Importance of Neck Roll for Football Players

Football is a world wide popular game which is loved by almost everyone of us (may be watching, if not playing). Although, the game is fun playing, the players in the game are prone to violent or brutal physical abuses.

Players Wearing Football Neck Roll
Players Wearing Football Neck Roll

The sad part being, the players are highly exposed to neck and spine injuries that might create troubles in future.

As a player and a sport enthusiast if you love playing football, you require to be very much careful and protected while playing the same.

This is when, you need to get hold of neck roll and collars that are specially designed for providing the support and protection while playing the game.

As these are highly recommended, over the years these neck roll for football has faced huge changes in its design and usage.

Neck Roll for Football: How It Work and Help The Players?

A football neck roll is a thick piece of padded collar that is comprised of either vinyl or nylon. It is designed to fit comfortably into the neck line providing a comforting and protective layer while sporting.

Neck roll for players acts as an armor or a protective shield in the field. Its basic goal is to hold the neck properly while playing so as to avoid the injury caused.

These are usually designed to provide stability to your neck lines. Some of these neck roll for football are designed with a strap so as to attach them to the shoulders perfectly.

Few others are designed to attach to the shoulder pads with functions like clips, screws, ties, etc.

What Does A Neck Roll Do In Football: Kind of Injuries It Protects

The most common injuries related to football game are stingers and whiplash. Stingers are extremely painful and might affect the entire nervous system that travel down through spinal cord, arms and neck.

Such kind of injuries are most common for defenders who are on the task of handling opponent balls while playing the football. The pain varies according to the severity of injury one gets while playing and hitting.

Usually the pain associated with stinger injury reduces within 15 minutes but if the pain or injury is extremely severe then it might also result in life threatening pain and ailment.

Wearing a neck roll while playing football however helps a lot in avoiding all these types of injuries. On a nutshell, an appropriate collar and neck roll for football can offer you with the following benefits:

  • Avoid injuries such as stingers and whiplash
  • Protect spinal cord, arms and neck
  • Helps protect you from any recurring ailment

Higher levels of safety is provided with these neck roll for football players allowing you to concentrate on your game completely. With these neck rolls and collars you can simply forget about being hit on ground.

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3 Best Neck Roll for Football Players

In case you are planning to buy a football neck roll then check for the best reviews here and consider the following choices:

1- Douglas Youth Football Neck Roll Review

Youth football neck roll by Douglas is a great product from pioneers in sports manufacturing. Douglas football neck roll helps to provide a great comfort to your neck and shoulder line.

This is designed perfectly for stabilizing the helmet while football play and thus helps in preventing the burners and stingers.

This high quality neck roll for football is available in both XL and XXL sizes and you can choose one among them according to your choice. The black color makes it attractive and functions to fulfill all your neck support needs.

2- Schutt Youth Football Shoulder Pad Collar Review

At certain times there are chances that you get uncomfortable with the shoulder pads attached to football neck roll.

This will take away your attention towards your game and may also result in unexpected consequences on the long run. In such cases you can get hold of Youth football neck roll by Schutt that will work to fit perfect under your shoulder pads.

The product just works fine and the nylon coating is sweat resistant making it even better allowing a perfect value for money. Getting hold of a Schutt Youth Football Shoulder Pad Collar will let you get rid of your helmet hits on your shoulder pads and shoulder pads hitting on your collar bones.

3- McDavid Adult Football Cowboy Collar for Football Review

The football cowboy collar is aimed at protecting your neck lines while you are busy with your serious football game. The McDavid Neck Protection Collar For Football combines both the functionalities of neck roll and pad collar into a single product.

This Adult Football Cowboy Collar helps in supporting both helmet sides and back without much effort allowing you to fully concentrate on your game. It has a closed cell polyethylene foam and padded vest which functions as effective preventative equipment during your game.

The weight of this cowboy collar is comparatively lighter to its traditional versions. In case you have suffered any previous injuries then McDavid Adult Football Cowboy Collar for Football will protect your injury allowing a faster recovery option.

The alignment just stays perfect all through your game and thus you need not worry about the injuries you may have while playing.

Besides the above three top models there are many more popular names emerging in the market of best neck rolls for football pads. Some of these include: Mueller youth cowboy collar, Riddell neck roll, Kerr collar, Mueller and Douglas butterfly restrictor, etc.

How to Choose A Good Neck Roll Football?

As there are variety of different neck roll present for avoiding sports injury, it is essential that you carefully go through football neck roll buying tips before making your purchase.

Quality: The first and foremost criterion to be kept in mind while purchasing a neck roll is to ensure the product offers highest quality and comfort.

Choose the one that is not only stylish but also fully functional and comes with best latest technology so as to provide maximum safety to the player.

Suitability: The second step to confirm while buying a best neck roll for football is to make sure you get hold of a neck roll suitable to your neck line.

A neck roll for football you choose, should never be belted very tight. You should be able to breathe and stay comfortable when you are wearing a neck roll on your body.

Size: Football neck collar comes in wide variety of sizes such as youth, adult, adult large, etc.

Although most of the football neck collars fits to any shoulder pad, there are still many of them which are designed to fit only specific shoulder pads.

It is therefore important that you check about the size of the neck roll and it’s fitting before making final purchase for your game.

Price: Do not pick a neck roll just because it costs lesser or more than other football neck roll. As higher price is not always a tag for highest quality you should do your proper research.

Cowboy Collar Vs Neck Roll: What To Choose?

Traditional rolls that were being tied to the shoulder pad are generally floating type. While the latest ones which being attached the shoulder pad with screws do not float and are fixed.

Popular brands such as Mueller and Douglas offers non floating type of neck rolls for football players. These are best to get as it does not move while playing and also provide the required padding without any restriction to motion of the players.

Depending on the quality and brand you choose the neck roll can be floating or fixed. However there comes third variety which is known as cowboy collars (as offered by McDavid).

Unlike floating and non-floating neck rolls, cowboy collars provide greater support and safety to the player as it is secured tightly into the shoulder pad. These molded type of collars comes with larger area to support the back of the helmet. Also it provides excellent side to side support without restricting the movements and turnings.

Although Cowboy football collar comes at an extra cost, it is worth investing in as it provides better support and greater ease to the user.

Overall, With such wide range of high quality neck roll for football players available, you cannot have a reason of not having one. Believe me, this is a must have for you if you are a serious football player.

Get hold of a perfect neck roll and gear now, for your next football match. And protect yourself from any sort of injuries the game can bring.

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