15 Practical Tips To Help You Sleep Better And Relaxed At Night (Without Any Pain)

It is a fact that continuous work and lot of stress leads to body pain. Not only stress, but bad sleeping positions (and lack of enough sleep) also leads to neck, shoulder and back pain leading to severe sickness in most of the cases.

In fact, lack of sleep leads to many health hazards and at times may also lead to irreparable problems in human body. It deprives a man of his energy and pushes him to lethargy and inactivity. The net result is the emotional imbalance hailing from physical imbalance.

While on other hand sufficient sleep leads to a whole time coverage of good things in life and allows a good ride in all life activities.

Sleep Better and Relaxed at Night

15 Tips for How To Sleep Without Any Pain

Personal health care and proper sleep is essential to stay healthy and fit. When it comes to back or neck pain, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure to bring the pain under control.

Below we discuss the best 15 tips for sleeping without pain that will help in making your life healthier and happier.

Promote a Natural Habit to Sleep Healthy

1- Early to bed and early to rise

“Early to bed and early to rise keeps a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” This is a proverb taught from the school days, which when followed strictly presents positive results on health, work and body.

Go to bed on time and promote a natural drive to sleep and stay flexible. Sure, this will not only trigger the anxiety feeling, but also brings a good change in overall health to get to the sleep naturally every night.

2- De-stress yourself while you are on bed

The best thing to get good sleep is to keep your stress away and invite good dreams home. Do nothing and think nothing at bedtime and be a master of your sleep.

You can talk to your partner while you are on bed to present good ideas and information. Be jolly in mood, unwind from the stress of the day and chill.

Track Your Sleep Duration

3- Plan at least seven hours of sleep

Sleeping for 6-8 hours at night is considered as an ideal duration of good sleep. As every human being has its own degree of sleeping hours, it is for you to calculate your best sleeping hours and decide which is the best number suited for you.

Normally, if you maintain a habit of sleeping at least 7 hours every day your sleeping time is sufficient. Your body is then ready for the next day, with the recharged energy provided by your sleep at night.

4- Cover the lost sleep

Late night sleeps or missing out of sleeping hours due to work load need to be covered to get back to normal life and to get health and mind on track.

So it is best to have extra hours of sleep on weekends to feel active, especially when you are not able to get enough sleep for 2-3 days (may be due to partying, vacation, meetings, work load, etc.).

Plan Your Daily Workout Properly

5- Follow proper work out every day

Exercise improves body activities, gives energy to muscles, promotes good flow of blood and improves quality sleep for sure.

In that regard, it is important to plan proper workouts for nearly 1-2 hours in the morning so that your workout boost your body before hitting the work. Chart everyday workout, plan and focus on the main things that present positive effects on health and help keep you active.

6- Stretches and exercises are important

Exercises, stretches and aerobics are good to bring the body pain under control, especially the pain you feel while on bed.

However if you face severe pain and feels trouble all through the night, then it is advised to consult your health care practitioner or physical therapist who can help give relief with medical attention, right exercises and proper massage therapies.

Relaxation Techniques for Easy And Better Sleep

7- Have a siesta during the day

A 30 minute siesta or to say nap in the afternoon prove better for a good night’s sleep. Follow this tip to get back to work in a fresh way and with an active mind every time.

8- Relax mind with a hot bath at night

Taking a hot bath is the best tip to de-stress your body and to enjoy a deep sleep at night without pain. It help to relieve the body pain and stress to have a sound rest all night. You can consider getting a nice bath before an hour you go to bed.

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Bedroom Tips for Enjoying Pain free Sleep

9- Create a pleasing environment

A comfortable bedroom environment is essential before jumping on the bed with your partner. This will help sleep you comfortably without any disturbances and pain.

Either it is a choice of placing aromatic candles at the corner of room or picking a perfect mattress with heavy duty curtains, the choice is yours.

10- Create cool temperature in the bedroom

Creating a good cool temperature (with proper humid environment) is the best technique as extreme temperature may lead to regular arousing from sleep and disturbance.

If required you can use a cool mist humidifier for maintaining the right humidity and temperature in your room.

Tracking Your Sleeping Position/Posture Is Important

11- Maintain good sleeping posture and position

Pain in the back or neck can be due to lifting of heavy weights, accident, due to age related changes in the body or due to bad posture or sleeping positions while sleep.

This can severely trouble your night sleep if not controlled. Follow tips to maintain the right posture that can help cure shoulder and neck pain so that you can easily enjoy good night sleep without experiencing any pain.

When pain arises in the neck, sleeping on the back is a neutral and best position to provide the maximum rest to the spine without difficulty.

12- Sleeping with best pillow and mattresses

Those with neck problems find it tough to sleep with their favorite neck pillows. So it is best to avoid high pillows and choose the best orthopedic contoured pillow for pain relief.

Also choose the mattress and pillow material carefully  that gives you a relaxing and good feeling without any pain.

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Control Your Diet and Eating Habits

13- Avoid high carbs, caffeine and beverages

Do not take high carbohydrate food as it affects you sleep a lot. Also you should try to avoid very rich and spicy diet during dinner.

Drinking tea, coffee or other beverages during the sleeping hours also annoys and disturbs the sleeping hours. The effects of caffeine last for the whole day (nearly for about 10 hours), it is best to avoid tea or coffee just before going to bed.

14- Take herbal tea and magnesium rich diet

Herbal drink such as green tea or chamomile tea is a right choice to reduce anxiety. Drinking this tea once in a day relieves your difficult sleep and disturbed mind so that you can fall asleep much easier.

Most of the research suggests to add magnesium in the diet as it plays a pivotal role in providing ability to sleep well all through the night. It is best to add magnesium rich foods like swiss chard, pumpkin seeds or spinach or pop a supplement of magnesium before going to bed or to say 30 minutes before bedtime.

Learn to Live Stress Free Life

15- Live your life as you desire

The tension of not sleeping well may drive most of them to have certain controls on life like avoiding late night outs, less concentration at work or taking rest in the emergency room. Well, this is not only unsafe and risky, but also futile as such type of behavior may lead to anxiety, take hasty decision or be irritated.

It is therefore best to live your life to the fullest and make your desires come true without any compromises. However make sure that you do not risk your health while doing all these.

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