Neck Pain from Sleeping Wrong and 5 Simple Tips To Bid Adieu The Pain

You spent quite a relaxing evening and gone early to bed. Woke up early morning! But what’s this, the morning was not as you expected. You feeling the neck pain around your neck region which is not at all a good experience.

Neck Pain from Sleeping Wrong
Women Sleeping Peacefully

Reasons for this neck pain can be many. But if you are suffering from neck pain early morning, then the phrase ‘slept wrong’ might be quite common.

However it is glad to know that whatever be the reason, neck pain like these can be said Good Bye easily!

But before we check about the 5 effective tips for fixing the pain let us know how this exactly happens.

What Happens When We Sleep In A Wrong Way?

Rest and relaxation is must for every living organism in the earth. Starting from a little insect till the sixth sense human being the rest is highly necessary.

Every day at least 6 to 7 hours sleep is must for proper functioning of all the systems in the body. And without proper rest and relaxation, we as humans cannot imagine to continue live our life happily.

But for many of us when the sleep is not adequate or disturbed, it will be automatically shown in the body as mental sluggishness, fatigue, mood disturbance, body pain, muscular sluggishness, etc.

Apart from these health issues when a person’s sleeping posture is not perfect then it may cause pain in the major parts of the body mainly over the neck, shoulder and lumbar regions.

You often notice a kinked neck first when you get up in the morning. The pain can often be tormenting, and it can disturb you all through the day if you do not take the action soon. Thus maintaining the proper posture should be the first important concern for enjoying good and healthy sleeping time.

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What To Do For Neck Pain From Sleeping Wrong?

5 Good Tips That Can Help You

Sleeping wrong
Sleeping wrong

Cold and Heat therapy is a simple and most effective first aid that you can give to neck pain from sleeping wrong.

Giving additional rest (of few minutes) to your neck and head can be sometimes enough for treating the problem of neck pain after a wrong sleep.

Providing more rest to the affected body parts is one of the best remedy for pain treatment, so forget all your stress and lie down with your pillow.

If the above tips does not work for you, here are few additional tips that you need to follow to avoid waking up with a sore and stiff neck. Check them out, even if you have not experienced the pain before. Who knows, you may find these tips useful in future!

1- Get Relief With That Little Stretch: Simple exercises can ease the tension off your neck when you experience it after you slept wrong for long time. You can place your hand on the side of your neck and softly push your hand against your hand. Rotating your head in every direction for 5 seconds at least 5-10 seconds each can bring great relief from neck pain from sleeping wrong.

You must not rotate your head beyond your shoulder. Again, a slight movement of the neck on the sides can rejuvenate the muscles and enhance blood through the tissue. This can cause you great comfort. Therefore, the next time you wake up with a sore neck, you know what you need to do!

2- Try A Gentle Massage Or Pain Relieving Medication: Often it has been seen that a gentle massage of few minutes can help in treating the painful area. You can ask your partner to give you a massage which is relaxing and can help gone the pain in few moments. Many self massaging tools are also available which can be used for getting the neck massage instantly.

Variety of massage oils, essential oils, creams and ointments are now available in stores which can be bought after the consultation with your physician. These can surely help in getting better massage and can help say good bye to your neck pain fast.

In addition to massage you can also take the help of modern medications (such as Aspirin or Ibuprofen) for reliving the pain. You need to follow the instructions and dosage rules which are indicated on the pack. Also care that you do not take these medications on regular basis as it may show certain side effects.

3- Keep An Eye On Your Sleeping and Working Position: Your sleep position or sleeping posture plays a great important role in gifting you a day’s tormenting neck pain. You need to be watchful in this regard. The best positions suggested by experts are sleeping on your neck and on your back. While sleeping on the sides, ensure that your pillow can relax your neck and shoulders. Do not sleep on your stomach. This causes stiffness both on your neck and on your back.

Additionally when you are at work, you need to maintain proper posture so that you do not sprain your muscles. It has been seen that freelancers and professionals who spend endless hours working on their workstation often experiences health issues related to neck and shoulder pain. For them it is quite essential that they use proper tools, gadgets and furniture that can help them in maintaining the best posture while at work.

