Radiating Neck Pain: Causes Symptoms and Getting The Right Type Of Treatment

Pain in the neck that radiates or spread to other body areas is known as radiating neck pain. This is found both in men and women and usually happens due to nerved being trapped or pinched.

Like in every disease, it is must for you to understand the symptoms of radiating neck pain. Taking early treatment for this problem, to make the body free from pain and severe other consequences of the problems, should be an important concern for anyone struggling hard.

For easing out your painful life, below we discuss more about what are the basic causes, symptoms of radiating neck pain and what are the things that can help.

What Causes Radiating Neck Pain?

Radiating Neck Pain
Radiating Neck Pain

There are as such several factors that can cause radiating neck pain. But the most important factor or cause is nerve compression. This can also be caused due to bony deposit formation or damage to a cervical disc.

Bony deposits are much common in older athletes and in people with previous neck problems or injuries.

Muscular tightness in the neck can also result in compression of nerves that results into the pain in neck and shoulder radiating down arm.

An early diagnosis can help you in getting most out of the treatment for treating the radiating neck pain.

What Are The Symptoms?

Whenever your body or neck shows unusual pain, then it can be easily confirmed that this is due to the presence of some sort of disease. Fortunately you can easily trace the presence of radiating neck pain with radiating symptoms.

The most common symptoms of this type of neck pain is deep pain in neck that radiates to:

  • shoulder (may be left, right or both), shoulder blades, scapula
  • down spine
  • upper back
  • jaw
  • down legs
  • chest or upper chest
  • ribs or back of skull
  • into head or back of head
  • into eye or behind eye
  • up to ear or behind ear
  • arms (may be left, right or both)
  • hands or fingers (usually ring or middle finger), etc.

In some cases occurrence of pain when moving neck, pain radiating from neck to head, reduced neck movement and pain in neck resulting in headaches and dizziness is also experienced.

People suffering from the neck pain problem also complains about neck pain radiating down back region which causes the back pain for them. Also there are group of people who claims of getting neck pain due to the pain caused in other parts of the body (just the reverse process).

Best Treatment

People suffering from chronic shoulder pain or chest pain can get affected from shoulder pain radiating to neck or chest pain radiating to neck. If you experience any of these previous symptoms, you need to consult the doctor to diagnose the problem as early as possible.

According to the doctors taking rest is the best solution to free from burning neck pain with radiating symptoms. And therefore you can start the treatment for radiating neck pain with complete rest.

You can also consider wearing the neck collar, braces or the neck wraps to promote recovering of muscles. In case of extreme neck pain which has been caused due to the previous injury you may need to have to consult sports injury specialist who can help you with mobility, strengthening and rehabilitation.

Neck Pain Radiating Down Arm To Hand

Exercises That Can Help

Do you experience sharp neck pain and you feel it radiating to the arm downwards? Then you may be facing a condition called cervical radiculopathy. Resources indicates that a nerve injury happened at the neck base is the reason for such problem. And this is one of the most common symptoms as compared to all other problems.

Given below are few exercises which may help you to get rid of this painful condition. However these should be done after the inflammation disappears. Do not forget to get permission from your physician or physical therapist for the same before trying them out.

Neck retraction sitting: Rhythmic head movement is designed by physical therapist called Robin McKenzie which helps in getting over the pain which is felt like headaches at head’s base radiating down arm. Exercise needs you to sit and keep your fingertips on chin, then pull back or retract your head by keeping it level. This has to be done 15 – 20 times and 3 times a day. Neck retraction sitting exercise helps in restoring posture of your neck which should be maintained by you through self training.

Neck extension during lying: Lie on a bed to execute this exercise properly. Your head should not be in a forward position. If it is in a forward position, then use one or two pillows to make it possible to retract your head backwards. Please do not nod your head. This exercise has to be repeated 15 times. Slowly increase the amount of retracts till straightening occurs at the base of your neck. Later you remove pillows and lie at the bed’s edge with your head lying off the bed’s edge. A towel is used to give support to your head and is held firmly after folding it lengthwise. Drop your head again towards the floor and maintain this posture for 3 to 5 seconds.

Postural correction exercise: Correct posture of neck means your shoulder and neck being brought to the front. Place arms at shoulder level on doorjambs and lean forward after standing on doorway to the open doorway. Stretch chest during this exercise and hold this stretch for duration of 30 s. Repeat this 3 times. Squeezing the shoulder blades together for duration of 5 seconds can be done 10 times. 900 rise of your arms at shoulder level and pulling it backwards also help.

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