Neck Pain, Back Pain and Sciatica: Relation between the Three And Pain Relieving Options

Among various painful conditions most common ones (for which people require immediate medical help) is neck and shoulder pain, back pain and sciatica. There are usually some underlying problems which have to be diagnosed before giving any treatment for reliving these types of pain.

Here we talk in detail about the possible relation between neck, back and sciatica pain. And what are the best techniques that can help.

Neck Pain Back Pain and Sciatica

Relation Between Neck, Back and Sciatica

The major thing which unites the painful conditions: neck pain, back pain and sciatica is the primary cause of all these three problems i.e. the nerve compression.

Neck pain and back pain may be caused due to many reasons. But in most cases the reason is the underlying nerve compression in the spinal region or any pressure that exhibits in the cervical and lumbar spinal nerves.

Similarly in case of sciatica the major cause is the pressure or nerve compression that is happening with the sciatic nerve.

The other major relationship between the three types of pain is the result of pain radiation to the nearby parts and areas.

In few cases where the patient is suffering from neck or lower back pain (which occurred due to pressure on the underlying spinal nerves), depending upon the side and the degree of nerve compression, the pain may radiate to either one or both hands and legs.

Similarly in case of sciatica, due to pressure on the sciatic nerve, the pain may radiate to one or both legs depending on the side that is affected. In few of these cases patient suffers from the pain of sciatica and neck pain on the same side (either left or right). Depending on the degree of pressure on the sciatic nerve the pain radiate either to half of the leg or complete leg.

Thus radiation of pain can be seen in all the three issues which makes the strong relationship between the three.

Can Sciatica Cause Neck And Shoulder Pain?

Majority of adults experiences neck pain and sciatica (simultaneously) at some point of their lives – be it severe or light.

Sciatica that impacts the neck and shoulder area is often due to position, lifestyle factors or damage. However the discomfort and pain may differ from person to person.

Patients suffering from sciatica condition typically encounters the pain in spinal region that gets worse while sitting. The symptoms may include prickling, numb feeling; weak point or even a burning feel in the butt, feet and one or both feet.

Sciatica and neck pain are often the result of decompression or a herniated disk. These types of injuries, which are often triggered by accident or injuries, can stress the sciatic sensor nerve, or may simply limit movement abilities.

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Treatment for Sciatica and Neck Pain

One or more of the treatments are usually recommended in combination with rest and specific exercises. Heat and/or ice therapy are usually recommended that can help relieve the pain, especially in the initial phase.

Medicines are often recommended in severe cases which are effective in reducing the sciatic pain. Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can slow up the swelling that is usually a part of the problem.

An epidural steroid hypodermic injection can also help to decrease the swelling in extreme cases. These work faster in comparison to medicines, as a shot goes directly into the agonizing area around the sciatic sensors nerve to address the swelling that may be causing discomfort.

10 Products That Can Help Relieve Your Sciatica, Back and Neck Pain

It has been seen that the results of the medical treatment are generally short-term and it may not work for every patient.

It is therefore better to improve the lifestyle and know about the main causes of the pain. Fortunately there are products that can be used in daily life; these can offer enough comfort to the patients suffering from sciatica and spinal problems. Using these on regular basis can help improve painful conditions in future.

Lets check them out here in detail. You can read the detailed reviews about them and can make a purchase for relieving your conditions

1- Penetrex Pain Relief Therapy

The leading brand Penetrex offers with the finest breakthrough for those suffering from back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and tennis elbow injuries. Not only these, but the same medication is perfectly suited for permanent relief from plantar fasciitis, Sciatica and Carpal tunnel.

Doctors in USA and abroad are currently prescribing Penetrex medicated cream to those, suffering from joints pain, sore muscles and chronic pain, to work deep down within the muscles and to offer quality results.

Other than the points mentioned above, this Pain Relief Therapy is perfect for those who are victims of the chronic shoulder or hip pain. It can work for the shin splints patients as well, and results can be seen right from the first day. For those, suffering from neuropathy, heel pain or any other chronic pain-related problems, this medicine is a must to purchase.

The dosage of use may differ from one patient to another. However to make this non greasy cream work, it is important to be used as directed by a physician. A little bit of application frequency might be altered, as per the client’s present scenario and after judging the requirements.

This medicine comprises of MSM, Vitamin B6, and Arnica, which are main ingredients for pain relief. It has been filled and formulated in FDA certified labs, which ensures its best pain relieving capability and safety of usage.

2- Back Bubble Spinal Decompression Pain Relief Device

Back Bubble is here with a perfect relief from back pain and sciatica with the help of decompression pain relief device. The benefit it offers is guaranteed to work within seconds, and you can enjoy the rest of your day. It helps in increasing flexibility an even get back your youthful back.

This Spinal Decompression Pain Relief Device is considered to be the only multi-positional stretching item, which helps in delivering pinpoint traction. This device helps in allowing you to stretch and even strengthen in multiple directions to help the spine move naturally.

