The 10 Best Neck and Shoulder Heating Wraps For Easing Pain And Living Stress Free Life

Many people today suffer from bad aches, pain, and soreness in different parts of their bodies due for various reasons.

Sad to reveal, most of them make it a part of their life, thinking that they can never get permanent relief (especially when they have tried out many medications).

Neck Wraps
Neck Wrap

One of the most common body parts where people experience pain in the neck and shoulder.

The Neck area is the central part of our body where we feel stressed after long working hours.

No matter whether you are an office employee or a construction worker, you can suffer from neck pain at one point in your lifetime.

Fortunately, we today have neck and shoulder wraps available in the market that can provide you permanent relief from your neck pain problem.

So stop worrying about your chronic neck and shoulder pain. And do a bit of research about these wraps to know more about them.

Let us discuss here in this article what are these and how using these wraps can effectively help you in leading a stress-free and pain-free life.

Benefits of Using Neck Wraps for Pain Relief

After a whole day of work at the office (that includes sitting in front of the laptop), your neck, shoulders, and upper back need a bit of relaxation.

Neck wrap treatment is one of the best solutions for you that can give you what you need!

Neck wraps are particularly beneficial for people who are suffering from chronic neck and shoulder pain.

According to microwave heating neck wrap reviews, these benefits people by reducing joint stiffness, decreasing pain, relieving muscle spasms, decreasing inflammation, enhancing blood flow, and helping in the vital stage of healing from an injury.

Women suffering from menstrual cramps also find these wraps very, very useful.

The best variety of wraps is odorless, washable, and resistant to fungi or bacteria development.

These are also lightweight, so you can be active while wearing them.

Just keep them on and complete your kitchen tasks or watch TV while it’s working to provide you relief from the pain.

One of the best benefits of these necks and shoulder heat wraps is that they its generally made using different fabric materials, which can safely be wrapped around the neck and shoulder area.

These materials are capable of providing cold or hot sensations to the neck area for a long time. These wraps are available with or without oils to provide soothing aromatherapy benefits.

10 Best Neck And Shoulder Wraps for Pain Relief

As there are many online stores and brands that offer the best neck & shoulder wraps in different sizes and models to choose from, you need to find out the most reputed and affordable vendor before you make the final purchase.

Do thorough research about the best neck wraps. And based on your particular requirement, find out the most effective one that serves your purpose well.

For your help, we have listed the best 10 necks, and shoulder wraps below. Hopefully, these will help you in shortlisting the best product as per your need.

You can just choose one of these best neck wraps and enjoy long times of stress-free living.

1- Dr. Bob’s – Neck Wrap Heating Pad

Dr. Bobs Neck Wrap Therapeutic Heating Pad is a #1 choice for users seeking neck pain help. It is one of the oldest in the market that provides relief to patients from painful neck, shoulders, upper back, and chest.

Additionally, this neck wrap warmer also helps in providing relief from headaches, migraines, joint pain due to arthritis, and muscle tension.

This is a doctor-designed wrap that matches the contour of your body to provide maximum relief.

Dr Bob’s wrap is considered as one of best electrical heating pad for neck and shoulder pain. It comes with features such as:

  • 4 heat settings
  • Velcro on chest pieces to hold in place
  • Plush, luxurious microplush washable cover
  • Automatic shut-off (120 minutes) Easy to use controls

This excellent quality heating wrap can be used as dry heat or a moist heat pad. You can spray the moisture before use on the cover in the desired amount.

The product and its components are tested, approved, and certified by US and Canadian governments. It provides the maximum amount of heat allowed by UL for providing the safest therapeutic relief, massage, and relaxation.

According to recent consumer reviews, this soft and lightweight heating pad and body wrap is best suited for alleviating sore neck muscles.

Not only for the neck and shoulders, but you can also use it for relieving pain in and around areas like the lower back, thigh, and arms.

2- Nature Creation – My Heating Pad

My Heating Pad – Neck and Shoulder Wrap from Nature Creation is designed with the help of a chiropractor to be fit for the shoulders, upper back area, and neck.

It is all in one product that can concentrate on both neck, shoulders, and back. The product can provide you with both the benefits of moist hot and cold therapy.

