Neck Arthritis Surgery: To Treat Severe Neck and Shoulder Pains

Neck is a complex structure that supports your head. And when there is pain or tension experienced in the neck or back region, rest of your body parts also reacts to it making you feel very tired and dull.

In some cases rise in body temperature is also experienced. This results to a great discomfort. neck structure neck structure

Visiting your physician can help you to diagnose the pain and to look into the problem and a solution to it.

Many times if it is the pain caused due to arthritis in the neck, taking an X-ray can help diagnose the problem.

Arthritis is nothing, but a medical condition which is characterized by the inflammation of the joints located in any part of your body.

Spinal and cervical region when gets affected with this irksome and degenerative disease is known as neck arthritis.

Neck arthritis (also known as Cervical Osteoarthritis or Cervical Spondylosis) is commonly found in aged people. As the person ages, neck pain may originate in the structure of neck which includes nerves and muscles with spinal vertebrae and the stifle disc in between them.

Generally the arthritis is a chronic problem and is found to be progressive. If a person has been diagnosed with this progressive condition, proper care for the patient is needed as quick movements or any other injuries can make the problem serious leading into complications.

Treatment Options To Cure Neck Arthritis Before Surgery

Fortunately there are many exercises, medications and natural cures available for relieving neck arthritis symptoms. However these treatment options do not show hundred percent success.

In such conditions, neck arthritis surgery is the only recommended option to help the patient get well for normal movement of the neck once again.

The series of options, which can be tried to treat neck arthritis before the surgery are:

  • Exercises in the form of Physical therapy, to strengthen up the muscles in neck
  • Hot or cold therapy with the use of heat and cold pads to increase circulation and reduces swelling
  • Use of anti-inflammatory injections or steroidal solutions to reduce pain
  • Avoiding activities that may worsen neck arthritis pain
  • Advising Chiropractic therapy which includes grip or non surgical spinal decompression therapy which is useful to treat this disease
  • Other therapies like acupuncture, use of cervical pillows and massages for treatment

If you experience severe pain in neck even after trying out many of these therapies and methods, neck arthritis surgery is the final option to treat your pain and to help you recover wellness.

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When Is Neck Surgery For Arthritis Recommended?

Neck arthritis surgery is prescribed only after your physician goes through its diagnosis and confirms that all other options for treatment may not prove helpful.

It basically depends upon the cause and severity of the pain along with the limitations of your movements and other factors. Initially, your physician tries to treat neck arthritis with non–surgical method and if the problem is found to be serious and not treatable, then neck surgery for arthritis is suggested as the best option for treatment.

While getting surgery it should be noted that the success of any surgery depends on many factors which also includes patient’s overall health, skill of the surgeon, ability of the patient to undergo physical therapy, etc.

Now a day’s most of the health care professionals are presenting a range of options for treating neck arthritis disease. But to be true there is no perfect cure for these types of diseases (which can cure the problem completely) and most of the sufferers are bound to experience long term painful conditions.

Preparing Yourself for Surgery

When planning for getting the surgery for treating neck arthritis, your surgeon may recommend you doing number of things so as to prepare yourself for getting the surgery. These may include:

Losing weight: Overweight can interfere with surgical procedures and you are required to lose your excess weight before you can get a surgery. Obesity while getting the surgery can actually lead to high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, etc. and thus losing excess weight around your neck, shoulders and back area is essentially important.

Stop smoking and alcohol: Smoking and consuming alcohol can cause great risks during the surgery and thus you are required to stop smoking at least 2 months before getting the surgery. The probable risks may include heart disease, circulation problem, chest infection, poor immunity and healing power.

Balanced diet and exercise: Consuming a well-balanced diet before few months of getting surgery can reduce many risks of surgery. You need to consume healthy green vegetables and food that might lower your cholesterol levels. Taking fibre, fruits and vegetables along with lowering sugar intake and dairy products is often recommended.

Along with balanced diet it is also essential to introduce regular exercising into your daily routine. Adults are often recommended to exercise for about 30 minutes for at least five times a week.

What About The Recovery Time?

Once you undergo the surgery, it may take few weeks for you to get recovered completely. However you are allowed to go home within 4-7 days after surgery.

A physiotherapist may recommend you some of the neck exercises that can help you out in recovering faster after the operation. You may also be advised for not bending your neck regularly and to use special type of neck support pillow which can help the healing faster.

When you are leaving your hospital you may be asked to return after 6-12 weeks to check for any problems you may have after getting the operation.

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