10 Best Shiatsu Neck, Shoulder & Back Massager for Ultimate Pain Relief

Shiatsu Definition: Shiatsu is defined as a manipulative Japanese massage therapy or technique that involves the usage of acupressure and stretching principles.

In the Japanese language shiatsu means “finger pressure”. And thus, in this therapy pressure is applied by hands on specific points or parts of the body for providing the relaxation.

Shiatsu massage is currently one of the best medical therapies that can deal with lot of health complications. It essentially has the highest healing power than compared to any other form of massage therapies.

This massage therapy involves rubbing, tapping, squeezing, along with applying the deep pressure with hands.

It does not involve usage of any other external agents like ointment, oil or needles. Patients can get instant relaxation with Shiatsu massage. And this is the reason this therapy is getting practiced by Shiatsu experts since decades.

What Is Shiatsu And What Are Its Principles?

There are some basic principles that should be essentially known in order to understand the basics of Shiatsu deep tissue massage. These principles can be treated as the massaging techniques.

There are few main techniques that can help in conducting Shiatsu massage smoothly and conveniently and they are as follows:-

Holding pressure: If you are in need of deep relaxation, then nothing can be the best technique other than this.

In this case, the pressure holding retains for a long time in order to boost-up the stimulation effects. Parasympathetic nerve-system can be properly controlled under this principle.

Mental concentration: The mental condition can be stimulated and targeted in this principle so that mental peace and stability can be established. Brain nerves can be controlled so that brain functions can be improved along with the improvement of blood circulation.

Chi energy: This is one of the best techniques by means of which body’s energy flow can be maintained in a consistent manner. If the body energies are maintained efficiently, then unwanted health troubles can be easily alleviated.

The flow can be harmonized throughout your whole body in a simplified way so that your body can get enough power and strength.

This balanced flow is also useful in bringing a proper mental set-up and this set-up can make your brain functions much more active and healthy.

Shiatsu History

Massaging together with herbalism and acupuncture has given birth to Shiatsu massage. This massaging is basically categorized under traditionally practiced Chinese medicine.

A Buddhist saint at Japan invented this massaging first. And from then it is considered as one of the most useful medicines for relieving and treating many health troubles in life.

Both diagnostic and manual-healing arts had been introduced by Japan and Anma was the older name given for this Japanese traditional form of massage.

Pleasure and relaxation can be acquired from this massaging art technique. With the emergence of chiropractic and physiotherapy science, this massaging again came into limelight.

As of today different kinds of Shiatsu massage forms are tried like namikoshi shiatsu, healing shiatsu, hara shiatsu, movement shiatsu, macrobiotic shiatsu and Zen shiatsu.

Is Shiatsu Painful?

Many people who want to try this therapy often end up staying away from it, thinking that it is a painful or a much complicated therapy. But the truth is something different!

Unlike acupressure, this massage therapy does not involve the usage of needles. This therapy only require applying the pressure to certain specific body points for relieving the painful muscles.

If you are looking for the best medically certified physical or massage therapy, then nothing can be a better choice than getting a Shiatsu massage. Your mind and body will get a proper balance as a result of this massage therapy.

And by getting the benefits of this massage therapy you will always remain in good health. Additionally energy flow of your body can also be controlled by getting a good Shiatsu healing massage.

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

1- Constipation: Shiatsu massage can be now applied towards abdominal part as a result of which you can easily get rid of acute constipation problem.

In this case, both pulling and stretching messages are highly useful in making the abdomen muscles relaxed and thus the intestines can be relaxed. Overall as a result of this constipation can be relieved by colon.

2- Relaxation: If you think that Shiatsu massage gives only physical relaxation then you are wrong as you can also get mental relaxation from the same.

By getting this massage your nerves will get well-stimulated as a result of which you can get enhanced health along with relaxation. Therefore, you are recommended having this massaging session at least once in a week if you are felling fatigued or tired.

3- Muscle aches: If you have got internal aches in your muscles, then it can be repaired by means of Shiatsu massage. In case if you are suffering from issues such as neck or back pain, acupressure points in the body are being targeted and those points are being stimulated with this massage therapy.

The warmth which is created from this massaging plays a great role in eliminating muscle aches directly from the root. Some of the related troubles that can be treated by this massaging are posture problems, joint pain, back pain, stress, fatigue, tension and others.

4- Skin troubles: There are many commonest skin troubles (especially internal ones) that can be cured easily by means of Shiatsu massage. Your skin will become soft, supple and glowing along with the improvement of overall skin health and texture.

Sebaceous glands’ secretions can be effectively stimulated by this massaging as a result of which skin smoothness and moisture level remains intact.