The 7 channels present in the wrap help in distributing the cool and heating effect to spread evenly through it.  Even distribution helps in making the heat or the cold effect reach all the destined areas in the body.

The lightweight of this Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad, which is about 3 pounds, maintain a soft pressure on the affected muscles, injuries, achy joints, tendonitis, Stress, Arthritis and much more.

 The product can be used daily or as and when needed as per your requirement.

The gentle force relieves the stressed muscles and joints with pain and reduces tension and stress as well. Both men and women can make use of this pain relief technique for better health.

This Heating Pad for back and sciatica pain comes with quality cotton fabric on one side and a soft fleece fabric on the other side.

The specialty is that it’s handmade, completely natural as well as eco-friendly. The wrap is compact and can be carried wherever necessary.

It is very difficult to find such products in the market of the same genre with so many features molded into a single product.

The affordable price of this made-in-US wrap makes this a much-awaited and widely used product in the market.

3- Brookstone’s TheraSpa Herbal Neck Wrap

TheraSpa Herbal Hot and Cold Neck Wrap by Brookstone is yet another amazing product for treating your aching neck naturally.

Its most soothing and deep penetrating hot and cold therapy helps in relieving the stress and tension of the muscles to ease the pain, stiffness, inflammation, etc.

This Brookstone’s TheraSpa Herbal Wrap for your neck is made up of soft fabric which is soothing to your skin.

It is filled with all-natural aromatic herbs, flax seeds, and other ingredients, which are effective enough to help you in easing the tiredness after a long day’s work.

Or, if you are suffering from chronic pain, you can use this wrap first thing in the morning to make your day comfortable and active.

4- Sunbeam Heat Therapy Neck and Shoulder Wrap

This is, again, one of the top-selling best-heated wraps for easing painful neck and shoulder areas.

You can enjoy dry heat (sauna type) or moistened heat (steam room type) for melting away all the stress, pain, and tension. This wrap is made up of luxurious ultra-soft fabric, which is easily machine washable.

This best heating pad for neck pain is provided with slightly weighted edges and a magnetic clasp which adds extra comfort and a secure fit.

This also enables you to move around with ease while you place the wrap on your neck or shoulders.

The unique thing about Sunbeam 885-911 Renue Heat Therapy Neck and Shoulder Wrap is its 4 personalized heat settings (with digital controller features) which helps you in customizing your pain therapy by delivering the exact desiring amount of heat for the painful area.

It also comes with an automatic 2- hour shut-off feature which adds extra safety and convenience to the product.

As a warning from the manufacturer, this wrap contains magnets, and therefore, you should not use it if you have a pacemaker, ICD, or an Internal Insulin pump.

5- SoftHeat’s Mind & Body Neck and Shoulder Wrap

The SoftHeat Mind + Body Care Neck and Shoulder Wrap is ideally designed to provide you instant relief from stress, pain, and tension in your upper or lower back, neck, and shoulders.

The wrap is made up of excellent quality soft dual-sided fabric (removable washable cover) so that it can be comfortably placed on your aching areas to provide relief from pain through its soothing warm moisture.

The unique thing about this SoftHeat’s neck and shoulder wrap is its unique Therapeutic microbeads which provide you long term pain relief when it gets in contact with your body.

These microbeads do not attract any mold or mildew and remain odor-free for long.

The soothing and comforting effect of these microbeads penetrates deep inside your muscles and gives you instant relief from pain.

You can use this herbal neck wrap microwave as a hot or cold therapy by simply placing it in a microwave or freezer respectively.

Using heating therapy of this best microwavable heating pad, you can enhance the blood flow to the painful areas and can thus relax your tired and sore muscles.

Using cold therapy of this wellness wrap, you can get relief from inflammation, joint pains, arthritis discomfort, tension headaches, etc.

6- Herbal Concepts Comfort Neck and Shoulder Wrap

Herbal Concepts Neck and Shoulder Wrap is another great wrap on our list for easing your body pains effectively.

The wrap is made up of high-quality fabric which is ultra-soft in nature. You can use this USA-made neck wrap for hot as well as cold applications. This is perfectly designed to work comfortably on your neck, shoulders, or upper back areas.

