The 7 Best Seat Cushion for Elderly Wheelchairs

Sitting for a long time in a wheelchair can cause discomfort, especially when the stuffing in it gets worn out.

The solution to this comes in the form of good wheelchair cushions for the elderly, which helps in negating those pain and uncomfortable feeling.

Cushions in a wheelchair help in giving relief to the stressed area, where the pain is quite high.

Having a proper wheelchair cushion for the elderly makes it a breezy experience while going out without causing much pain to the coccyx and surrounding tender areas.

7 Best Wheelchair Seat Cushion for Elderly

Choosing the right lumbar support and seat cushion for your wheelchair can help in getting rid of the pain by offering maximum comfort and a soothing effect.

If you are looking for a few bestselling options on the market, below we reviewed some of them. Check them out and pick the one that suits your requirements best.

1- FORTEM Seat Cushion

For those suffering from back pain due to sitting in a wheelchair for a long, FORTEM has come up with a durable seat cushion that can be used not only in a wheelchair but also in an office chair or car.

The set includes lumbar support and a high-quality memory foam non-slip bottom to provide you with complete comfort and relaxation.

This FORTEM seat cushion comes with a handy carrying handle, and its lumbar support is provided with an adjustable elastic strap that fits most chairs.

Both the cushions come with washable covers that make them last longer, even more than it actually is.

Being super lightweight and portable, you can carry them even on the go.

Verdict: Without any doubt, this 100% Memory Foam seat cushion helps in the alignment of spine and body posture – for the improved overall well-being of your health.

2- Xtreme Comforts Large Seat Cushion

This cushion by Xtreme Comforts is made by employing the technology of the Two-Layer Foam System to make sure it never goes flat even during your regular usage.

The good thing is when you sit on this big cushion, your body weight and pressure get distributed equally, making you more comfortable and relaxed in your wheelchair.

The cushion comes in black color, and it measures 19 inches wide, 17.5 inches deep, and 3.5 inches thick.  

The newly added feature of the anti-skid bottom is added to the cushion providing a firm grip on the cushion, even on slippery seats. It also comes with a built-in handle for easy portability.

Apart from the above, you also get a long-lasting mesh cover that aids good air circulation.

The cover provided also prevents the sweaty and sticky layer formation over the cushion, keeping it clean for long.

The mesh cover can be easily detached from the cushion for washing in the machine in cold water. also, it can be dried very easily.  

Verdict: Seat cushion by Xtreme Comforts can be used anywhere you like. You can use it for office chairs, wheelchairs, dining chairs, etc. You can even make use of it in the gym or while doing yoga or meditation.

3- Hermell Convoluted Wheelchair Cushion

Hermell Products has been in the health and lifestyle industry for more than 50 years.

It’s a brand you can count on when you are looking for a lumbar support wheelchair pillow for relieving your back.

Available in polyurethane blue egg crate foam, this expertly designed Hermell Convoluted Wheelchair Cushion is highly versatile and durable.

Increasing the air circulation and shifting the weight off of sensitive areas helps you to prevent pressure sores and offers great pain relief from conditions like fibromyalgia and ulcer.

The cushion is 3 inches thick and measures 17.5 in x 15.5 in. Place this in your wheelchair and instantly make your chair more comfortable.

Verdict: Hermell products chair cushions are ideal for preventing and healing the pain due to pressure, ulcers, and sores.

4- Kieba Orthopedic Tailbone Pillow

Have you been suffering from coccyx pain for a long time? Then, Kieba has come up with its premium Coccyx seat cushion to aid you better.

This orthopedic cushion comes with an ergonomic U-shaped design to release pressure on your tailbone during long sitting hours.

It is made using premium quality memory foam and cooling gel technology, which acts as a two-in-one action.

Where on one hand the memory foam helps in absorbing your bodyweight pressure equally; the cooling gel technology, on the other hand, absorbs your body heat maintaining the optimum temperature.

Furthermore, the anti-skid layer at the bottom of the cushion keeps the cushion intact on the surface without any sliding.

There is also an airy velour cover that can be removed easily for machine wash.

Coming to the weight and dimensions, this seat cushion weighs 2.8 pounds and measures 18” wide x 14” deep x 3” in thickness.

