How An Ergonomic Kneeling Chair Can Heal Your Bad Back & Neck?

Sitting can be defined as a position which adds stress to the structure of your spine. In order to avoid developing back problems or compounding them, it is most important to have a proper ergonomic chair that supports your lower back, evoking good posture.

In the world that we live in, many people are forced to sit all day long in office environments. Despite the fact that sitting is less physically demanding as compared to standing or walking, it does put a considerable amount of stress on the lumbar area.

Combined effects of a job that requires sitting and a sedentary lifestyle in general may give rise to numerous health issues including osteoarthritis.

With this in mind, the selection of a suitable ergonomic chair is a crucial step in preventing health problems for those working in a bad sitting posture or position.

However for most of us, it becomes quite difficult to judge which one is the right fit, especially when there are so many types, brands and options available on the market.

Here we try to figure out for you the best type of office chair, which is specifically suited to those who are suffering from back, neck and shoulder pain. Check the detailed information and reviews below to find…

Types of Office Chairs

To have a comfortable working environment is vital requirement for any individual. Perhaps; that is the reason why office chairs are given so much importance.

Our work schedule is getting busier day by day and professionals are seen seated for hours and hours which causes them neck and back pain.

Uncomfortable chairs can give you several health problems hence; it is important that you take extreme care when you are choosing your work chair.

There are literally various different types of chairs available to choose from. These are specifically designed with an effort to gives the user a relaxed, comfortable seating position.

Here are the most preferred types of chairs which are popular among professionals:

1- Task chair: These are the usual ones; found in almost all the offices. Task chairs are the common and standard choices that are widely used for desk/computer jobs.

These are adjustable and come with an arm rest which helps the person to sit and work comfortably. Not the expensive ones, these are seen in various sizes and shapes.

2- Aeron chair: Aeron chair like the one from Herman Miller are much popular and comes for professionals who want something extra. Designed out of plush upholstery, these are slightly expensive and offers great comfort while working.

The head rests and the back rests in these executive chairs are built keeping in mind the body structure and to offer optimum relaxation to the user while working. These types of chairs can be adjusted to recline position suitable for quick naps.

3- Swiveling chair: Swivel chair is the usual revolving type chair that we get to see around daily. It has wheels and a centrally placed single leg to balance your weight and body gestures.

These offers perfect balance to your seating position along with great comfort during work. You can sit comfortably on this as it comes with different adjustments to suit their height.

4- Ergonomic chair: If you are typical desk worker and your majority of the time is to sit and work which is probably treacherous; ergonomic chair is the most recommended one.

People who spend their 8 hours or more working sitting in office chairs, ergonomic chairs comes with range of benefits. A good quality ergonomic chair reduces back pain, leg strain, and chronic hip pain.

5- Kneeling chair: These are the special type of backless ergonomic chairs which are designed to provide optimum comfort to your knees while working on computer. These come without the back rest and with a special type of padded support provided in front of your chair to help improve your working posture.

These posture corrector chair are available in wood as well as steel and are one of the most popular among professionals who want to improve their posture and back pain.  

6- Ball chair: Ball chair (also called globe chairs) is an unconventional form of office chair which is also gaining much popularity among the individuals, due to the benefits it offers.

These are designed with an idea to use an exercise ball in place of a normal chair. Although many have replaced their normal office chair with ball chair for work, it is not suited for all due to the special design it carries.

Other than the above mentioned ones, there are few other chair types such as Saddle chair, Tall chair, Bean bag chair, Buoy chair, Swopper stool, Wobble chair, Wigli chair, Ongo chair, Recliner chair, Corner chair, Rocking chair, and many more.

These all are designed specifically to suit various needs of the users with special requirements.

What Is A Kneeling Chair?

A well-designed chair is the one that allows the user to always sit in a balanced position. Having said that, buying an ergonomic chair is a good first step, but you can maximize the benefits only if you combine it with a right posture.

As per my personal experience, kneeling chairs are most beneficial when it comes to choosing best ergonomic office chair for lower back pain as well as neck pain.

An adjustable kneeling chair basically comes with two functionalities i.e. a seat (angled at 20 to 30 degrees) and a knee pad or cushion (placed before the seat to relax your knees or shins).

Where on one hand its knee support – helps in relieving the back pain; on the other hand its ability to improve posture – helps in relieving neck and shoulder pain.

The natural position which you get while seating on a backless kneeling chair is very much comfortable for your legs, knees and shins. These chairs are most comfortable for short term tasks (like writing or typing work, sewing, eating at a table) which requires forward reach.

I am personally using these posture chairs in my home and office for long and have experienced significant relief in my back and neck pain.

These also help me to keep my joints and muscles stimulated while I am working hard on my laptop for long hours.