4- Grab That Neck Pillow Right Now: To help neck pain from sleeping wrong you can well try out all of the above tips. But if you are one who is suffering from consistent neck pain (rather than occasional), you need something extra which can treat the root cause of the condition and not just temporarily the symptoms.

Your neck carries all the weight of your body and strains the neck muscles. It is always advisable to sleep with at least one pillow that comes with medium firmness. A contoured neck pillow can be your best choice as it tends to follow the curve of your head and neck. As it provides you best support while sleeping it is effective for avoiding all the future problems related to neck pain from sleeping wrong.

Too high or low pillow can make you feel uncomfortable and thus should be avoided. Also avoid stacking up your pillows one on top of the other. This results in disturbing the balance between the spine and neck. Placing an additional pillow in between your flexed knees will provide you with the right kind of support and thus offer you sound sleep.

5- Stay Active and Eat Healthy: It has been seen that walking or running daily for at least half an hour can help you say good bye to lots of health issues. Spare at least half an hour from your busy schedule for walking or running. This will help relax your body muscles and can also help to ease the neck and back pain to some extent.

In addition insist on eating healthy and nutritious food. Include fresh fruits and green vegetables in your diet to make your bones and immune system stronger.

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Heat Therapy: Best Solution for Neck and Shoulder Pain From Sleeping Wrong

The best treatment for the neck pain due to sleeping wrong is the application of heat over the affected neck region. Researches shows that the heat therapy plays an excellent role in reducing the neck and shoulder pain which occurs due to long stress or strain.

When applying short and intermittent heat over the neck region, the blood vessels dilate which leads to excessive blood circulation and supply to the particular area. This further helps in removing of pain causing chemicals from the affected area. Thus the neck pain and stiffness will be relieved easily and instantly by the application of heat therapy.

Applying an essential oil for muscle pain in the neck region, before giving the heat application is often recommended. As aroma oils help in easy penetration of heat inside the body it helps in enhancing the recovery process. The oil coating should be single and should be very thin which eases the heat to penetrate evenly into the muscles and relieve the pain effectively.

The heat therapy treatment can be given through many ways like with the help of hot water bag, electronic heating pad, neck heating wraps, hot sand, hot poultice, etc. You can also make use of warm damp towel for heat compress which helps in providing the relief to muscle stiffness.

However it is important to note that as heat can sometimes make the inflammation worse, it should be removed immediately if such conditions are seen.

Heat therapy is often recommended for relieving neck pain due to sleeping wrong, as it gives instant relief to the painful conditions. But before applying any sort of therapies (like heat therapy) for your neck and shoulder pain it is important that you care for improving your bad posture and positions while sleeping.

This should be an additional step for you which ensures that you do not experience the neck and shoulder pain from sleeping wrong in future.

What Are Good Sleeping Positions for Avoiding Neck And Back Pain?

If anything hinders your sleep and makes you to assume a wrong posture like bad pillow or your mattresses, then try to change it immediately and get a healthy sleeping tools.

Even with good mattresses and pillow many people complains of experiencing the neck pain and back pain. Most of the time the reason behind this is an improper sleeping position whenever they are on bed.

Physiologically, sleeping on the spinal region is healthier posture. Taking a break for 5 minutes in between the long sleep and assuming lateral lying or prone lying is agreeable. But sleeping continuously on the lateral side or prone side for a long time is risky and harmful to the human health. Sleeping on the side mainly causes the problems like shoulder joint pain, muscle fatigue, neck pain, etc.

Whereas in case of prone position the lungs and heart get compress which may sometimes lead to heart and respiratory problems. Among the various troubles arising because of wrong sleeping posture, the neck pain ranks first.

The main reason for this is the continuous and prolonged extensive pressure exerted to the cervical region and its muscles. Due to this the muscles in the posterior part of the neck gets fatigued resulting into deep strain and sometimes heavy sprain also.

How to Sleep and To Avoid Morning Neck Pain or Stiffness? (Video)

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