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What is Halo Orthosis Brace and How It Helps In Neck Fracture?

What is a Halo Brace? Halo orthosis brace or simply a Halo brace is a metal brace used to immobilize a neck and head while getting a neck injury or neck fracture, until it heals the injury of the neck. This works by keeping the head and neck in the correct position thus allowing it […]

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Broken Neck Can Be A Cause Of Death: Know Here How You Can Prevent It

Injury to the cervical area of the spine leads to the neck being broken resulting in neurological problems which may sometimes lead to death in worst cases. The most common causes of a neck injury are fall involving the neck, head or back. Vehicle accident which results in whiplash injury is also one of the […]

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What First Aid Treatment Should You Give for Broken Neck and Spinal Injuries?

Medically the neck region is called as cervical spine and it is formed by seven vertebral bones which are arranged in proper alignment in a single column. These top seven bones of spinal region forms cervical spine which governs and protects the spinal cord from getting injured. If this cervical vertebra gets broken or dislocated […]

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