Care that if your job requires prolonged sitting hours, you should use these chairs only in addition to other ergonomic chair such as Aeron chair in your office.

As these are not recommended for long working hours it can cause certain health issues if used for full day.

Kneeling Chair Pros And Cons

For people who still doubt whether the kneeling posture office chairs are good for them or not, we have mentioned here the benefits of using the same along with its pros and cons.


One of the best advantage of using kneeling chair is its ability to promote correct and upright posture of the user.

With properly aligned spine’s natural curve you can actually help your spine to stay in correct posture for hours without straining your back, neck and shoulders.

In short, some of the basic advantages of using kneeling chair are:

  • Reduces low back and neck pain
  • Position you comfortably with an open hip angle
  • Make tasks (such as forward-reaching task) easier without causing any strain

Some of these best kneeling chairs also features rocking function which is just exceptional. These brilliantly designed rocking kneeling chair not only helps in keeping your sitting posture correct but also helps in relieving your body when stressed.


With wide range of pros, these types of chairs also comes with few cons. These are:

  • Avoids using your feet frequently so that you get up and move around your work area (which is actually healthy once or twice every hour). For this reason these are not recommended for prolonged sitting hours.
  • Restrict your legs to only one position for long hours which many times increases the pressure under your knee cap. Also it sometimes lowers down the circulation (and also can induce pain) to the legs when seated wrong.
  • These can be tricky for many to get in and out. And for this reason it would not be a good option for many jobs.

Kneeling Chair Vs Regular Chair

Kneeling ergonomic chair for office provides wider range of benefits as compared to normal office chairs. Especially when it comes to correcting posture with the right chair, nothing can beat these kneeling chairs.

As per various Aeron chair reviews found online, regular office chairs like Aeron chair by Herman Miller are good option for most. But for many, these does not provide the necessary support to the back, neck and shoulders.

Especially if you are suffering from problems like pain due to bad posture, arthritis pain, herniated or bulging disk pain, etc. physicians suggests some better Aeron chair alternative to get relief from pain fast.

Stand up desk is also sometimes recommended for those who are suffering from above health issues. These not only encourage in maintaining good body posture but also to improve metabolism and burn calories.

Although kneeling chairs and standing desk are much useful, these cannot be used for a complete day without a good regular office chair or Aeron chair.

We strongly recommend trying a combination of all these three types for achieving the maximum comfort and freedom from all the health issues.

How To Use An Ergonomic Kneeling Chair?

While these chairs are likely to reduce your pain, these can prove harmful for your body when you do not know how to use them properly.

For sitting on a kneeling posture chair effectively you should rest your shins on the lower knee pad of the chair in a way that maximum of your body weight pass through the seat.

If you are using a working desk, make sure that you use kneeling chair with castors which enables you to move and position yourself in a comfortable way.

Also ensure that you adjust the height of your chair (when you use it for the first time) which matches perfectly with your desk. While seated you should achieve straight back/spine and your upper body should be high enough so as to rest your forearms lightly on the desk.

Remember that achieving good posture with a kneeling chair does not happen by itself. You need to learn proper way to straighten your spine without getting slumped.

When you know how to properly sit and use your kneeling chair you can drastically improve your posture within very short period of time.

And in long run of usage, you can surely experience better focus and concentration on your work as you will feel free from all the stiffness and soreness of muscles.

5 Best Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs for Your Office

Flexible and healthy sitting enables employees to work effectively without becoming overtired. In fact choosing the best office chair for neck and shoulder pain promotes active sitting and will probably bring about improved performance with fewer sick days.

As mentioned above, kneeling posture chairs are one of the best suited for anyone looking to improve their posture and relieve neck or back pain.

To make your research bit easier, we have provided some of the best ergonomic kneeling chair models that are available on the market to choose from. You can check the detailed reviews below before picking the right one for your personal use or office.

1- SLEEKFORM Kneeling Chair

If you are one of those back pain sufferer who finds their spine painful after long day office work, then Sleekform Ergonomic kneeling chair is one of the best options to have it at your work place.

This best office chair for neck and shoulder pain looks like an adjustable stool which is perfect for your office and home. It comes equipped with thick comfortable cushion seating and knee rest to provide perfect balance to your seating posture and knees ensuring that you have pleasant working experience.

The design of this SleekForm Kneeling chair is specifically made for people suffering from lower back problems. The chair has a natural curve that easily takes the shape of your back to remove the pressure; putting your entire spine and back area at ease. Some of the best features include:

  • This ergonomic posture chair can be used by people weighing up to 250 lbs
  • The height can be adjustable anywhere between 21 to 28 inches according to your need
  • Comes with four casters or wheels to move your chair freely along your working area
  • The seating and kneeling areas are luxuriously thick cushion padded, more than any other chair
  • Can be used as a perfect typing chair, reading chair, meditation chair, etc

It is one of the best chairs which takes care of the person’s weight and eventually balances the weight. It means that some of your weight is allotted to the shins which eliminate the soreness and pain in your knees.

