How To Make A DIY Microwavable Neck Wrap At Home? 5 Easy Steps For You Here…

After a whole day of work at office (that includes sitting in front of the laptop); your neck, shoulders and upper back needs a bit of relaxation.

Neck wrap treatment is one of the best solution for you that can give you what you need having! In this article we will be talking specifically about the microwavable heating pads that are great to provide relief to your sore and stiff neck muscles.

Also you will find here about how to make a good heated microwavable body wrap easily to relieve your muscles without straining your pocket.

What is Microwaveable Neck Wrap?

It is a neck wrap filled with rice or grains which can be kept in a microwave for heating.

This neck microwave heating pad can be then used for relieving the stressed body muscles including trapezius neck muscles, which is most of the times responsible for neck pain.

Unlike traditionally used electric heating pads for pain, microwaveable neck wrap offers better relaxing by lowering down the risk of muscles getting overheated. Also it gets cool down faster than the traditional heating pads.

Microwaveable neck and shoulder wrap proves very useful to make you feel rejuvenated once again. For this reason there are many who prefer buying these wraps (over traditional heating pads) from the market to get the best benefits out of it.

But for people who do not want to buy a aromatherapy microwaveable neck wrap online, there are ways by which it can be made at home using some basic household ingredients and recycled fabric.

Especially for those DIY freaks, who always seek a method which can help them make a good microwaveable neck wrap at home, here is a good news!

With a bit of sewing knowledge you can easily make your own DIY microwaveable neck and shoulder wrap that can be heated in the microwave for regular usage.

Steps for Making Microwaveable Neck Wrap at Home

The method of making a herbal neck wrap warmer which is microwaveable is quite easy and need only few simple steps to be followed. These steps are as follows:

1- Pick up the right fabric for your wrap

Pick the right kind of fabric that is good for making your neck wrap. You may choose any of the tightly woven fabric such as denim, cotton, muslin, etc to make sure that the ingredients you fill do not fall out.

2- Sewing fabric used for containing the mixture

Place two equally sized fabrics (about 12 inches square piece) one above the other and make sure that the edges are well placed exactly above the other. Then fold it by half and stitch 3 sides of it well.

Leave the fourth side open to form a tube like pattern. If you want a longer or smaller wrap, you can vary the length of the fabric taken accordingly.

3- Making the mixture of rice and essential oil

Take about four cups of rice that is dried up mixed with 20 to 30 drops of essential oil (take your favourite like Lavender, chamomile, mint, etc). Mix them in a bowl and stir to ensure that the mixture is blended well.

Make sure that you do not use the instant rice as it may cook in the microwave while heating the wrap.

4- Inserting the mixture in the fabric and sewing the opening

The fabric which is sewn in all three sides should be turned inside out so that the rough ends are hidden and your wrap looks neat.

Then the mixture that you have already made using rice and essential oil can be inserted into the fabric through the side which is not stitched and is kept open. Then close the opening by stitching it to finish the sewing.

Care that you do not overfill the wrap to make it stiff. This should be soft so that you can wrap it around your neck easily.

5- Microwave or cool the fabric for desired experience

If you want to have a hot wrap, microwave the fabric. Heat it only for about 30 seconds at a time. Then check the temperature and reheat if needed to get a desired microwaveable heating pad.

If you need a cold wrap, keep it in freezer and cool it as much as you need. You can also keep it in freezer for the entire time till you are not ready to use it.

If you are using it as a heated wrap, check whether you are able to withstand the heat by placing it on your arm.

If the heat is fine enough, place it on your neck. If you are using a cold wrap, keep it outside the freezer till it does not reach the needed temperature.

Hopefully, these tips will help you make a good microwaveable neck wrap at your home easily. Detailed tutorials like this and one here can help you in making your wrap in better way.

Why Making DIY Microwavable Neck Wrap Is A Great Idea?

These microwaveable rice heat wraps for painful neck and shoulders are easy to make and can provide great soothing results over long period of time.

You can also give these microwave hot pack handmade gifts to your friends, relatives or family members at occasions such as Christmas, baby shower, etc.

Specially this can be a greatest gift for any senior or your grandparents who may be suffering from problems such as arthritis or degenerative disc disease.

So why waste your money anymore, to get unsatisfying results? Make these DIY home spa wraps and use your favourite essential oil to enjoy the therapy at home.

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