How Does Himalayan Salt Therapy Benefits Aching Body?

Himalayan Salt

There comes a stage in life when you are tired and your body gets ached. So, you try every possible thing to eliminate this pain and at the end you have to either massage your body or you need to apply an ointment.

Himalayan Salt
Himalayan Salt

But when we are talking about natural therapies, then you can try salt water therapy that works best.

In this, you actually can wash out all your body aches with the help of a Himalayan salt bath.

In fact, this is one of the most rejuvenating and therapeutic experiences for your mind, soul, and body too. You just need to try this wash just before you go to your bed.

Here in this article let’s clear all the doubts related to Himalayan salt therapy and how it helps.

What Is Salt Therapy?

Himalayan pink salt is considered as a natural salt on the earth. This was actually mined from the deep oceans and is protected from human pollution. It contains 84 elements which cannot be found in the regular table salt.

This therapy is also known as the Speleotherapy. It involves usage of salt caves to treat particular ailments. This therapy has been one of the best therapies that help in relaxing your face, ear aches, body aches and headaches too.

This treatment is helpful for the people who have been suffering from various diseases and chronic pains such as in arthritis, disc decompression, spinal disorders, etc. People who have already tried this therapy claims about getting much relief from the body pain and aches.

Himalayan Salt Therapy Health Benefits

When we talk about salt therapy benefits, there are so many benefits to list. A regular bath from Himalayan salt helps in boosting your immunity and in regulating PH levels.

It also helps in protecting your skin from many harmful diseases and bacteria too. Himalayan salt also provides many detoxing effects which help in comforting your skin through many safe and adorable ways.

Let us discuss about the salt therapy benefits in details here:

It acts as a great detoxification: When Himalayan salt is dissolved in water, Himalayan crystal salt actually becomes very powerful and acts as a detoxifier. This helps in extracting the toxins from your skin. Himalayan salt has got 84 natural occurring minerals which get penetrated with your skin.

This actually leaves you fresh and nourished too. This also helps in reduction of acidic levels in your body and helps in balancing of the pH levels of your body and skin.

It helps in re-energizing your body: When you take a bath with Himalayan salt, your body is recharged and it helps in re-energizing of your body organs along with other regulatory mechanisms. It also helps in boosting metabolism and also helps in complete healing.

It helps in promoting your skin hydration: Skin related issues are actually related to dryness of the skin. Himalayan salt helps in retaining the body moisture and salt layer acts as an external layer for your body that helps in cleansing your skin. It helps in protecting your skin very naturally and prevents your skin from drying.

It helps in reduction of inflammation and soothes away soreness: Himalayan salt also proves much helpful in relaxing by providing you relief against the cramped muscles and aches.

Presence of magnesium and minerals in the salt is very helpful and it helps in strengthening of bones and connective tissues that contribute to body soreness in so many ways.

Himalayan salt also helps in reduction of inflammation and sprains in the joints thus proves helps in body pains like back, neck and shoulder pain.

Salt Therapy Side Effects and Risks

When salt therapy is concerned, there are few disadvantages too. People who get salt therapy continuously may suffer from respiratory and skin diseases from inhaling salty air.

Major disadvantage is coughing along with a loosening of muscles. The therapy can leave a negative impact on your body if used continuously without any break for weeks.

People with sensitive skin should try this therapy carefully as their skin can react a little and can develop rashes along with break outs.

However these all symptoms actually disappear quickly without any treatment. People have also complained about the respiratory tract issues when salt therapy side effects are concerned.

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Himalayan Salt Therapy Pillow for Relieving Pain and Muscle Aches

Himalayan salt therapy pillows are now available for users who want to get the advantages of Himalayan salt therapy at home.

These pillows proves much helpful in relaxing face and also helps in giving you ease from the body aches.

  • These Himalayan pillows are reusable and economical too
  • Are safe as compared to the conventional medications
  • Are easy in traveling and contains a drawstring cotton bag
  • Comes with washable covers

Most of these pillows are handcrafted in the USA and has been made from high-quality natural cotton. This pillow is filled with Himalayan crystal salts and can be used at 175 degrees. You simply need to keep this in a freezer and take them out for use whenever required.

Himalayan Salt Lamps And Health Benefits

Have you ever heard of Himalayan salt lamps? If not, let us tell you about it here…

If you have never ever owned a Himalayan salt lamp, you must know the benefits it offer and what you are missing now. It is something like an open window, a glowing natural source of clean air placed on your home.

