10 Best Pillows That Helps In Posture Correction and Pain

What is the meaning of posture? Posture is basically an attitude of the body part to maintain or to move according to a particular activity.

Posture is defined as a particular position of the body while sitting, working, communicating, etc. It is the pose and a way the person holds the body upright. And its a characteristic of human body which makes a major impact on health and overall wellness. 

Woman sleeping posture

We all know that there are so many types of muscles in the human body. These are like skeletal muscles, striated muscles, non-striated muscles, cardiac muscles, anti-gravity muscles, etc.

For maintaining a good posture all these muscles have to work together in a proper way.

In case any of these muscle groups gets into problem (due to reasons like over usage or less usage) then the body’s posture will automatically get altered.

This in turn shows its impact both physically as well as mentally like concentration, general or localized body pain, reduction in the confidence level, poor personality rank, etc.

Therefore; whether you are standing, sitting or sleeping; good posture is essential for health of your joints and spinal muscles.

What Are The Different Types of Posture?

Most of the people lack maintenance of good body posture which creates bad impact on the body and muscles. It is therefore imperative to know about the types of body posture that help you lift your own posture well and good. Lets check them out here…

Correct posture: The American Physical Therapy Association describes good standing position as an alignment of the shoulder, knee, ear, ankle and hip. While sitting, the head need to be erected and the back position needs to maintain the three normal spinal curves. While sleeping, the pillows and the mattress can be used to maintain spinal curves and support the head and neck. This maintains the level with the upper back.

Kyphosis: Also known as a hunchback, this is an unbalanced position which for sure can cause back pain and neck pain. The head is pushed further in front of your gravitational center and the upper back part is rounded, accentuating the thoracic curve. It is mentioned that this position may develop due to unhealthy positions, joint and bone degeneration.

Lordosis: This is a back posture which overstates the lumbar curve into a point which is often referred as swayback. Footing with locked knees adds this posture as unhealthy which lines up the head at the back of your center of gravity. This position causes back and neck and back pain.

Scoliotic: This position is an irregular oblique curve of the spine which results in inappropriate position of the shoulders, neck and spine. Its visible symptoms are uneven height at shoulder or a non-vertical position in the neck.

Other unusual postures: Rigid and unhealthy back postures related with head injuries are extreme and need fast medical treatment. Decorticate position is a position where the arms and the hands are coiled inward and the legs are apprehended straight outward. This position leaves the legs and arms extended and the toes keen downwards and the head pushed to the back.

Best Posture for Sleeping: What Pillow Types Can Help?

Maintaining proper posture while sleeping is very important for anyone. Especially people who are suffering from issues such as back or neck pain should take every proper step so as to maintain an ideal posture while they are relaxing or sleeping.

Supine position is one of the best sleeping position for people who are suffering from neck or back pain. You should try sleeping in this position if you are already suffering from the pain.

Posture pillow for neck pain are now available easily for people who suffers a lot during the night due to their improper postures which causes body pain.

These pillows are mainly recommended for those who sleeps in side or prone positions. Besides contour orthopedic pillows for upper back and neck there are good supporting pillows for knees, legs and arms available in the market that can provide best relaxing sleep without any interruption.

You should definitely check these out, especially when you are suffering from sleeping problems.

Best Posture for Sitting Jobs: What Pillow Types Can Help?

In case you are involved in a continuous sitting jobs (like computer profession, tailoring work, clerical jobs, etc.) your spinal curvatures gets extra curved or bent.

This is because of the heavy work load and continuous pressure exerted on the spinal muscles while you are in the sitting state for long.

Regular jobs like these mainly cause health problems such as chronic neck and back pain, spinal disorders, etc. which becomes very difficult to relieve unless the body posture is aligned properly once again.

Lumbar support pillow is a must have posture pillow that can help you out in this donition. These helps in providing great comfort and support to your lower back thus relieving the pain caused.

Seat cushion pillow for lower back and tailbone support are also recommended for those who spend good deal of time on their office chair. This helps in avoiding and reliving tailbone and sciatica pain.

Besides seat cushion and lumbar support posture pillow, back and neck brace for posture support are now available for help and is considered one of the best things for people who suffer from various problems caused due to improper posture.

You can use these braces not only for maintaining best posture while sitting at a desk, but also as a tool for avoiding the tension and pains in the spinal region.

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10 Best Posture Correction Pillow Reviews

Using posture pillow while sleeping, reading, resting, etc. is one of the best ways by which you can cure all your bad posture problems and spinal disorders.

Here we review some of the best selling pillows that can effectively help you in managing your posture best. Check them out and pick the best ones that are most suited for you.