This is a clinically proven item, which is gold standard for maximized pain relieving results. In case, you are suffering from spinal decompression, this spinal decompression device is what you need to be aware of. It basically comprises of air-filled body harness, which is further combined with buoyancy spring which helps in providing you with an air-cushioned feel without any weight.

Back Bubble spinal decompression device comes handy with EZ hanger suspension package. It helps in hanging your Back Bubble at doorway. It is easily removable and needs no screwing or drilling. Just assemble the items and it is all set to go. It offers immediate relief and you can get back to your pain-free self once again.

Physical therapists recommend people with spinal cord pain to go for this item, as it helps in relieving from that excoriating pain quite effectively. Using this decompression pain relief device is not only meant for the spinal cord but is also a perfect option for your entire back and cervical region.

Overall this easy to use device can help in easing out pain right from the core, and will not let it come back for a long time. As it can be adjusted as per your requirements, there is only one size fit for all.

3- Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Luxury Seat Cushion

Suffering from back, tailbone or sciatica pain will now be history for you with Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Luxury Seat Cushion. This product is designed orthopedically with no additives. The memory foam used in this sciatica cushion pad is 100% pure for added comfort, which is hard for you to resist. This sciatica cushion is made out of exact same material, which other worldwide manufacturers are eyeing for.

The advanced memory foam from Everlasting Comfort is perfect for manufacturing seat cushion pad. It is perfect to respond to body heat so that it molds perfectly with the bottom’s shape. The product comprises of enough materials for offering that comfort, and even keeps your lower back and body in a perfect shape.

This Everlasting Comfort cushion is a mandatory item for supporting your lower back, tailbone, hips and spine to avoid problems caused due to those major pressure points. The orthopaedic doctors are in love with this product and might recommend the same to you. In case, you are suffering from acute or chronic pain, this product is just what you need for ultimate comfort. It helps in treating backaches, sores, spine pain and even the one, associated with hip.

The ergonomic design of this sciatica cushion for chair is versatile and perfect to fit your office chair, kitchen chai, plane, truck or even car seats. You can even place it on a recliner for that best approach. Furthermore, this cushion is known for its optimal density, which is the result behind superior comfort and its awesome durability rate. For anyone between 100 to 300 pounds, this sciatica cushion pad comes as a perfect relief from back and hip pain.

The soft cover provided with this sciatica pillow for chair and seat is slip resistant, removable and machine washable. In case, you are looking for everlasting comfort, I am sure, this seat cushion is not going to provide you with any unsatisfactory results at all. It is meant to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction, right from the start till its life end.

4- ComfiLife Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Office Chair and Car Seat Cushion

For getting permanent relief from sciatica or back pain, ComfiLife Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Office Chair and Car Seat Cushion is another great product you should consider looking at. As defined by the name itself, this sciatica cushion is perfectly suited for car seats and office chairs, where you need to sit for long hours.

This sciatica cushion for cars and office is designed ergonomically for providing ultimate comfort and support to your body. It significantly reduces the pressure points on tailbone with its U-shape and further promotes healthy sitting posture. In case, you are suffering from lower back problems, this cushion pad is what you need for help.

This ComfiLife sciatica cushion is not only meant for driving as it might also help you to recover from herniated discs, tailbone injury pain and even when you feel the body pain during pregnancy, hitting your back. This cushion is a perfect item for hip pain, spinal issues and for recovering hemorrhoids as well.

This item is a perfect all in one delight, which is known for its built-in handle and non-slip rubber bottom. This sciatica pillow can be easily machine washed at home for addressing its new look for long. It is made out of 100% memory foam, which ensures the softness and best comfort.

This sciatica pillow for driving is light in weight and easy to carry. It can fix in any bag pack and can be a partner when you are traveling long distances. Even if you have to spend long hours at office for the presentation, you can take this cushion to get rid of back pain. It is designed to provide comfort on multiple hard surfaces. Starting from kitchen to airplane, rocking chairs to even wheelchairs, this item is perfect for your use.

The all in one feature loaded of this foamy cushion is ideal for promoting proper healthy posture, as mentioned already. Therefore, using it on a daily basis will avoid all the pressure felt on tailbone and help you get better relief from back, spine and sciatica pain.

5- Lower Back Stretcher by SOLIDBACK

SOLIDBACK’s Lower Back Stretcher is a great back stretcher device which can help you relieve problems such as chronic lumbar pain, sciatica, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, upper back and neck pain, etc.

This SolidBack back stretcher comes with an ARC shaped design which is much effective in completely stretching your upper and lower back along with cervical region. The stretcher is made up of highest quality very hard durable foam to deeply relax and loosen the stressed lumbar muscles.

In addition to pain relief it provides great help in maintaining good posture. Just use it for few minutes daily and you can get the real benefits as offered by a trained Chiropractor. All you can expect is the maximum performance along with long lasting benefits to your overall health.

