How To Do Neck Traction At Home?

Cervical neck traction relieves pressure on the pinched nerve and is very much beneficial for treating the pain caused due to neck problems. It is helpful in reducing the weakness, pain and the numbness or discomfort associated with the pinched nerve.

You can today perform the cervical neck traction easily, safely and painlessly by using various at home neck traction device. The process helps in the relieving swollen and irritated nerves, thereby healing the nerves.

The inflatable neck traction device is one of the easiest and most comfortable to use for many. This cervical traction device easily relieves the pressure, decompresses your cervical disc and relieves the pressure on your pinched nerve.

If you have cervical disc disorder, this neck traction method is highly advised. You need to pump up the traction device to attain the prescribed pressure. The starting pressure can range between 7 and 10 lbs as per the Spine Universe.

Below we discuss few more popular ways to benefit from traction.

Using Pneumatic Cervical Traction Device

This is the powerful device available at all major online store for diy neck traction. The pneumatic cervical traction device is helpful in keeping the alignment and natural curve of the neck aligned.

The device is much easier and comfortable to use. It is the great way to reduce your pharmacy bills and eliminates the need for making frequent visits to the physician’s office for therapies.

The Pronex pneumatic cervical traction device amazingly cradles the patient’s head and neck onto the foamy soft cushions.

There is an air inflated bellow which offers an adjustable traction of 35lb. When the bellows expand, the head is lifted upward to support the cervical curve and maintain even distraction in the cervical disks. Hence, the patient gets total control over the traction applied. When you squeeze the inflator bulb, the pressure increases but then the release knob reduces the pressure gently.

However, you will need some time to judge the appropriate position and determine the correct posture. Among all the traction devices available, the pneumatic cervical traction device is the finest and most favorite of all.

Using Over-the-Door Unit: Best way to manage the neck condition at home

The neck pain coming from the neck and reaching towards the arm can be powerfully addressed with over the door unit.

This at home neck traction device helps to improve the neck functioning and neck mobility greatly.

These traction device works by stretching the muscles and the soft tissues in the neck region and also separates the disc or joint spaces in the neck. Hence, the pressure is relieved to decrease the pain in the arms and neck.

It can be performed with the mechanical traction device which requires the arms and head to be gently strapped to the machine. Traction can also be facilitated by the hands of the physical therapist.

Many medical stores online sell over-the-door traction device however you need to speak to the doctor prior to purchasing.

It comes with three parts, namely, the hook and the pulley component, the nylon cord being fed through the pulley and the water bag hanging via the cord. The traction unit needs to be hanged from the door with the hook and the pulley. The water bag needs to be hanged from one end of the cord.

If you have the neck pain, this device is the cost effective way of attaining homemade neck traction.

Using Neck Traction Towel: The way to attaining neck traction at home

Neck Traction Towel

Using the towel is one of the best homemade DIY neck traction method. You need to grab the rope and a small towel.

Tie one end of the rope with the towel and simply loop the rope onto the doorknob bringing it back to the other end of the towel and tie it.

Lie down on the back with the top of the head closer to the door. Now, rest the back of the head in the sling which is formed by the piece of towel.

Which is The Best DIY Neck Traction Method?

Over the door traction device is the easiest and the safest way to attain neck traction at home. This cervical traction device hangs over the door with the water bag. The weight of the water in the bag offer traction.

This spinal traction is the fabulous way to pull on the head with longitudinal force or long axis and distraction force upon the spine.

In case you are suffering from neck pain during mid night or early morning, it may be due to your bad sleeping positions. Choosing the best neck traction pillow can be the best way to get rid of your painful conditions in this case.

Which ever at-home traction method you choose, the main goal should be to relieve the pain and to get rid of the symptoms of neck problems.

It is best to visit your doctor to know which type of traction home unit is best suitable for you. Depending upon on your requirement and symptoms your doctor may recommend the best for you.

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