1- Sleep Yoga Multi-position Body Pillow

This sleep yoga multi function body pillow is made with 55%lyocell and 45% cotton allowing you to enjoy a comfortable sleep through night. This yoga pillow helps you in correcting your posture while you sit, stand and most importantly when you are sleeping.

It is safe to use while your pregnancy giving you comfort during your 10 months cycle. This pillow is designed keeping ergonomic factors in mind and helps in providing comfortable support to your shoulder, neck, hip and lumbar sections of your body.

This Sleep Yoga multi position pillow BP-SY01 is made with soft material inside this pillow and is soft to use. This contour pillow does not lose its shape even after continued use. It is also hyper allergenic and does not clump.

You can also wash this contour pillow easily and need not worry about this yoga multi function pillow and can be used daily to enhance your posture effectively. While you are lounging you can comfortably use this yoga pillow to perfectly correct your posture and supports your knee, hip and other body parts.

It is comfortable, innovative and most importantly provides you comfort that you will require for a good night sleep all through the night.

2- Sleep Yoga Side Sleeper Arm Rest Posture Pillow

This sleep yoga side sleeper arm rest posture pillow chiropractor designed enhances comfort for joints in your elbow, wrist and hand. It is imported and made testing the industrial standards.

Before making it available commercially, this comfort pillow is scientifically tested. It is cotton blend and helps in making your posture comfortably while you are working on your computer, sleeping and even carrying on your with your daily chores.

With this Sleep Yoga side sleeper arm rest posture pillow you can sleep comfortably all through the night as it helps in controlling slouch on your shoulder and also controls body forwarding. This way you can also ensure you maintain a straight posture even while standing without giving pressure on your shoulder.

It is soft and is made with biodegradable components that are safe for human use. This yoga sleeper posture is resistant to allergies and you can use it all through the night continuously without worries. You can also wash it as and when required as it is dish wash safe and helps you in easy and hassle free cleaning solution.

This sleep pillow gives you the comfort of yoga while you are sleeping and helps in improving your posture even while you sleep. This way you can ensure you sleep peacefully through the night and gain comfort posture.

3- Sleep Yoga Dual Position Neck Pillow

This contour sleep pillow is an ideal companion for young working community who are under stressful job situation. It helps in improvising your current posture while working also ensuring that your ergonomics are perfect.

This Sleep Yoga dual position neck pillow helps in providing proper and aligned posture to your neck, spine and shoulder as well. Even if your sleep position changes from one side to back you need not worry about your sleep position as it provides neck support all through the night.

This ergonomically designed neck pillow is flexible and helps in improving your sleep quality. It is soft and the foam inside is dense and does not lose its comfort even after continuous use. The material used inside is soft, biodegradable and is dish wash safe which means you can even wash it in machine always.

There are three different categories of pillows that are currently available and you can choose your favorite making your sleep comfortable and easy all through your night.

With this neck pillow support you do not get instant relief from your neck ache or improvised posture overnight, this neck pillow support can help you in relieving from your pain over a period of time.

4- Cushy Form Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Knee Pillow

This contour knee pillow helps in relieving and supporting pain in your knee while you are sleeping. You can use this sciatic nerve knee pain relief knee pillow cushy foam is the best for knee, hip, spine alignment and comes with the ultimate purpose of healing your knee ache.

This knee pillow is orthopedic support and has a removable wash cover that is washing machine safe. It also comes with a storage bag along that you can use to keep the knee contour pillow safe after every use. It is compact and you can carry this contour pillow along with you even while you are travelling.

This contour knee support orthopedic pillow comes in standard white color and you can wash them as and when you feel it is dirty. This pillow support can be used while you are sleeping side ward and provides you with complete support to your knee and ensure proper posture is obtained on the long run.

In case you are not satisfied with this knee support then you can get in touch with manufacturer help desk for replacement or cash back option. In case you wish to avail life time warranty on this sciatic relief knee pillow that is soft and cushy then you can do so by contacting the help desk.

5- Ziraki Large Plush Shredded Foam Reading And TV Relax Pillow

This high quality relax pillow is made with shredded foam that helps in allowing better air flow and thereby managing appropriate ventilation for your pillow.

This shredded foam pillow is ideal for you while watching TV or reading thereby helping you to enjoy your hobby in stressed out environment. You can relax your spine and tail bone muscles with the help of this pillow support.

This Ziraki large plush shredded foam reading TV relax pillow is perfect for adults and kids as well. It is available in perfect grey color and is soft while providing you with comfortable support always. It is anti allergenic and hence you can be assured of quality even after continued use.