The unique thing about this Herbal Concepts wrap is its 12 all natural aromatic healing herbs for providing you the best aromatherapy benefits.

The detailed stitching done on the fabric of the wrap helps in keeping the healing herbs evenly distributed throughout the wrap.

The natural herbal contents of this wrap help in alleviating the stress and tension of the muscles, thus providing you ease from the discomfort.

Just use it with care and clean it after use with a damp cloth. When storing, keep it in a cool, dry place inside a resealable plastic bag to enhance longevity.

7- Aroma Wrap Herbal Neck Wrap with Essential Oil

This heated or cooled herbal neck wrap from Aroma Wrap is a perfect solution for all your health issues such as aching neck and shoulders, sinusitis, headaches, colds, stress, tension, muscle soreness, etc. The ingredients of this healing herbal wrap include rice, flaxseed, and lavender buds.

This aromatherapy neck wrap comes with an essential oil pack and 2 cotton rounds for getting the best aromatherapy bliss and benefits.

The wrap is patent protected designed in which you can choose the Aroma Wrap logo pocket or Bible Verse. Also, it includes 4 separate chambers that are built-in for even distribution.

The best thing about using this aroma neck wrap is that you can choose your favorite scent.

Not only does this provide you the maximum comfort and relaxation, but also it helps you look stylish as it is designed sleek and fashionable. You can wear it anywhere you want, like while running, driving, errands, etc.

As a warning sign from the manufacturer’s side, you should avoid using it if you are pregnant or suffering from any kind of illness (unless you consult with your doctor). Also, keep the product out of the reach of children and pets in your home.

8- Neck Warmer Microwavable Heating Pad by TheraPAQ

The cold and hot therapy has been incorporated into a single product and designed for the comfort of the users. For a relaxing warm feeling, just microwave it for a minute or chill it in your freezer for cold therapy.

This Neck Wrap by TheraPAQ weighs very less and its one size can fit all. It is reusable and also 100 % percent natural hence lasts for long even after multiple uses.

The unique thing about this best microwave heat wrap is it comes as a portable neck warmer which can be a great gift for the elderly to provide them a perfect night full of sound sleep.

The material that is filled inside the pack will help you to provide ultimate relaxation. So why not just relax in the warm, cozy, and soothing effect produced by this microwavable neck and shoulder wrap. You will simply love it.

9- Utaxo Heating Pad for Neck Shoulders Whole Back Pain Relief

The Utaxo neck, back, and shoulder wrap are created to offer soothing moist heat relief from the stress of your body parts.

This self-heating pad is designed specifically for the neck and produces heat for headaches, neck pain, and also physical therapy.

Also, it offers great warmth that helps in improving blood circulation effectively and also enhances immunity as well as clears the meridians.

Doctors, Physical Therapists, chiropractors, and trainers recommend this while exercising, in general relaxation, and also while sporting.

10- My Heating Pad Multi-Purpose Wrap for Joints and Menstrual Cramps

My Heating Pad Multi-Purpose Body Wrap is another top-selling neck and shoulder wrap in the online market from which you can get relief from your pain.

It is made up of 100% nylon material which has a closure for providing you more comfort during the application in any position.

It helps in providing intense heat for a long. You can use this heating pad to relieve the pain in the neck, shoulders, arms, legs, knees, and back.

Also, it is helpful in relieving stomach cramps and tired aching hands or feet. It’s also a great wrap for relieving nursing mothers.

What Are The Types of Neck and Shoulder Wraps?

You can find a wide variety and choices in shapes, including long strip materials, U-shaped large wraps, and more.

The long strip model can be wrapped around the neck, while the U-shaped wrap has been perfectly designed for people who travel a lot and want the best neck wraps for traveling usage.

Generally, there are 3 types of neck wraps available on the market – heating, cooling, and aromatherapy wraps.

Most of the best neck and shoulder wraps are now available with the combination of these 3 main features.

Neck and shoulder wrap can be used for 3 essential aspects of healing, which are:

1- Heat Therapy Neck Wrap:

It is a neck wrap filled with rice or grains which can be kept in a microwave for heating. These can then be used for rehabilitation purposes.

Heat therapy works by increasing the blood flow to the affected area.

When blood flow is improved, the affected area receives more proteins, nutrients, and oxygen for faster healing.