Unwanted wrinkling can be prevented by providing skin resilience. Blood circulation can also be improved to a great extent which is really beneficial for curing many skin related issues.

5- Migraine headaches: Migraine can be much irritating and hazardous. Fortunately this can be quickly driven away with the regular session of Shiatsu massage.

Some of the commonest migraine symptoms that can be regulated by this type of massage are sound and light sensitivity, numbness, weakness, vision troubles, nausea and others.

Additionally problems like stress, tension, depression, anxiety and other related issues can be well managed with the help of this massage form.

6- Pregnancy issues: You will be surprised to know that baby’s growth within mother’s womb can be now perfectly maintained by Shiatsu massage therapy.

Thus healthy delivery of a baby can be ensured by this massaging process. The expecting mothers can also get greater comfort and relief from unwanted labour pains.

Additionally, morning swelling and sickness during pregnancy can also be stopped or prevented by this healthy massaging.

How Does Shiatsu Help Relieve Joint Pain?

Shiatsu massage represents one of the most oriental massaging therapies that can efficiently alleviate back, neck and shoulder pains. The elasticity of deep tissues can be increased and damaged tissues can be corrected by this massaging.

 In this way, both motion range and blood-circulation can be boosted-up around the neck and shoulder region. The stimulation effects from this massage can reach to the deepest parts of tissues and this is how the healing process can get accelerated.

Along with relaxing your body muscles this therapy is also effective in reducing the stiffness and soreness of body joints such as neck and shoulder areas. People suffering from arthritis pain in neck, shoulders, knee and other body parts can also get relief from this massage therapy.

Acupressure points in the neck shoulders and back areas are being usually targeted for increasing the blood circulation and thereby making this deep tissue massaging more successful and effective. However it is essential to know that one single session may not do any good for you.

But multiple sessions are required for bringing complete recovery. You should have enough patience to receive beneficial effects from this massaging. And once you start getting the positive results you can experience the improvement in overall health.

10 Best Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager Reviews

Using a good branded shiatsu neck massager on a regular basis at home can offer you wide range of health benefits. The best part is, you can get it without investing huge amount of money (which you may therefore need to invest for getting regular massage sessions at spa centres).

In case if you are planning to buy one you can consider checking out the brands such as Homedics, truMedic, Zyllion, Naipo, etc. These are the best reliable brands which comes at a great competitive price online.

Based on the purpose and affordability, also check whether you want a shiatsu neck and shoulder massager OR a shiatsu neck and back massager.

These two types of shiatsu neck massagers may offer you different features and you should consider buying them according to the pain type you want to relieve.

For your convenience we have listed down the top models. You can check more about them and read the detailed shiatsu neck massager reviews online before making a final buying decision.

1- LiBa Shiatsu Neck Back & Shoulder Massager – Kneading Massage Pillow

The Heated Shiatsu Massager Belt by LIBA is a great massaging device which can help relax your stressed muscles within few minutes. Soothing your aching neck, back and shoulder muscles is not a trouble anymore with this device at home.

The deep-kneading shiatsu massage nodes and soothing heat of this massager, targets all the hard to reach muscles which may not be possible with simple hand massage.  Not only for relaxing upper body muscles, but also it is effective enough to massage your waist, legs and foot areas.

People who suffer from problems like sciatica, fibromyalgia, muscle knots, sprained or tight muscles, etc will find this massaging tool a great option to have. As it is portable in nature you can use it at your home, office or even in car.

The bi-directional movement of the massager mimics the motion of in-person massage without any additional costs involved. As it does not include any battery, it needs to be plugged in to get the massage using the provided power cord.

The best thing about this LiBa neck massager is its 90 day guarantee and 3 year replacement warranty which makes your purchase completely risk free.

2- New Five Star FS8801 Shiatsu Neck Shoulder & Back Massager with Heat

New Five Star FS8801 Shiatsu neck and shoulder massager (with heat) is a great device which can help manage all your painful conditions well and good.

Not only for relieving your neck, shoulder and back pain but also it helps in providing great kneading massage to your waist, foot and legs (just like a shiatsu foot massager).

This shiatsu handheld massager comes with 8 kneading rollers for providing you great kneading experience while massaging. With a touch of a button you can turn on/off the heating effect of the device as per your convenience.

Also it includes a button which helps you in changing the direction of rotation to offer you 2 massaging directions. Furthermore it comes with an AC adaptor for car as well as home use.

The automatic shut off feature shuts down the massager in 15 minutes. If you want you can again switch on the device for getting another 15 minutes of massaging session. It is recommended to not use the massager for over 45 minutes at a time.