Just ensure that you buy a real SolidBack Back Stretcher from the genuine store like Amazon so as to enjoy maximum benefits along with 100% money back guarantee.

6- CoreStretch Back And Body Flexibility Tool

CoreStretch Back and Body flexibility tool is a portable and light in weight product, designed for helping out in physical therapy. It works on stretching to help to relieve pain from back and spinal cord. This mechanism is designed to assist in injury prevention, motion ranges, increased recovery time and pain reduction.

This Back and Body flexibility tool is gently aligned and further stretches just to keep the pain away from your body. It is not just the conventional method, which will force the back to curve. This helps in stretching muscles, ligaments and tendons, which surround the major core of the skeletal system for producing effective stretch.

This product comes with a detailed instructional guide and some online videos for newbies. The advanced mechanism helps in increasing flexible rate and reduces pain. It is a perfect medium for enhancing mobility and prevents further injury from taking place.

7- Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Knee Pillow by Cushy Form

Cushy Form is here with its amazing Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Knee Pillow designed best for the leg, hip, spine, knee and back alignment. This sciatica pillow for sleeping comes with memory form orthopedic pillow wedge which provides a great relief from ankle and joint pains.

This Cushy Form therapeutic sciatica pillow can be used for easing out leg, back, hip and ankle joint pain by offering proper spine alignment to the spinal region. You just need to insert bolster between the sleep and knees on the side, which is most comfortable for you.

This product is designed to improve circulation in some side sleepers. Moreover, it can be used as knee spacer for a pregnant woman or those, trying to recover from post-surgery. It comes with a removable washable cover for easy cleaning procedure. Also there is a free storage and travel bag provided with this.

Be sure to purchase this Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Knee Pillow from reputed stores such as Amazon, which provides 100% money back guarantee.

8- ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow

Orthopedic Knee Pillow from ComfiLife is here for relieving all your body pain problems forever. It can further be used for sciatica relief, leg pain, hip and joint pain and pregnancy pain relief.

The ergonomically contoured design of this Orthopedic Knee Pillow by ComfiLife is made for keeping hips, legs, and spine in proper alignment which helps in improving the circulation. The product comprises of breathable, easy clean cover, which ensures that pillow never gets warm. The cover is machine washable, which makes cleaning easy.

This Memory Foam Wedge Contour Pillow is made out of 100% quality cut memory foam, which can offer long lasting comfort. This won’t go flat like other pillows. The memory foam pillow helps in alleviate pain and improve proper spinal alignment.

But before using, it is mandatory to consult a doctor for specified health conditions. Purchase the item from the store like Amazon with 100% money back guarantee.

9- Yosoo Groin Support for Hip, Thigh, Hamstring, etc (Men and Women)

The Groin Support from Yosoo is a pivotal item, used for relieving the pain of hamstring hip injury which is provided with proper groin support. This is made out of flexible premium quality neoprene, known for keeping the muscles warm. This sciatica brace for men and women helps in minimizing the muscular overuse and can offer proper support to thighs, groin, hamstring and quad.

This Yosoo Groin Support comprises of breathable fabric with wild stick straps, which can make wrapping an easy task and can fit perfectly with your body. It makes the brace light in weight and durable at the same time. It provides ultimate support and helps to relieve wearer from any burning sensation towards thighs.

You can carry it anywhere you want, as the size can fit into any bag. The latex free neoprene-blend materials are used for targeted support and help in soothing warmth and the much-needed comfort.

The item is available in the universal size and can be worn on either leg, by men and women equally. It comprises of adjustable sizing, which will offer you with plenty of slack on thighs and waist to make it tight or loose.  It will cover your body with a bit of compression. All over, this brace is amazing for a quick recovery from hip or groin injury.

10- Bodyprox Groin Support Wrap for Hip, Groin, Thigh, Hamstring, and Sciatic Nerve

For getting fast relief from thigh, hamstring or groin pain, Groin Support Wrap from Bodyprox is an unavoidable option. Not just for that, but the same item is perfectly suitable for sciatic nerve pain relief.

This support wrap by Bodyprox helps in assisting during recovery time of surgery, injury and other related problems as it helps in lessening the amount of pain you are going through. It also helps the users to feel their natural and normal actions without going through any future strain or injury.

This Groin Support starts from the hip region and can move up to the groin. It even covers sciatic nerve, hamstring, and thigh for providing perfect relief, you have been eyeing for long.

This support wrap for sciatic nerve pain is available in one size, which can fit all; equally for men and women. It can loosen up and even get back to original shape and size. It is known for its durability, with Velcro straps for a more comfortable fit.

Just to make the item easily breathable, neoprene is used as its main manufacturing material. Premium quality rubber used help air pass through the materials and keep skin fresh and healthy. Due to its high quality material used it produces a soothing effect and averts any skin problems, like rashes or red irritation.

If you are still finding a great support wrap for reliving your sciatic nerve you should definitely check this out.

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