It has a comfortable arm head support that helps you in providing ultimate support to your neck and spine as well. This neck and reading pillow is comfortable to handle and allows you to carry even while you are travelling.

It is compactly designed and does not add up weight or take space while you are packing. You can also relax and sleep back with this pillow support. This is easy to clean and guarantees complete satisfaction for you while using this neck and spine support pillow.

6- Ziraki Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion

This seat cushion pain reliever helps in reducing stiffness and soreness away from your neck and tailbone after long hours of travel or working.

Working continuously in straight postures can result in back pain and spine trouble; this can be eliminated with the help of this Ziraki coccyx orthopedic memory foam seat pillow that helps in ultimately removing your back  pain and ensuring proper posture.

You can use this pillow to ideally help you in removing pain due to sciatica, disc trouble, pregnancy back pain and other spine related disorders. You can improve and protect your sitting posture while using this neck cushion and the U shaped cut in this cushion helps in improvising posture and compelling relief to your neck and spine areas.

If you have an uncomfortable travel, chair or company chair then you can use this Ziraki support pillow for reducing tension and pressure on your tailbone and spine. The cushion is made using high quality foam that is tested for quality before using it for production.

Even in colder temperature your cushion will feel warm and keep you comfortable while you are wearing it. This ziraki pillow guarantees 100% satisfaction to you during every use and you can enjoy complete relief to your stressed back and tailbone.

7- Ziraki Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion Pillow

This ziraki memory foam lumbar cushion for lower back pain support helps in relieving pain in your lower back while providing support to your tail bone and spine. It helps you with instant back pain relief and comfort and eliminates any tension on your spine or neck portion.

This supports the natural contour of your spine and lets you comfortably sit for hours. You can use this memory foam lumbar cushion pillow to improve your posture and provide perfection to your spine and back always.

This Ziraki foam cushion helps in supporting lower back while also ensuring you carry with a perfect posture even while you are not wearing this neck support. This tailbone support cushion is easy to carry while you are travelling and is compact and light weight.

This means you can carry this cushion pillow even while you are moving and does not eat too much of your space. With this ziraki cushion pillow for back pain support you can enjoy life time warranty on health and appropriate posture.

This cushion pillow comes with warranty from manufacturer and you can enjoy the same by getting in touch with the manufacturer help desk support. Enjoy better posture and health with this lumbar cushion pillow.

8- SITTS Integral Skin Orthopedic Posture Cushion Wedge

This integral skin orthopedic posture cushion helps in providing perfect support to your back and neck. It is cushion based and provides you with ideal support while you are seated on it.

This posture wedge seat cushion eliminates your spine hurting and gives you ultimate solution to your exercise needs. It is balanced and the cushion is stiff so that it does not lose its firmness on the long run. It ergonomically stiffens your pelvis and provides reduction in stiffness in nerves, muscles and tendons.

Although there are various best chairs in market it does not provide an ultimate supporting solution to the natural curves of your body. The wedge support in this cushion helps in straightening your spine while seated on your chair thereby offering natural solution to relieve pain from your body.

This integral waterproof orthopedic back support can be placed on your chair or floor. You can enjoy your journey towards building a strong back and stress free nerves and neck area.

9- Wedge Cushion Memory Foam Seat with Strap by Dr. Tushy

This wedge cushion with strap is of best support for your back, hip and leg thereby helping in relieving pain from your body.

This posture seat wedge has a strap support that can be used to tie this wedge on to your chair or car seat. With this cushion to support your back, it makes your driving easier and the foam filled inside has heat technology letting cushion be warm and providing an ideal solution to your back pain troubles.

This wedge cushion support by Dr Tushy is antibacterial and provides with easy and hassle free cleaning option. The outer layer of this cushion can be removed for cleaning purpose. Even after continuous use this cushion stays intact and does not lose its shape.

Purchase this wedge cushion coccyx support from experts and enjoy your journey towards a healthy nerve system. In case you are not satisfied with the product you can also claim for return or refund as per policy.

10- OPTP Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll, Firm

This OPTP McKenzie lumbar roll has been in market for more than 25 years and has helped over thousands of people relieve their back pain trouble thereby gaining strength and pelvic support.

It is an ideal solution to relieve you lower back pain and provide ultimate support to your spine and back. This lumbar roll is recommended by experts and is portable. It is compact, light in weight and you can carry them on your go. Even if you are on a travel you can have it packed it along.

You can have thus lumbar roll strapped to your office chair, car seat airplane seats or theatre and sports stadium seats.

This lumbar roll is exclusively designed with comfortable foam inside that is not prone to wear and tear even after continuous use. You can also remove the outer cover of this roll for cleaning purpose which is easy and hassle free.

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