Symptoms of Neck Sprain and How Getting A Good Massage Effectively Help?

Every part of the body has tissue and it is common to get muscle pain or strain everywhere practically. Sometimes, it affects the number of muscles or may pain in a certain area for a long time.

Before knowing the way to cure it, it’s essential to know about the symptoms of strain and then the process to get rid of it to some extent (if not completely).

Neck Strain Symptoms

Massage for neck pain
Massage for neck pain

A person who is suffering neck strain can possibly show varied symptoms.

One of the obvious symptoms of sprained neck ligament is the pain itself. Feeling a knot or stiffness is a sign that you may have possibly developed a neck sprain.

Check if you are able to move your neck normally. If you find difficulty in doing so, then there is a high chance you have developed a sprain.

Something as simple as moving the neck sideways becomes impossibly painful which may lead to difficulty and decreased flexibility of the neck.

Even a headache or for that matter migraine can also be associated to these kind of sprains or strains.

Headaches directed at the back of your head is also one of the most common symptoms of a neck sprain. You may also develop a sharp shooting pain in your shoulders and upper arms.

In many cases, the root cause will be the nerves present in the neck region. Cervical pain is often related to symptoms like gland swelling, difficulty in swallowing, pulsations etc. This will result in tenderness, numbness and weakness in your arms.

Muscle spasms developing in the upper shoulder region is another symptom. In case of chronic neck problem, you may also experience fatigue and depression.

Signs and symptoms of neck sprain can thus be summarized as:

  • Pain in the back region or sides of the neck which is seen to be becoming worse with movement
  • Headache is seen in the back side of the head
  • Painful and achy shoulders regularly accompanied by muscle seizures
  • Muscle spasms and Pain in the upper back
  • Discomforts, irritability, trouble sleeping, and perhaps even a sore throat
  • Numbness in the arm or hand often escorted by weakness and a tingling sensation

It is good to know that if you are suffering from sprained neck or stiff neck, then an effective massage will be the right answer to your problem. It is one of the best ways which can help relieve your chronic neck pain in a natural way. You can try it on your own or can hire a good massage service for getting a good massage.

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How Getting Massage Helps?

Neck massage help reduce the pain, stiffness and soreness due to a sprain in a major way. As neck massage is a great way of improving the blood circulation from the heart to the neck area, it benefits by extending its relief to the areas like arms, shoulders and back.

Massaging your neck joints and knots not only benefits in relieving stiff neck but also it can help you in finding great relief from problems such as headache tension, migraines, hypertension, tinnitus, whiplash, vertigo, etc.

Basking in the hands of the physical therapist, you will realize that the neck massage not only does the job of alleviating your neck pain but also relaxes your body and tension.

As professional massage practitioners or physical therapists are trained they know it well about which are the main trigger points to target while giving the massage. Thus they can do a better job by providing the right massage sessions.

The great many benefits of massage therapy can be extended to another level if you could hit the spa for a neck massage. Neck massage using feet can be tried out here which can be a great relieving experience.

Well, if you do not want to invest your hard earned money in spas or massaging sessions, there are many different ways in which you can get the benefits of massage at your home yourself. Let us discuss few of them below…

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Neck and Shoulder Massage Techniques

Massaging your sore neck and shoulders yourself, can be done in 3 easy ways, you can choose the one that is most suited for you.

Heat or Ice Pack: Heat and ice pack for pain relief helps in getting the benefits of massage at your home. Although it does not feel like a real massage it can help relieve your body pain and neck hurting by providing the benefits in a similar way. You just need to ensure the type of pain you have and use the proper ice or heat therapy for relieving painful symptoms.

Shiatsu Massage and Self Massaging Tools: Shiatsu massage is one great effective way by which you can ease all your body and muscle pain in a much lesser time. There are many effective shiatsu massagers and massaging tools which helps in relieving your body pain in a most natural way. You can get more information about this massage therapy here.

Essential Oils, Gel or Balm: An effective massage using a premium pain relieving essential oil like this one also has the ability to energize your body, making you active and fatigue free. You can buy the best essential oil for pain relief and prepare it at home using the carrier oil for getting an effective massage. Also there are other pain relieving gels and medications such as balms available in the market which can be used for getting an effective pain relieving massage.

Although these massaging techniques can be tried out yourself, you may get the help of your partner (or anyone else) to perform it effectively without any risk.

How To Massage A Sprained Neck At Home Yourself?

If you are planning for getting the self massage you can choose to do it at any time you feel like. If your pain is chronic you need to engage in a neck massage on a daily basis for just 10-15 minutes and you will feel the difference just in a week time.

Massaging your neck and shoulders yourself in a DIY manner can be a most exciting experience. However you should care that you learn proper techniques and tricks to do it efficiently so that it does not affect you adversely.

The very first step is to get yourself ready for getting a neck massage. You should take a quick bath or shower your body just to ensure that your upper body parts are well cleaned.

Now when your body is ready, start with your left shoulder. Use your left hand to stroke and massage your left side of your neck and shoulders. Starting form the base of your skull firmly rub your fingers in small circular motions. Then slowly and gently take your fingers down towards the shoulders.

As soon as you feel a knot or a tension in the area, work out your fingers in small circles. Massage the area first clockwise and then anti clock wise. After trying this, you can give a similar massage to the right side of your neck and shoulders for relieving the symptoms of strain.

Other few self-massaging neck methods you can try are:

Using your fingertips, start the massage from the ears and move your fingers gently down towards your jaw. Move your fingers down until the fingers of both your hands meet at the chin. This process also helps in relieving pain associated with ears and jaw.

Next technique is to place your hands into fists. Then massage your spine gently in small circular motions. Repeat it few times as per your comfort level.

Overall, getting a good neck and body massage is a great way of keeping your body in a good healthy condition. Doing it on a daily basis (till the pain exists) will help you, even if it is done at home by yourself. If in case the problem persists, it is advisable to visit a chiropractor as it is better to nip it in the bud. The sooner, the better!

Here is a video that helps you know about how you can self massage and get the relief from neck muscle pain. Check this out.

Self Massage for Neck Pain (Video)

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