory foam inserted which adjusts as per your neck position to give you personalized custom fit.

The pillow’s memory foam has a quality fine mesh that serves great barrier between the memory foam and outer cover, offering an appropriate functionality to the user. The pillow cover has velour, plush cover with a zipper wherein you can remove the memory foam and wash the cover when it’s dirty.

Fabric of this Aeris travel pillow is perfect and amazingly comfortable that gives you a good relief to your neck while you are sleeping.

Coming back over the accessories, these are simple and basic ones yet very useful and easily fit it in that compact bag.

With everything in, the bag measures about 11 inches tall, 7 inches wide this makes it a reasonable dimension for a carry on travel pillow bag. The pillow is easily available at online stores.

4- Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow

It’s time to say goodbye to sleepless uncomfortable flights. Cabeau evolution memory foam travel pillow has specifically designed dual density memory foam travel pillow that keeps your neck and head comfortable and supported.

You can vouch for Cabeau evolution memory foam travel pillow to make your long flight or bus journey bit comfortable and stress free. This is very well made and high quality neck pillow.

Unfortunately, for me, it did not hold my head up. It has got plush memory foam which is soft and supportive which makes you feel like you are sleeping on the cloud.

A drawstring and an extra flap allow you to compress and twist the pillow into a compact shape, making it its own storage case. This pillow has memory foam that includes a central cooling vent in the middle that helps reduces sweat.

This travel pillow for airplanes can be curled up into its deluxe travel case, secured with a zipper, which itself can be clipped to other luggage. Additionally, it comes with netting on the side for storage of additional items, like sleep mask and earplugs.

The primary advantage of this pillow over others is that it’s quite tall, taller than most, so those of you with longer necks or who prefer a higher support will be pleased with it. It is available in different colors for the cotton-polyester outer covering.

5- Multifunctional Velvet Air Inflatable Travel Pillow with Portable Pump

Do you try to make the most in the uncomfortable airline seat room and twist and turn yourself to make you comfortable by folding your knees? Or do you simply prefer your feet on the ground with head leaning back? If you’re lucky enough to get a window seat you can of course use the wall to sleep against.

EddenPure multifunctional travel pillow design is inspired by massage chairs. It lets you to find your perfect sleeping position. The pillow is versatile. It comes with adjustable firmness and height and is inflatable in just 5 puffs.

Whilst majority of the travel pillows tries to prevent this natural movement, but Eddenpure travel pillow is designed in a unique way which makes it possible to lean forward with a pillow supporting the head and upper body, like in a portable massage chair.

Now, with EddenPure multifunctional travel pillow you can relax and enjoy your flight, you can know by experience that you’ll find your own ideal sleeping position.

With the cabin luggage restrictions, who would want another bulky pillow?

EddenPure travel pillow is inflatable, light as a smartphone, so you can take it anywhere. Inflatable, light-weighted, foldable, you can this pillow it in any means of transportation. It is the perfect travel companion.

6- Trtl Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow

This Trtl pillow- super soft neck support is your ideal partner while you are travelling in airplane, train, car or bus. This travel support helps in holding your neck in ergonomic position all through your journey.

Trtl super soft neck support pillow is better than any traditional pillow support that is currently available in market. It is made with scientifically strengthened ribs support that helps in holding your neck and head perfectly while you are travelling.

The outer material is soft and the foam is stretched offering complete comfort while using. This pillow support is machine washable making it easier and hassle free for you to clean after every use.

This travel neck pillow support is light weight and you need not worry about adding weight to your existing luggage.

It gives you the comfort you require while travelling and it is compactly designed in half the size of usual support pillows. You can also carry it along in your entire journey.

7- Travelrest – Therapeutic Memory Foam Travel & Neck Pillow

This therapeutically designed memory foam travel pillow is optimally designed giving you complete support to your neck, shoulder and head always.

This Travelrest therapeutic memory foam travel neck pillow has a versatile design and provides you with support to your neck while travel, working on your computer or reading books. You can also wear them while you are casually lounging on your sofa.

It is scientifically tested before making it commercially available and helps users in gaining complete support while wearing this travel rest therapeutic washable micro fiber. You also need not worry about the cleaning technique as it is easy to wash in your machine and does not lose its foam support or stiffness even after continuous wash.

You can also contact manufacturer for life time warranty on this MFTP111B pillow support. It has adjustable drawstring that helps you in adjusting the fit as per your requirement while you are using this pillow support and light weight mechanism.

8- Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Neck Pillow & Airplane Travel Kit

This everlasting memory pillow is comfortable and is made with 100% pure memory foam with no additives. It uses only leading foam material and comes with accessories such as earplugs, sleep mask and velour cover.

