Lymph Node Neck Pain: Knowing About The Causes and Treatment Options

Before we talk about lymph node pain in neck let us first know about what are lymph nodes? Lymph nodes are bean-shaped small glands of the lymphatic system that are present throughout the body. These glands are part of lymphatic system that carries nutrients, lymph fluid and unwanted materials between bloodstream and body tissues.

Lymph nodes: Wikipedia
Lymph nodes: Wikipedia

Lymphatic systems are the important component of immune system that fights against the diseases. Lymph fluid is filtered by lymph nodes as it goes through them to trap viruses, bacteria and other foreign substances.

These trapped unwanted substances are then destroyed by lymphocytes, a special type of white blood cells.

Swelling of the lymph nodes helps people and doctors to easily find and diagnose the problem and thus helps to treat the problem with the right medical treatment as early as possible.

Swollen lymph node neck pain is very common among all ages. And in some cases it is felt on one side of the neck only (either on left or right). Some people often claim to have the pain only when touched or while swallowing the food.

Any new swelling that comes to your neck can be considered as the start of neck pain due to swollen glands. However sometimes these swelling may be something other than enlarged lymph node, it is better to consult your doctor so that you can get diagnosed the problem correctly.

How Does Lymph Nodes Gets Swollen?

When infection, injury or tumor develops in the body near lymph node, it results in the swelling of lymph nodes. ‘Swollen glands’ is the term used for enlarged lymph nodes. Swollen lymph can occur in any part of the body. Some of the common body parts where swelling of lymph is common are neck, groin areas, and armpit.

Swelling of the nodes can happen due to any of the salivary glands present under the jaw, behind the ears or thyroid gland. This can be also be in the left or right part of the neck. Often these swelling can be due to the problems associated with sore throat, cold or flu. This is sometimes also the consequence of the injury caused.

Armpit glands often gets swollen due to the injury caused or as a result of infection in the arm or hands. Groin area lymph nodes may get swollen as a cause of infection in leg, groin, genitals or in the foot region.

Then there are glands present above the collarbone which may get swollen due to the infection or tumor caused in areas such as lungs, breasts, abdomen, etc. In very few cases swollen lymph glands can also be caused due to chronic diseases such as cancer, lymphoma melanoma, etc.

Considering all these causes of swollen lymph nodes it is important that you should have knowledge about the exact problem for swelling in the neck and lymph nodes.

Consult the Doctor Immediately If You See Swelling At More Than One Parts of The Body

Some time you can see more than one swelling in the neck area and other parts of the body. One or more swellings at different parts of the body for more than a month can turn to be a serious medical problem and needs proper immediate treatment by your doctor as soon as possible.

In most of the cases this may be beginning of lymph node neck pain. If proper treatment is not offered it can even cause other problems such as neck stiffness, nerve pain, ear pain, fever, headache, fatigue, etc.

Swelling at two or more parts of the body may also be caused due to illnesses such as chicken pox, rubella, mumps, mononucleosis, cancer, hodgkin’s disease, syphilis, lyme, strep throat, etc.

Hence, it should be diagnosed as early as possible and to take immediate treatments is important so that you get free from any of the severe negative effects of swelling in neck.

How to Treat The Swollen Lymph Node Pain?

Different treatment options such as natural remedies, antibiotic, biopsy (in case of problem caused due to cancer) can be used to treat the pain. These treatment options actually depend and focuses on treating the symptoms of the problem that actually caused it.

One may also get the help of lymph gland cleanse and vitamins to get the cleansing of your body naturally. These supplements can be used for enhancing glandular functions and for promoting optimal immunity of the body.

Depending on the length and severity of the swelling, you have to depend on antibiotic therapy to treat lymph nodes of the neck.  Early treatment can help you a lot to prevent the disease in the initial stages.

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