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What Is Interferential Therapy and How It Helps Neck Pain?

Physiotherapy plays major role in pain management as well as in rehabilitation conditions. Some of the major health problems where physiotherapy provides good relief are sciatica, intervertebral disc problems, paralysis, stroke, cerebral palsy, facial palsy, bell’s palsy, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, post traumatic rehabilitation, post surgical rehabilitation, etc. Physiotherapy treatment has two major divisions, one […]

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How Does Hot Fomentation Helps In Neck, Back and Sciatica Pain?

The pain is the first and foremost symptom which we experience immediately during any sort of problems that strikes the body. At the same time pain is the worst symptom which every one of us cannot bear easily and need to be relieved immediately when it comes. The most common and simple pains which we […]

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Suffering From Arthritis In Neck: Check These 7 Natural Remedies That Can Help

Arthritis is a medical condition which mainly affects the musculoskeletal system of the body, especially the joints. It is a major health condition which is the highest causative factor for disability in the humans mainly among the age groups beyond 50 years. Medically arthritis is a word which is derived from two words. One is […]

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