This pillow uses an additional zipper that helps you carry this pillow support while your travel. It has a standard design keeping ergonomic factors in mind while ensuring your neck and spine received comfort all through your journey.

It is easy to transport while you are on your journey and is light weight fitting in to your bag easily without taking any space. It has a life time replacement guarantee offered from manufacturer and the same can be availed by users getting in touch with customer care help desk.

This Everlasting comfort pure memory foam neck pillow airplane travel kit has an additional cell phone pocket that helps you to keep your phone plugged in while you are travelling. The sleep masks coming along with this kit helps you enjoy sound travel.

9- Purefly Soft Velvet Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow for Airplanes

This purefly soft velvet inflatable travel neck pillow for airplane support is your best companion when you are travelling. This pillow support comes with a button and helps you to adjust this pillow as per your comfort.

After your use is complete, you can remove the air from this pillow by double pressing the air pillow and this makes your pillow completely empty. It is designed keeping in mind a complete support for your neck and spine while you are travelling.

With this Purefly soft velvet inflatable travel pillow you can get complete support for your neck so that you can wake up the next day without troubled neck. This is made with washable cover option and the velvet material is soft and comfortable while your journey.

You can carry it along with you on your journey and this way you can ensure you have easy travel option. This is a perfect gift for your loved one and is an ideal companion providing support and help to your neck.

10- Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow

This pillow support is ideal to give you support for your neck and spine while you are travelling. It has a built in and removable insert that you can remove to fill in the thickness and remove as per your requirement. This way you can adjust the thickness as per your requirement supporting your shoulder and spine effectively.

This best travel neck pillow for long flights can help your sitting position comfortably during your journey so that your neck does not move from its position.

With the help of this Travelmate memory foam neck pillow, you can comfortably sit back on your flight seat and sleep soundly while enjoying your journey.

This pillow support is machine washable and helps you to remove the air inside by pressing through the pillow. It is compact and easy to carry and you can carry it even in your handbag.

It has built in strap and provides you with support that is required for your neck while you are travelling.

5 Tips for Choosing The Best Travel Pillow for Neck Pain

Here are the 5 most essential tips to look at when you need to choose the best neck support pillow for traveling. Do check them out before buying your pillow.

1- Choose The Ideal Size: Neck pillows for airplanes are available in different shapes and sizes. You should look around, compare and choose one suiting your head size. Also the height of your pillow matters a most for you.

Too much higher in size may lead to stiffness or soreness in the neck and shoulders. So its important that you do proper research in choosing the appropriate height. Also make sure that your preferred pillow is not too thin to provide you good support.

When choosing the pillow for your neck pain make sure that your head should be supported about 2 inches higher. And while sleeping in the side posture your neck should be covered within the pillow region and there shouldn’t be any gap between the pillow and the neck.

2- Buy Only Specialized Travel Pillow for Traveling: If you are one of those individuals who travels a lot, it is important to choose only a best travel pillow for neck pain that is most comforting and relaxing.

Besides the above list, organic buckwheat neck pillows for travel are also available for you and are specialized for providing you the comfort when you want to get sound sleep while traveling (like while sitting and sleeping in the airplane seat).

If you do a lot of traveling, you can also choose the recliner pillows for getting proper rest.

3- Check The Fillings: Choose neck traction pillows for travel that are made out of natural fillings like feathers, foam, fiberfill, and buckwheat hull. The best thing about choosing these types of pillows is that they provide instant relief along with optimum comfort and relaxation.

I understand, for many of us it seems to be tempting to buy a cheap travel neck pillow which comes under $10. But these are of no use and can even harm your neck muscles to make them paining worst. It is therefore good to invest bit more and buy only the best travel neck pillow for long flights that provides your neck and shoulders the real support.

4- Choose High Quality Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow: If you are suffering from chronic neck pain and other sleeping disorder, there are chiropractic and orthopedic pillows particularly designed to treat these kinds of health problems.

Choose the memory foam pillow rather than opting for cheap quality foam material. Studies reveal that memory foam lasts much longer and is one of the best fit for you than as compared to regular industrial foam material.

Unique thing about memory foam is that it conform in a better way to adjust to the neck curves to provide you great support while sleeping in the flight.

5- Do Not Forget Travel Pillows for Kids: Travel pillows for neck and upper back is essential for traveling, no matter you are going for a business tour or a family vacation. In fact, when you are planning for a vacation you should get the one for every family member including your kids.

Huge variety of attractively designed toddler neck pillow for car seat and airplane are now available online at stores like Amazon. Just check them out and buy them for most comfortable and relaxed vacation.

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