3- Brookstone Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat (Cordless)

Brookstone is a renowned name when it comes to massaging devices. The Brookstone Shiatsu back and neck massager offers you 8 deep-kneading massage nodes to relax the stressed muscles within very less time.

This Brookstone massager comprises of two selectable massaging modes; single direction and auto reversing. With 3 different speed and intensity levels, you can enjoy a multifunctional deep tissue massage experience for relieving tight muscles and to help promote muscle recovery.

This cordless massager comes with a rechargeable battery for complete portability. You can add heat to it, for relaxing your neck and back muscles further. Just ensure that you have remove jewelry and neckties before using this massaging device.

Overall, with this massager you can now enjoy that conventional massage (even in between your shoulders, in middle of neck and spinal region) experience without any specialized person’s assistance.

4- HoMedics NMS-375 Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat

HoMedics NMS-375 Shiatsu Neck Massager with Heat is another great massaging device which can help you get great relaxing massage whenever you need. This device comes with 3 massage options i.e. shiatsu, vibration or combined, soothing heat for relaxed massaging experience.

There are various spinal muscles which are hard to reach with simple hand massage. But with HoMedics shiatsu neck massager, you can target those areas and enjoy a deluxe shiatsu massage experience.

Custom comfort flex handles are provided with this massager that enables you to customize the desired intensity levels of the massage. Overall, with this heated massager at home you can feel excellent relaxation and refreshed experience for the whole day.

5- Nekteck Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat for Neck, Shoulder and Back

Nekteck Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow comes with built in heating feature and is one of the bestselling massager online. The versatile design of the massager enables you to use it for massaging your neck, shoulder, back, waist and body. By contouring and targeting the specific body parts it helps you to provide maximum comfort as per your desire.

This Nekteck shiatsu massager for neck and back comes with 8 deep-kneading shiatsu massage heads and three custom speed modes for getting customized deep tissue massaging experience. Furthermore its Direction control offers Bi-directional movement control that mimics the motion of in-person massage experience.

The massager also features an ultrasoft fabric which ensure a soothing massaging surface for extra comfort. Automatic timer is provided in the unit to shut it down after each 10 minutes cycle. This makes it completely safe.

This shiatsu massager helps you relax and relieve the tensed muscles along with providing great relief from problems such as fatigue and stress by targeting acupuncture points in the neck and shoulder region.

Overall this is a perfect massaging device for home, office or car use. We are sure that you will never regret after buying it for your personal use.

6- ComfySure Shiatsu Electric Shoulder and Neck Massager Pad with Heat

ComfySure is well known for producing innovative ergonomic equipment specially designed to provide extra comfort to the users. They produce ordinary products with extraordinary features which cannot be beaten by anyone.

ComfySure Shiatsu Electric Shoulder and Neck Massager Pad with Heat is great massaging device in our list that is worth checking. It offers you the best massage for relieving your stressed neck and shoulder muscles in an easy and efficient way.

This handheld neck muscle massager by ComfySure comes with 8 deep kneading massaging heads along with Bi-directional custom 3 speed modes for great relaxing experience. Not only it works great to relieve cervical and back pain but also can be used for melting away pain due to slipped discs, spondylitis, sciatica & arthritis.

With its soothing and safe heat (with one turn on/off button) the device can also be wonderfully used for massaging waist, body, arms, legs & foot areas. The contoured body shape and design offers great comfort to the users without any issue.

The massager is portable to carry and for this reason you can use it at your home or office. With its AC adaptor you can also use it while travelling in your car.

For additional safety, automatic shut off feature is provided which shuts down the massager after working 10 minutes. You can switch it on again if required for another 10 minutes. You are recommended to not use the device for more than 20 minutes at a time.

7- truMedic InstaShiatsu Plus Neck and Shoulder Massager (Cordless)

truMedic Instashiatsu Plus Neck and Shoulder Massager is a cordless massaging device which can be taken anywhere you want to use it. With its powerful internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery you can use it for hours without the need of charging.

The versatile design of this massaging unit works brilliantly to massage all your body parts to provide quick relief from tired and achy muscles. You can customize the direction of the massage with a press of button or can use it with an auto-reverse operation.

In case you need to give extra relaxation to your stressed muscles and ligaments you can choose the heat option of the device. This also helps by enhancing the blood circulation to the body part thus relieving the pain faster.

Furthermore the deep-kneading Shiatsu massage can be experienced with this truMedic Instashiatsu Plus Neck and Shoulder Massager, according to your desire to have light or firmer pressure. You can also use it for massaging your lower or middle back OR can try it out for relaxing your legs, feet, thighs, hamstrings and other body parts.

