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What Is Cervical Stenosis? Causes Symptoms and Treatment Options

Cervical stenosis (also called as stenosis in neck or stenosis of neck) is basically the narrowing condition of spinal canal in the neck. In general it is an age-related progressive degenerating condition in which the spinal canal narrows down and can squeeze (and even compress) the nerve roots where they leave spinal cord. In worse […]

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What Are The Common Types of Cervical Collars and Neck Braces?

Human body is composed of two most significant body parts which are cervical spine and head. With increasing problems associated with spine, medical device manufacturing companies are today producing different types of cervical collars for treating the complications caused to spine, cervical and neck region. The one main goal of all these neck braces and […]

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Does Inversion Table Therapy For Back And Neck Pain Help?

Health problems like neck & shoulder pain, back pain, sciatica, fatigue, etc. are getting common in our so called modern society. In case these pains are interfering greatly with your daily activities, its time to think about some natural and most effective ways which can save you a trip to the doctor. Ranging from various […]

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