What Are The Reasons for Neck Sprain While Sleeping? And What To Do for Stopping The Pain?

We human needs at least one-third of the day for sleeping, as it is an essential part of life that keeps the body functioning properly. Sleep is a time to relax in a painless manner and to get ready for another energetic day.

But for many, sleeping is not a relaxing time as they suffer from neck sprain while sleeping or experiences the discomfort and pain as soon as they get up early morning.

7 Common Causes for Neck Sprain while Sleeping

As such there are many reasons for people experiencing neck pain while sleeping. Let us find few important causes below and what are the best ways to avoid it:

1- Poor posture while sleeping

Poor posture while you are sleeping can cause your spine misaligned. So check yourself or have anyone look at you from the front and the side while you are sleeping.

Your spine should be straight with hips and shoulders event and from the side view your spine should have flowing curves, ear even with the shoulder and shoulder even with hip socket.

The best is to use right pillows and mattress that can support your spine and posture. People often compromise while buying the cheap products in the market which are not high quality and are not built to align your posture in an automated way. So ensure that the pillow and mattress you choose is the best quality and not the cheapest.

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2- Misalignment in the spine

This is the most important and popular reasons for neck pain in most people while they are sleeping. Misalignment or dislocation or the nerves puts pressure on nerves and it adds to the muscle tension.

Especially if your sleep is disturbed, you might feel extremely tired and low in mood all the day. Pain added with stiffness of the neck gets worse with simple movements of the cervical spine. This symptom will be observed mainly during the early morning time when waking up from the bed.

Perform low impact side stretches along with the exercises to protect and strengthen the spine muscles, early in the morning. The right exercise strengthens the muscles which support the back and neck and reduces the burden positioned on the spinal joints while you are sleeping. You need to immediately consult a Chiropractor to help cure the problem if it persist for long without any improvements.

3- Bad sleeping positions and habits

Some people may find themselves sleeping on their stomach side. And in this posture they turn their head ninety degree to the side, to breathe. This can cause neck pain in the short run. Well worry not; you are not alone as there are many people who are stomach sleepers.

If you are the person who prefer sleeping on stomach, there are some of the best pillow for stomach sleepers with neck pain. You can consider buying them for getting pain free sleep.

Using a thick or thin pillow (or simply no pillow at all while sleeping) can also cause neck sprained while sleeping. So it is essential for you to get an appropriate pillow to sleep. Cervical Traction Neck Pillow is one of the most recommended one for people suffering form these types of problems as this will keep the neck in right posture while sleeping.

4- Rough sleeping

Rough sleeping like sleeping on couch, in car, or on very hard surface like cardboard can cause your back and neck to ache badly.

Sleeping on the soft couch or in car can be even worse experience than sleeping on the mattress which is not comfortable at all. This not only brings you restless sleep but also the bad hurting neck and shoulders due to the spine going out of alignment, when you wake up early morning.

The best is to find yourself a good comfortable surface and a place (if you cant get your bedroom) with enough space to lie down comfortably. This will avoid any issues of spine dislocation and hence prevents all the neck spraining problems while sleeping.

5- Sleeping with window open

Sleeping with a window open or fan On in your room all night can also leave your neck hurting in the morning. This may seems to be a strange condition for many, but the fact is, it can really happen.

There may be a drop in temperature seen when you sleep with windows open (or an Ac or fan On). Although light breeze does not make you feel chilly, this can result into muscles getting cold which tends to contract slowly and can cause a pain. The group of people who are affected more with this problem are those who are bit allergic to cold conditions.

The best is to sleep with your windows closed, in case if you find that it is hurting you or worsening your pain. Try to avoid sleeping with an air conditioner or a fan On for all night. You can of course switch them On for few hours to make the environment and temperature comfortable.

6- Computer use or work setup

Sitting continuously in an awkward posture for doing work can cause misalignment and muscle strain and thereby nerve pressure.

This can greatly effect your sleeping time as you may feel too much sprain in your neck region while you are trying to sleep peacefully. A good idea to avoid this is to move around at certain periods and do some neck stretches to get away tension.

Make sure to invest money on ergonomic office chairs. If you want, you can even invest money for some supportive props, like adjustable neck area, comfortable pillow in the back or lumbar region, and more.

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7- Improper work-outs

Lifting too much weight or applying improper posture or mechanics for workout can cause neck pain even while you are sleeping. Many people use to pull on their neck while doing abdominal crunches. This can put pressure to neck which is not felt instantly. The pain instead develop at later stages especially when you sleep.

Muscle strain and tension can create difficult to move conditions due to inflammation and high pressure on nerves or pinched nerve. Occasional neck stretches can help loosen the muscles and prevent painful motions. The best is to warm up your stiff joints and muscles before you start doing the daily workouts or exercises. This will help muscles and joints to stretch easily.

Fortunately, there are many more steps and remedies that you can adopt to ensure you are sleeping properly to prevent neck pain. Choose the proper remedies after consulting your physician. With right remedies, sleeping should not be a painful incident and will be a time to relax. Execute the right suggestions and reduce pain while sleeping.

What to do About Neck Pain From Sleeping (Video)

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