Verdict: Kieba Orthopedic Tailbone Pillow is one of the best suited for wheelchairs, office chairs, benches, car seats, plane seats, etc. You can count on this to get superior comfort all the time.

5- ZIVIGA Lower Back Lumbar Support Pillow

The lumbar support cushion offered by Ziviga is best suited for car seats, wheelchairs, office chairs, and recliners.

This highly resilient memory foam pillow is made by using top-notch odorless material.

 It is covered with a well-ventilated 3D black mesh cover for good air circulation. Removing and cleaning it in a machine is a hassle-free process.

Dual adjustable straps are also available to fix it easily on any kind of seat, providing good stability to the lumbar support pillow.

Available in simple black color, it weighs only 1 pound and measures 13 x 4.7 x 13 inches. Also, it also comes with a built-in handle to carry wherever you go.

Above all this, if you are not convinced with the quality or performance of this product, you get a one-year warranty and risk-free money-back guarantee.

You can also get the lumbar support pillow replaced free of cost if there are any manufacturing defects found.

Verdict: ZIVIGA offers a high-quality lumbar support back pillow that’s effective for improving posture. No matter if you use it at home, at work, or in the car, you are well protected all the time.

6- Everlasting Comfort Coccyx Cushion

Does your nature of job demand long sitting hours? Or are you looking to get rid of the fatigue caused by lumbar pain?

Then using the right orthopedic design lumbar support pillow is the perfect solution for you.

Everlasting Comfort seat cushion provides you with an additional aid to combat lumbar pain, sciatica, lower back pain, tailbone pain, and sores.

The cushion comes in a U-shaped ergonomic design that’s recommended by most orthopedic surgeons across the globe.

In addition to as a seat cushion, it can also be used as a cushion to support knees or ankles to avoid bruises at home or at the office.

The product has a very long life and is designed to give you superior performance for a very long.

Verdict: Everlasting Comfort’s tailbone pain relief cushion is effective most for the elderly who need to sit long hours in their wheelchair. Simply by alleviating pressure in strategic areas, it assists in healing chronic or acute pain in different body parts.

7- GENERAL ARMOR Gel Seat Cushion

GENERAL ARMOR Gel Seat Cushion comes with an advanced column-buckling technology that helps by dispersing your body weight evenly when you are seated on it.

The unique gel cooling structure with honeycomb design is provided in this cushion that also helps in increasing the air circulation to keep your bottom cool.

Using this just for a week, the pressure on your spine and the lumbar area can easily get alleviated, thereby providing you total pain relief.

The cushion is designed from premium quality medical-grade gel material that does not lose its shape for long.

You need not worry about this product’s life, and performance quality as proper care has been taken to make it work best for prolonged usage.

Verdict: GENERAL ARMOR Gel Seat Cushion is a portable designed to provide extra comfort and cooling effect (instead of heating) when you are seated on the chair for long.

How to Use Tailbone Pillow on Your Chair?

Many first-time users often have a question in mind about how they should use their tailbone seat cushion correctly and which way these seat cushions go…

If you are using the pillow for the very first time, I recommend you check the video below to clear your doubts.

Benefits of Using Seat Cushions on Wheelchairs

Bad sitting posture in chairs and not having a good ergonomic design is the root cause of many backaches and problems in seniors.

To compensate for it, one can go for good seat cushions and soft lumbar pillows, which help in aligning the spine posture, thereby giving a relaxed feel.

Sitting in a chair for a long time without seat cushions can lead to constricted movement as it puts pressure on the spine, hips, and pelvis area.

Choosing and using a correct seat cushion or lumbar support cushion is the right choice to get rid of the troubles in the back and hips.

1- Enhanced Posture

Apt use of seat cushions or lumbar support pillows improves the posture while sitting thereby prompting good flexibility and less stress on the muscles.

It also avoids the formation of bends in the spine and ensures hip joints are in proper alignment.

Moreover, when sitting straight in proper posture, naturally, the spine gets aligned properly and emotionally. It gives a majestic and confident feeling.

2- Lightweight to carry

Seat cushions are not heavy and are easily portable. They can be carried anywhere to the office or during a vacation to different places.

Its size is adaptable to any kind of chair. It is compact and occupies less space, and comes with a handle too for easy hold.