The negative ions in salt lantern help you to provide tranquil and relaxation. It also helps you to provide better air quality by boosting ambiance in and around you.

Here we list out some major health benefits of having Himalayan salt lamps at home.

1- It cleanses and deodorizes the air: This is for what majority of people use Himalayan salt lamp. It has an excellent power to remove dust, cigarette smoke, pollen and other pollutants from the indoor air.

The lamp purifies air through the power of hygroscopy – a power that attract water molecules from the ambiance and absorb them along with any foreign particles they carry into the salt crystal. When the light bulb inside a lamp warms up the lamp, water evaporates back into air while locking the trapped particles in salt itself.

2- Lowers down allergy and asthma symptoms: Since Himalayan salt lamp removes all types of particles such as dust, mold, pet dander, mildew and the like from indoor air, it is wise to put one or two lamps in the room to significantly cut back allergy symptoms.

Hence, the foreign particles you breathe won’t cause any problem in your lungs. Asthmatic people will notice a serious difference after a week or two after trying these lamp in their room.

3- Boosts energy levels and immunity: Do you feel tired all day and don’t know the reason? Place a Himalayan salt lamp in the room where you spend most of your time and you will feel the difference within a week.

This has got so many anti-therapeutic values that help in boosting your immunity level. The stronger absorbing water molecules act as a health booster and it also helps in decreasing the stress levels.

4- Eases chronic pain and inflammation: Himalayan salt lamp diffuser not only removes pollutants from air but also help your body by eliminating the chronic pain relief and thus acts as a powerful healing agent.

The presence of luscious red glow actually helps in embracing the room into an island and helps in rejuvenating your body with the help of its healing powers.

5- Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation: Electromagnetic radiation is increasing day by day due to increased use of electronics such as TV, computer, tablet, cell phone, etc. Long term impacts of electromagnetic radiation exposure can cause severe fatigue, diminish immune response and increase stress levels.

They release negative ions into air and Himalayan salt lamps effectively neutralize electromagnetic radiation. Place one next to your computer, TV and any other electronics that you will be using frequently and decrease the potential danger to your family.

6- Good sleep: Himalayan salt lamps are negative ion generators, which help you away from over exposure to positive ions.

Positively charged particles actually steals your tight sleep as they decreases blood and oxygen flow to the brain and cause irregular sleep patterns. Himalayan salt lamp night light on the other hand helps you much in getting good comfortable sleep.

7- Enhances mood and concentration: Himalayan salt candle or lamps are natural mood generators and also help you relax and calm after a day of hectic work. They increase concentration too!

How to Make Your Own Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Good news for you is that you can make your own DIY Himalayan salt lamp at home. Simply follow these few easy steps and use few materials.

Things you will need:

  • A prominent bowl, glass vase, wire basket or other casing
  • DIY lamp cord kit
  • One drill ( it is needed only if you don’t get a casing with large holes to include the lamp cord)
  • One light globe of 7-15 watt
  • Himalayan salt chunks

How to Make Himalayan salt lamp (steps involved)?

  • Get an ideal bowl or large casing. It is good to have glass or metal casing because it can withstand low level heat from the globe. Ensure it is water proof as salt chunks will attract moisture naturally.
  • If the casing or bowl does not have a hole for the lamp cord, you have to drill a hole that is large to include cord and electrical plug. Ensure that it is not so large to fall out salt chunks.
  • Draw the cord through the hole in the bowl to make the bulb inside the casing and the electrical plug outside.
  • Attach the light globe into globe housing.
  • Plug the electric socket and switch it on to ensure that things are working properly before you add salt chunks.
  • Put salt chunks into the bowl. Be as slow as you can to avoid damaging the light globe. The globe should be fully covered in salt and place the bulb as near as possible to the centre of lamp.
  • Now switch on your Himalayan salt lamp and start enjoying the features.

If you think light does not glow through the salt as much as you would think, consider a small casing or get a higher watt bulb.

Check the lamp always to ensure that it does not overheat. Place this beautiful lamp in the room where you spend most the time and notice the difference after about a week.

In case if you are not a DIY expert, you can consider buying these great lamps at an affordable price.

Where To Buy Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Himalayan salt lamps are now available easily at online stores such as Amazon and eBay. You can find variety of them here at great price.

As not all lamps are reliable and there may be some fake ones available, you just need to check the reviews and consumer ratings before making a final buying decision.

Overall, the rising need for Himalayan salt is due to many healthful benefits that it provides to the users. It can be easily and safely used for your long-term wellness and can gain you all the benefits of sodium chloride that naturally traces your body needs.

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