Neck Pain In Early Pregnancy: How To Cope Up With It?

Pregnancy is one of the most adorable and life time memorable moment in every woman’s life. Although it is a life altering wonderful experience but it can be painful for many. The woman is used to usual hormonal imbalances and monthly cycles, but during pregnancy the body’s hormone levels undergoes through tremendous change. Hormones like progesterone and estrogen floods the body.

Apart from these during each trimester the pregnant woman has to cross so many stressful hurdles. These are like morning sickness, muscular cramps, dizziness, general tiredness, breathlessness, loss of interest in eating the favorite food stuffs, abdominal pain and distention, swelling in the legs, upper and lower back pain due to abdominal heaviness, pinched nerve, neck stiffness, shoulder pain, leg pain due to over-strain of the muscles in those areas, etc.

During this time, the body experience weight gain and the abdomen portion stretch more than the majority of women can figure out. The body pain and aches associated with these kinds of changes can often be confusing and scary.

Is Neck Pain A Sign of Pregnancy?

Amongst different body pains, neck pain is often attributed furthering to health complication during pregnancy. Many women experiences neck pain in early pregnancy because of lack of sleep and improper sitting, standing and sleeping situations.

Neck pain during pregnancy
Pregnancy neck pain

If you are one of those suffering from severe neck pain then it is essential to speak to your doctor about the remedies that are safe to use.

During pregnancy, a woman experiences changes in physical appearance as well as hormonal changes. This mix leads to increase in fatigue and stress and abnormal posture that may sometimes develop into the neck pain.

The complication of developing this kind of neck and shoulder pain in early pregnancy is because of baby’s weight pulling down on the back of the expectant mother.

This ultimately pulls the back muscles and neck down. This muscle pulling sensation leads to severe neck pain and often not easy to treat.

What May Be The Causes and What Should You Do?

In early pregnancy, women undergo a variety of pain symptoms. Shoulder, back and neck problems are the common ones. The true reason behind your neck stiffness could be anything, since during pregnancy the body experiences many physical as well as hormonal changes.

When you are 15 weeks pregnant, one of the major changes that take place is the change in hormones. This also often results in the change of physical appearance. The combination of these things can result in improper posture leading to neck pain during early pregnancy. The size and rate in which your baby grows can also often lead to high stiffness in the neck and back.

Something as common as bad sitting posture can be the reason behind a paining neck during first trimester of pregnancy. Poor quality sleeping is also one of the most common reasons for developing the severe neck pain during the pregnancy time.

Apart from the above, the major cause for the occurrence of pain in most of the body parts during pregnancy are:

  • Sudden overload of new extra structures in the body like neovascularization, fetal mass, placenta, amniotic fluid, etc.
  • Sudden imbalance in the body hormones, mainly estrogen and progesterone levels
  • Mental stress and fear regarding the pregnancy and delivery of the baby
  • Depression and stress caused due to ectopic pregnancy

5 Best Natural Remedies for Relieving Neck and Back Pain During Pregnancy Time

Avoid suggestions, advice and exercises suggested by your friends and family members as this might lead you and your baby into some serious complications. Also, do not take any kind of medication on your own. It is dangerous to you and your growing baby inside.

Rather than opting for any self medication, it is good to treat your neck pain and pinched neck nerve under health care guidance. Your doctor would be the best person to suggest you the safe remedy for neck pain early pregnancy symptom. Your doctor knows your health condition and only prescribes the exercises and medicine that is safe to take during the pregnancy.

1. Massage Therapy Is Often Suggested for Pregnant Women

For neck and shoulder pain in early pregnancy, women are usually suggested with weekly regular massage, of course only if your doctor recommends. These massages are designed in such a way so that they focus on those areas of the body that are under great stress or pain.

Extreme care is needed while visiting the massage center. Best is to try doing it yourself at home with appropriate care. There are some excellent massaging tools available which  can be utilized for getting the good massage at home. The pregnant women are also sometimes recommended with heat and cold packs by your gynecologist and health care providers.

2. Usage Of Maternity Or Pregnancy Pillow Is Mostly Recommended By Obstetrician

Doctors may also advice for using maternity pillows which are one of the best alternative for avoiding back pain along with pain in other parts of body such as neck, shoulder, hips, etc.

You may use these pregnancy pillows safely in case if you are experiencing trouble while sleeping due to body aches or muscle spasms that are associated with pregnancy. These are best for good night sleep and can be tried out by anyone who is pregnant.

3. Regular Exercises Can Keep Your Back and Neck Pain Away

Exercising is one of the most natural treatments that can give you some effective relief. Well, there are some specific exercises for the neck that you can do to loosen your ligaments around the area. These exercises should not be painful, but should give you a feeling of stretching the muscles slowly.

If you still fail to get any relief from bad neck pain during early pregnancy, you need to consult with your obstetrician to know about the best practices. The professional can give you alternate solutions along with exercise. If your mobility is affected due to the constant neck pain, the professional might also give you some medicines that can alleviate the risk.

4. Hot Or Warm Water Treatment Can Be Your Best Home Remedy

During pregnancy, taking pain killers or any other medications to reduce the pain can be totally dangerous, most of the doctors won’t prescribe it too. This is due to the fact that taking pain killers may cause adverse effects on the growth of the foetus. Hence for relieving the back and neck pain during pregnancy the best treatment is taking external applications.

Among the various external pain reducing treatment measures the water treatment plays a major role. Walking inside a warm water tub or warm water pool helps to strengthen the back muscles. Taking a bath in warm water tub also helps to relieve the pain in the upper back region effectively. This therapy can be treated as one of the best home remedy for pain relief during all the trimesters of the pregnancy time.

5. Using The Right Footwear During Late Pregnancy Is Highly Important

Using improper foot wear can cause many health related problems, even to a normal individual. In case of pregnancy, there will definitely be the difficulty in maintaining the posture properly if you do not insist on wearing the right type of foot wear.

Wearing the wrong form of footwear will not only burden your body and leads to occurrence of body pain but also it aggravates the existing pain in the body. Hence it is better to avoid the new trial foot wears and go for the best appropriate footwear for your gait.

Overall, Whatever methods you choose or try out, make sure there are no other complications while undergoing your neck pain treatment.

For some women it is usual pain or muscle spasm that goes on as the pregnancy continues and for some it remains throughout the pregnancy, even after third trimester. Also in many cases the pain or soreness remains for few more weeks after pregnancy, which should not be worried about.

For no two pregnant women, neck and shoulder pain conditions are same. Hence; do not compare your illness with another pregnant lady rather follow your medical practitioner guidance to get relieved from your horrible neck pain so that you can enjoy your pregnancy day at fullest.

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