Heating pads for pain relief are further classifieds into 3 different types these are:

Electric heating pad: It is a heating pad that is commonly used. It makes use of voltage power and needs a power resource to function.

The best thing about using this heating pad is that it is decked with different temperature settings and is long-lasting.

It doesn’t need to be recharged. This heating pad is recommended for backache.

✔ Microwaveable heating pad: This heating pad is recommended for travelers. It is wireless and compact. The pad is filled with gel or water and has stuff like flaxseeds or rice.

They are packed in a sack that can easily be microwaved. The heat gets transferred to the heating pad surface. It is suitable for period cramps and casual backaches. It is highly pocket-friendly.

✔ Infrared heating pad: This pad is used to help with severe backache and chronic conditions. It offers a focused and deeper heat that enters your skin surface.

It is more powerful than the common heating pads.

Apart from offering immediate relief to the paining muscles, heating pads also relax your body. They are used to soothe different types of body aches.

2- Cold Therapy Neck Wrap:

Cooling neck wraps are generally used in case of strains, sprains, and pulled muscles in areas of the body as part of the RICE protocol.

It is essentially used for pain relief, decreasing bleeding and swelling, lessening muscle spasms, and also decreasing the metabolic rate. Most of the wraps can be used for cold therapy by freezing them in a freezer.

3- Aromatherapy Neck Wrap:

Aromatherapy neck wraps are alike cold and hot wraps but with a small addition.

These are filled with natural aromatic herbs or beads, which inspire relaxation from Aromatherapy and lead to better physical and psychological health.

As it provides a soothing and pleasant sensation, it also helps in relieving stress levels.

Using the best neck wraps not only benefits the neck but also the shoulders, arms, knees, upper & lower back, etc.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Good Heating Pad

In order to select the right products for you from the huge range of options, here is a buying guide for you that will help you choose the right heating pad.

Auto Shut down/ heat settings:

Select a pad with different heat settings to allow you to regulate the temperature according to your need and degree of pain.

An auto shut-down allows you to relax while using the heating pad without worrying about shutting it down if you fall asleep.

Heating time:

It is an important feature as it tells you when the device will need to heat up fully. If you always travel, go for an infrared heating pad as it gets heated in minutes.

But they are relatively costlier. If you want a soothing experience for you, then choose a microwaveable heating pad.


The material is important if you are considering a microwaveable heating pad. As you need to hear this from another source, the material should be long-lasting and heat-resistant.

Usually, microwaveable heating pads with gel or rice have fleece or cotton covers.


Basically, the heating pads are accessible in three sizes- compact, regular, and large.

But there are some king-size heating pads also available to be used on full-body. Depending on your needs and comfort, you should choose the size.

Microwaveable heating pads are portable and small, while others are available in different sizes.


You should pick a heating pad made of velvet or cotton which can easily be washed without any problem

Heating type:

Some heating pads need charging, while others require artificial heating support (microwave). So, choose a heating pad that suits your conditions.

How to Make A DIY Microwavable Neck Wrap At Home?

Unlike traditionally used electric heating pads for pain, microwaveable neck wrap offers better relaxation by lowering the risk of muscles getting overheated.

Also, it gets cool down faster than the traditional heating pads.

Microwaveable neck and shoulder wrap prove very useful to make you feel rejuvenated once again.

For this reason, there are many who prefer buying these wraps (over traditional heating pads) from the market to get the best benefits out of them.

But for people who do not want to buy an aromatherapy microwaveable neck wrap online, there are ways by which it can be made at home using some basic household ingredients and recycled fabric.

Especially for those DIY freaks who always seek a method to help them make a good microwaveable neck wrap at home, here is good news!

With a bit of sewing knowledge, you can easily make your DIY microwaveable neck and shoulder wrap that can be heated in the microwave for regular usage.

The method of making a herbal neck wrap warmer which is microwaveable is quite easy and needs only a few simple steps to be followed.

The 5 simple steps you need to follow are as follows:

1- Pick up the right fabric for your wrap

Pick the right kind of fabric that is good for making your neck wrap. You may choose any of the tightly woven fabrics such as denim, cotton, muslin, etc to make sure that the ingredients you fill do not fall out.

