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The 5 Best Back Stretcher (Arched) for Home Traction

best back stretcher

An orthopedic arched-shaped spine or back stretcher is a simple, non-invasive, medication-free, low-cost treatment to cure your back muscle pain. Designed to help restore your vertebra, this helps to get immediate relief from your backache, stiffness, and disc-related problems like bulging discs and Sciatica. The good thing is that these home devices for back traction …

Lo Bak Trax Lumbar Spine Stretcher: Pros And Cons


So, you’ve heard about the fantastic Lo Bak Trax Lumbar Spine Stretcher. And you’re not sure about whether or not to try it. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered! In this review article, you will find all you need to know about the device so that you can determine whether or not it can help …