Pain On The Right Side Of My Neck: What Are The Causes And How To Get The Help?

Pain in neck area is one of the most common health problems which every one of us may have experienced in our life time. However it is worth to note that this pain is usually experienced on one side of the neck which may be either left or right. Here in this article we will specifically talk about right side neck pain.

Large number of adults experience pain in right side of neck and the pain may just not include neck, but also shoulders and extend till the arms. Either the pain is like an electric shock which radiates to the arm or it’s like a dull ache.

Common Signs and Symptoms

Right side of neck pain
Right side of neck pain

Pain on right side of neck may have several causes and is usually accompanied with several symptoms like numbness, muscle weakness, headache, dizziness, tingling etc.

Other few signs and symptoms which may accompany right side neck pain may include:

  • Pain in the right side base of skull
  • Pain in the right side back head
  • Pain in the right side of jaw and throat
  • Pain in right side down arm
  • Pain below or behind the ear
  • Pain near thyroid
  • Pain in right side of chest

People experiencing the weird neck pain right side may often complain about feeling the painful sensation after certain activates like:

  • after eating or swallowing
  • while yawning
  • when breathing
  • while coughing
  • while lying down on bed

These type of throbbing pain sometimes comes and goes automatically. Following certain home remedies can help stop the pain in many cases. But if the pain is experienced for few weeks or months it is advised to see your physician for getting the best help.

Causes of Pain On The Right Side Of Neck

Below mentioned are some of the causes due to which deep pain in right side of neck can be experienced.

Cervical Spondylosis: It is a condition which causes depreciation of spinal disks in the neck. Your cervical vertebrae may get dehydrated and contract with your age, causing osteoarthritis and generation of bony projection along the edge of the bone.

The common symptom is that the right side of neck hurts. Cervical Spondylosis narrows the space between the nerve root and spinal cord passage in the neck. It could cause lack of coordination, difficulty in walking, tingling, numbness etc.

Whiplash: A quick forward and backward motion of the head occurring due to great force may lead to whiplash injury. It could majorly occur due to a car collision or may be because of sports injuries, park riding or physical abuse. In whiplash, the ligaments and muscles expand further than their usual range of movement leading to the damage of the soft tissue.

Some of the common signs of whiplash include right side of neck pain, blurred vision, dizziness, weariness, stiffness in the neck and headache. Other less common symptoms include ringing in the ears, sleeping inability, lack of concentration and memory issues etc.

Muscular strain: Muscular overuse could occur from spending several hours in front of the computer or on your phone. You can get a strain on your neck from minor things like reading in bed or teeth gritting.

Worn out joints: Sometimes the joints of the neck get worn out with age. Similar to the other joints of the human body, the neck joint can also suffer from osteoarthritis, which occurs due to the degeneration of the cartilage. Sometimes the body also advances bone spurs which can affect the motion of the neck joint causing pain in right side of neck.

Brachial Plexus injury: A group of nerves which interconnect the shoulder, hand and arm with the spine is called brachial plexus. A damage to the never may lead to wear and tear of contact sports and eventually lead to pain in right side of neck and shoulder, weakness and numbness of the infected arm.

Cervical disc herniation: Ache in the neck, arm as well as shoulder either in the right side or left side is casual with cervical disc herniation. It occurs when the annulus fibrosis damages and protrudes the nucleus pulposus in the spinal canal. This causes the spinal column to get compressed by the herniated disc leading to pain, weakness and numbness.

Best Treatment Options For Neck Pain Right Side

Mild pain in the right side of neck may get treated easily with some of the home remedies mentioned below. These can be tried out at home easily and in case if the problem persist for long it is good to consult your doctor for treating the pain.

Heat and ice– In most of the cases you can get the pain relief by using organic neck wraps (heated or cool) which works wonder for treating pain on one side of neck. You can buy them online and make use of these to get relieve your sore neck right side only.

Neck braces and traction– In order to bring your neck muscle to rest, you can make use of neck brace and soft collars for some time. Do not use it for longer duration as it may cause neck muscle weakening.

Physical therapy– Other options of treatment sharp pain include physical therapy which helps in the quick recovery of neck. Acupuncture, massage, chiropractic and electric nerve stimulation are other options which can be used to treat neck pain.

Regular exercising– In order to attain a quick recovery, you need to advance your neck exercises because of the pain. Studies reveal that people who go out for a walk daily show lower risk of getting neck pain and back ache. Simple and easy exercises can be performed to create muscular strength and neck flexibility.

Avoid bad posture– You can also go for good posture health and perform relaxation techniques which help in quicker recovery. In order to keep your neck stable, try using a soft foam collar or posture corrector.

Over the counter ache medications– Common OTC pain medicines such as naproxen sodium, ibuprofen, paracetamol, aspirin and acetaminophen are very effective in relieving the neck pain. For severe injuries of the neck, you need to contact your physician to get prescription pain killers as well as muscle relaxant which will comfort the muscle spasm.

As all these methods are natural and do not sow any side affects you can try them before consulting to your doctor as a first aid for relieving the painful condition.

However if you do not see any improvement in your condition, you should consult your doctor for getting the help. According to your condition, your doctor may also recommend getting a massage, physical therapy or use of cold or hot packs.

For further clarification for the neck pain and its position, performing certain specific investigation procedures like ECG, X-ray, MRI, CSF analysis, etc. helps a lot. It is therefore important to get in touch with your doctor as soon as possible if the pain conditions does not get relived within few days.

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