2- Sewing fabric used for containing the mixture

Place two equally sized fabrics (about 12 inches square piece) one above the other and make sure that the edges are well placed exactly above the other.

Then fold it in half and stitch 3 sides of it well.

Leave the fourth side open to form a tube-like pattern. If you want a longer or smaller wrap, you can vary the length of the fabric taken accordingly.

3- Making the mixture of rice and essential oil

Take about four cups of rice that is dried up and mixed with 20 to 30 drops of essential oil (take your favorite like Lavender, chamomile, mint, etc.). Mix them in a bowl and stir to ensure that the mixture is blended well.

Ensure you do not use instant rice as it may cook in the microwave while heating the wrap.

4- Inserting the mixture into the fabric and sew the opening

The fabric which is sewn on all three sides should be turned inside out so that the rough ends are hidden, and your wrap looks neat.

Then the mixture that you have already made using rice and essential oil can be inserted into the fabric through the side, which is not stitched and is kept open. Then close the opening by stitching it to finish the sewing.

Care that you do not overfill the wrap to make it stiff. This should be soft so that you can wrap it around your neck easily.

5- Microwave or cool the fabric for the desired experience

If you want to have a hot wrap, microwave the fabric. Heat it only for about 30 seconds at a time. Then check the temperature and reheat if needed to get a desired microwaveable heating pad.

If you need a cold wrap, keep it in the freezer and cool it as much as you need. You can also keep it in the freezer for the entire time until you are not ready to use it.

If you are using it as a heated wrap, check whether you are able to withstand the heat by placing it on your arm.

If the heat is fine enough, place it on your neck. If you are using a cold wrap, keep it outside the freezer till it does not reach the needed temperature.

Hopefully, these tips will help you make a good microwaveable neck wrap at your home easily. Detailed tutorials like this and one here can help you in making your wrap a better way.

Why Making DIY Microwavable Neck Wrap A Great Idea?

The microwaveable rice heat wrap for painful neck and shoulders is easy to make and can provide great soothing results over a long period of time.

You can also give these microwave hot pack handmade gifts to your friends, relatives, or family members on occasions such as Christmas, baby showers, etc.

Especially this can be the greatest gift for any senior or your grandparents who may be suffering from problems such as arthritis or degenerative disc disease.

So why waste your money anymore to get unsatisfying results? Make these DIY home spa wraps and use your favorite essential oil to enjoy the therapy at home.

What Are Flaxseed Neck Wraps: Does It Work for Pain Relief?

Flaxseeds, also sometimes called linseeds (ALSI in Hindi), are small brown-colored seeds that are a rich source of dietary fiber.

These small shining (brown, tan, or golden-colored) aromatic seeds come from flax, which is one of the oldest fiber crops in the world.

Loaded with rich nutrients such as proteins and plant-based omega-3 fatty acids (alpha-linolenic acid – ALA), not only does it benefit as a dietary rich food, but it also can be used as a healthy diet for:

  • Improving skin and hair
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Reducing cancer risks
  • Controlling blood sugar
  • Suppressing hunger and hence weight control
  • Enhancing heart health by improving cholesterol

Due to the range of benefits offered, flax seeds are the most common among all the materials and ingredients that are used in the neck and shoulder wraps.

A flaxseed microwave heating pad is commonly used as an effective way to relieve pain in the cervical region. Not only can it work as a heating pad, but also you can use it as a cooling wrap.

  • To get the benefits of heat therapy, you need to put the wrap in the microwave and heat as per the instructions, generally for 3-4 minutes.
  • And to get the benefits of cold therapy (to relieve slight inflammations or muscle strain), you may chill it in your freezer.

Pillow manufacturing companies are also using these seeds as a wonderful filling for relieving patients suffering from cervical and spinal pain.

Flaxseed heating pads and warming pillows stay warm for about an hour even when you keep them under blankets. As these are made up of high-quality material, you can frequently warm these wraps and experience years of enjoyment.

Safekeeping and storage are vital for flaxseed neck wrap to maintain them fresh and long-lasting. For this, you can put the wrap in the freezer after placing it in a Ziploc bag after every use.

Storing your neck wrap carefully also helps the aroma of the wrap to stay longer.