Overall, this is a great massager to have in your home which acts just like Your Own Personal Masseuse which can offer the service whenever you need it.

8- Naipo Shiatsu Shoulder Massager with Kneading Massage and Heat

Naipo Shiatsu Shoulder Massager comes with 8 deep-kneading Shiatsu massage nodes and advanced heat functions to ease and relax the fatigued muscles together with improved blood circulation.

The Naipo handheld massager also features 3D rotation kneading massage rollers which are U-designed. You can use the massager for massaging your vertebra along with neck, back and shoulder areas to relive sprained and stiff muscles.

This neck massaging device is programmed with 20-minute Auto Shut-Off feature and Overheat Protection Device for providing additional safety to the users. Like other models you can use this massager anywhere you want including home, office or while moving in a car (using a free car charger included).

9- Wollin Deep Shiatsu Kneading Massager With Heat

Wollin deep shiatsu kneading massager with heat is one of the most affordable shiatsu massagers on the market which is available under dollar 100. You can use this full body massager to massage your stiff neck, shoulders and back anywhere and at any time.

This portable and compact relaxing massager helps you get the professional acupressure massage just at the time you actually need it. No matter you are in your office, home or traveling in a car, you can simply switch this massager ON and enjoy the massage which is sometimes not achieved even by spending tons of money on masseuses.

This incredible, personal spa massager by Wollin works very quietly and can be used equally well for all parts of the body including spine, legs, arms, feet, hips, etc. Within few minutes of exciting massage with this multipurpose massager you can experience those stiff muscle knots melting away.

The massaging device is easy enough to use for teens, adults as well as seniors. The heating effect can be turned on or off as per the individual needs and the directions of the kneading balls can be changed as per the comfort.

Furthermore the massager shuts off automatically after 20 minutes to ensure the safety and to provide you a relaxing break during your massage session. You can switch on the device again if needed for further massage. The massager comes with I year warranty and with 60 day money back guarantee in the event you are not satisfied with the massager.

Overall, with this massager at home you can finally forget about your chronic headache, migraine, fatigue, stress and tiredness; to wake up every morning refreshed and energized.

10- Hueplus Shiatsu Premium Back, Neck, Shoulder Massager (Cordless)

Hueplus Shiatsu massager is a FDA Registered massager which comes with unique Heated 3D Tension Technology. The heating function (can be turned on or off with a press of button) is meant to enhance the therapeutic value of the shiatsu massage so that you can relieve your tired muscles within very less time.

With a press of button you can also change the rotation direction of the massage balls that suits you most. The timer of the massager allows you 15 minutes of massage in one go. Additionally with its 8 improved massage nodes it offers superior deep massage that can target all the hard to reach muscles.

This shiatsu massager by Hueplus is not like other cheap massagers which does not provide you the desirable results.

In fact this personal shiatsu massager is a true self massager device which allows you to enjoy the feel of getting massaged with professional hands of the masseuse. With this device you can make yourself refreshed and relaxed without hurting yourself or your body.

This multipurpose massager is perfectly suitable for all the family members and can be used in both wired and cordless ways. With a onetime charge of about 3 hours you can enjoy 6 hours of cordless massage with this device.

Things To Check Before Buying A Handheld Massager

As there are many models and types available, just make sure that you find the right fit for yourself to combat all your pain problems easily.

While purchasing a best neck and shoulder massager machine make sure that you stay away from the cheap make and models. Of course, the cheap models may be lucrative for you at first instance, but these prove to be an expensive deal in long run.

Few other important things you need to check while buying these massagers are:

  • It should suit your purpose perfectly
  • It should have the heating option for extra comfort
  • It should come with a long cord (get cordless if available)
  • It should be branded and comes with proper warranty
  • Check with your doctor before buying, if you have a pacemaker

Overall, Shiatsu massager for neck and shoulder pain are much easy to use. You can use it while sitting on your bed, couch or just on the floor. Also you can find shiatsu chair cushion massager which can be used for your office chair or while driving your car.

As it comes with various features, functionalities and settings, it smartly helps you in controlling the pressure applied to your muscles according to the comfort you desire to have.

What I Personally Use and Recommend?

I personally use combination of shiatsu neck and back massager with heat and a shiatsu massage pillow or cushion.

Unbelievably, these have helped me in long run in dealing with all my chronic neck and back pain issues. I use these massagers once a week without any medications and am happy with the great results I got from it.

Of course, these Shiatsu neck massagers and pillows does not offer the real benefits which can be achieved with real shiatsu massage. But it is worth trying as it helps a lot in relieving your neck and back muscles (in a DIY way) without getting any assistance.

Why not try them out, I am sure you will going to love it!

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