If you are looking for contemporary furnishing seat and an ideal ergonomic chair; you can count this in for your desk job, or just chilling with your MacBook.

2- MallBoo Kneeling Chair

When looking out for a good quality ergonomic office chair, MallBoo Ergonomic Kneeling Chair could be the right choice for you.

The chair is such; that you have sat on it for a day and you resist leaving it. It is one of those kneeling rocking chair that gently tilts your posture forward encouraging you to sit upright.

The design of this MallBoo ergonomic rocking kneeling chair helps the person in keeping the back posture straight; strengthening the core muscles and not to forget preventing it from shoulder and back tensions. Some of the top features include:

  • The chair is designed to eliminate the body ache that comes sitting on the usual office chairs
  • It has a sturdy wooden frame, which is anti-dust, waterproof offering long time longevity
  • Comes with thick comfortable cushions for advanced comfort levels
  • Can be used as an office chair, computer chair, gaming chair, rocking chair for seniors, home chair or stool

This chair is available in attractive colors (such as green, red, black, white and blue) and can be equally used by adults as well as children. Orthopedics highly recommends using this ergonomic chair for neck and back pain.

3- Flash Furniture Kneeling Chair

Flash Furniture kneeling chair is one of the bestselling comfortable desk chair for neck pain and back pain. For people looking for a posture correcting chair, this is one great option which should not be missed.

This innovative ergonomic chair by Flash Furniture look fabulous in your office or home as it comes with padded seat and a comfortable knee rest (filled with CA117 fire retardant foam) along with breathable fabric upholstery (black or gray).

It also includes dual Wheel Casters which provides the easy movement on the floor throughout your working area as and when required. Natural wood frame finish and its height adjustable frame is an added advantage.

4- Boss Office Products Kneeling Stool

Boss Office Products ergonomic kneeling stool is an innovative solution to ergonomic need that shall support your seating position in your office and home. It is easy to use and is compatible with people with any height and weight to use the same.

It is adjustable and eases pain in hips. Also it helps in keeping your posture straight by aligning your back, shoulder, neck and supporting your muscle group including lumbar muscle.

Knee platform on this kneeling chair can be described as the best part of this chair as most chair used now do not have such kind of support for your legs. This makes your seating posture uncomfortable letting your take breaks every now and then.

With this knee support you are provided with ideal support for longer hours while you are seated on this chair. The frame is steel made and has double hooded wheel casters that make your movement easier and rolls comfortably.

5- ProErgo Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

The Edge Ergonomic Kneeling chair is yet another great option to look at. It is perfectly designed to offer maximum comfort to your bad back and knees.

The chair not only helps with easing back and neck pain but also to improve blood circulation along your body by providing great posture while sitting.

This Edge ergonomic kneeling chair by Stand Steady features sleek all black modern style which can be best suitable for your home, office classroom or anywhere you want.

It comes with adjustable height and its luxurious padded foam along with sturdy & heavy duty strong metal base is constructed to last long without any trouble.

Furthermore this Edge Ergonomic kneeling stool is designed out of mesh 3 inch cushion to offer maximum comfort whole day long. And the 4 casters/wheels enables you to keep moving just like any other office chair.

Buying Best Ergonomic Kneeling Chair: Factors To Consider

Hopefully the above mentioned kneeling chair reviews and guide helped you in finding your best suited office chair.

However when selecting the best office chair and making a final buying decision, you should consider investing good deal of time to check few of these essential things.

First of all, the seat height of your kneeling chair should be easily adjustable. As a general rule, the optimal seat height should be one quarter of the full body height, since the leg-to-torso ratio can significantly vary.

Sophisticated seat mechanisms now provide a wide range of adjustment options, enabling each chair to be adjusted in a way that allows for flexible sitting.

The material on the sitting part and knee rest should have sufficient padding, as this will provide optimal comfort when you are sitting on you chair for extended periods of time.

In addition to above features you need to check your body and purpose carefully. You should be aware of the fact that the same chair will seldom be suitable for everyone.

You have to take into account your body dimensions and weight carefully, as it can fit one part of the body at the expense of straining another.

For example tall people often find it hard to accommodate their legs on kneeling chairs. And for this reason, kneeling chairs are not a perfect fit for tall person. These chairs are also not a good buy for people suffering from mobility issues or knee problems.

Overall, adjustable kneeling chair are best suited for many types of jobs & people. These are worth looking and can be a good addition to your office area.

We are sure that you will not regret buying them for your office, in case you are really concerned about your good health and posture.

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