3- Develops Blood circulation

Bad posture while sitting in a normal chair can lead to a restricted flow of blood to the neck, legs, back, and pelvis.

Blood is the carrier of good nutrients, vitamins, oxygen, etc.; when not circulated well can lead to stiffness and muscle cramps.

4- Avoids Accident

When the cushion is used as a support, it not only gives mobility but also elevates the height from ground level to a certain extent, thereby giving control over sitting and getting up firmly.

In this way, it also aids in avoiding any mishaps causing damage.

5- Gives comfort for a longer duration

The question of whether one is sitting for a long time or a short time in a wheelchair will not arise as the seat cushions will give good comfort and a firm grip giving a soothing feeling.

6- Cheap Price

Most of the lumbar support pillows and seat cushions are economically priced.

Its cost is very meager when compared to the benefit of avoiding frequent back pain from bad posture.

Can Seat Cushions Aid in Controlling Sciatica?

Sciatic pain is normally caused due to the compression of the sciatic nerve from the lower back that runs through the buttocks and legs.

An ergonomically designed seat cushion will definitely alleviate sciatic pain by giving proper alignment to the spine and taking the pressure off the sciatic area.

When the compression pressure gets lifted, it gives time for the sciatic nerve to heal and gives a relaxing experience.

No wonder one may say goodbye to the turmoil caused by sciatic pain forever as the posture gets corrected by seat cushions.

Coccyx vs. Donut Cushions: Which Is More Effective?

Coccyx vs. Donut Cushions

In general, there are two types of orthopedic tailbone pillows that can be used to treat coccydynia or tailbone injury. These are:

  1. Coccyx cushion
  2. Doughnut pillow

Although both of them offer relief to the pain caused by coccydynia, which one proves to be more effective is the real question we need to address.

The Coccyx Cushion:

These are basically designed to relieve the pain from your coccyx. It helps in easing the pain caused in the lower spinal discs and lower back.

Available in options like memory foam, gel, and the air coccyx cushion, these can be installed in your seat at home, office, wheelchair, or in a car.

The Doughnut Cushion:

Much like the above ones, these doughnut cushions (or the ring cushions) differ mainly in their shape.

It serves the same purposes as coccyx cushions and is effective in releasing stress from the tailbone.

Due to its ring shape, its also effective for people suffering from conditions such as hemorrhoids, bruising, and enlarged prostates.

Especially you will find them much more effective when you want to sit down for longer periods of time.

Overall, both these types are effective in relieving tailbone pain and pain in the coccyx area. It’s just a matter of personal preference.

You should choose the one that seems more comfortable for you and your specific condition.

Tips for Selecting the Correct Lumbar Support Cushion

The following points can be taken into consideration while selecting the lumbar support cushion

1- Style and shape

At present, there are various different styles and shapes of seat cushions available on the market.

These are like “V” shape, “U” shape, ring design, wedge, and a few more. While all these styles serve similar purposes, the style you choose should be most comfortable for your body.

Depending on the use and time frame for which you will be using them, you should choose the most versatile option.

In most cases, it’s best to choose the one that comes with a hole in the center (like a donut) or a gap on the side (like a coccyx pillow) as it takes off the pressure from the tailbone very easily.

2- Size and height

A person can be of small or tall, or medium height, and the versatile lumbar support cushion’s prominent role is to support the lumbar region exactly as per the person’s body type.

So, it is important to choose the thickness of the cushion according to your height.

3- Material

Seat cushions for wheelchairs are meant to support your tailbone so that you feel comfortable while sitting.

These are presently made with different materials and may have various different fillings.

Depending on how much you are investing, you may get a longer-lasting premium quality made with memory foam or a cheap made (with some cotton filling) that does not provide you much support.

It’s always good to choose the one that comes with higher-density memory foam since it works best to support your spinal area and tailbone.

4- Flexible Straps

It is pertinent to note whether flexible straps are there in lumbar cushion support to suit chairs of different sizes.

Make sure the straps get attached or clipped to the back of the chair to give firmness to the cushion so that its position won’t get altered easily during movements or any jolts while sitting and getting up.

5- Detachable Cover

Buy a lumbar support cushion with a detachable cover, and even more great to buy with an additional detachable cover.

The spare cover can be used while the used cover is put for washing. Due to wear and tear, it has to be washed once in a few days to keep it clean.

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