5 Important Things To Check Before Buying Neck and Shoulder Wrap

As seen above, neck and shoulder wraps are available in a variety of shapes, fabrics, materials, and colors to choose from, and you need to choose the most appropriate one according to your needs.

But how do you know which one is best suited for you or which one to buy to get the maximum comfort?

Below are a few important things to consider before buying the best pain relief wrap for your neck and shoulders.

1- Check Whether You Need A Heating or A Cooling Wrap

Heated neck wraps and cooling neck wraps are the two common options when you want to buy one for pain relief.

As each one serves different purposes, they are recommended to be used in different painful conditions.

As the best option, you can consider buying an electric neck and shoulder wrap, which provides you with the dual benefits of both these therapies.

Most of the wraps are now available with heat and cold options, and you should prefer buying them over a wrap that provides only one single benefit.

2- Check Whether It Provide Aromatherapy Benefits or Not

Aromatherapy neck wraps for relieving pain are also available for those who like to get the healing aromatic benefits.

If you are using aromatherapy neck and shoulder wraps, then remember to choose the right kind of essential oils for soothing the body parts.

You can get the information about using it on the bottle, like which is the best type of oil to be used for specific symptoms.

Moreover, you can also get the oil mixes which are perfectly blended to provide you with excellent healing benefits for particular painful parts.

Thus to heal your body without using harmful drugs or other medication, use these best herbal aromatherapy neck and shoulder. As these are organic, it does not show any side effects.

3- Check for the Ingredients and Material Used

Herbal neck and shoulder wraps are generally made up of high-quality fabric material and include ingredients such as rice, flaxseeds, buckwheat, eucalyptus, lavender buds, and more that help to heal naturally.

Some of these wraps also include ingredients such as valerian root, white willow, lemongrass, cinnamon, yarrow, and others. You can check all the detail (about the ingredients present in the herbal wrap) listed on the pack of the wrap before buying.

Herbal wraps made up of organic material are much safer to use for seniors and children. Especially if your kids are too active or engaged in playing sports, these wraps can prove helpful to them in the case when they want to get relief from painful, tired muscles.

Also, make sure that your preferred pain healing wrap comes with a high-quality fabric that is easy to wash or machine washable.

4- Check Whether It Is Easy and Comfortable To Use

Most neck brace wraps are ideally designed, keeping in mind the contours of the body. You can thus rest and relax in a wonderful manner by putting them on your ailing body parts.

Especially when you are suffering from any health condition (such as spinal disorder, arthritis, etc.) or want a good heating pad for pregnancy, you should check about the comforting factor carefully.

Consider getting a wrap that includes ties and Velcro to make it easier for users to apply. You just need to tie it to your arms, shoulders, neck, or leg, where you need comfort and relaxation.

Some of these heating pads come with added functionalities such as a massager, timer, Bluetooth, etc. Although it is best to get a simple one, you may check more about them if you want to have them.

5- Check Whether It Looks Smart and Trendy

Although this is not an important aspect, it is a must to check if you are a fashion-conscious person.

Online you can find many types of neck and shoulder wraps that not only provides good healing benefits but also looks fashionable and stylish too.

You can shortlist them out and go for one that suits your personality best.

The main benefit of buying these smart-looking trendy neck and shoulder wraps is you can use them wherever you want or go.

You can just wear these scarf-like aroma wraps to your office, college, while driving a car or while traveling.

Of course, these may come at a bit extra cost, but people who want to look trendy won’t mind paying a few bucks extra for getting them.

Wrapping Up

Keeping the above points in mind, be sure that you buy a good quality healing brace wrap that is most comfortable to wear and use.

You can even give these healing body wraps as a useful Christmas gift to your friends, relatives, parents, or grandparents! I am sure that they will simply love it as the most caring gift they have ever received.

Neck wraps like Herbal Concepts Comfort Neck and Shoulder Wrap provides you multiple benefits of heat, cold and aromatherapy. And for this reason, this is one of my favorites for treating my body pain.

As it can be easily used for relieving my aching body parts, it saves me a good amount of money that may be needed to invest in buying different pain-relieving wraps for enjoying different benefits.

You can consider buying this and I am sure it will serve all your purposes well and good.

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