10 Best Buckwheat Neck Pillow to Sleep Better At Night?

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We sleep one third of our lifetime; therefore it is most essential for us to have the best supportive pillows to prevent all those shoulder and neck pain as well as to stay away from many other sleeping problems.

None of us want to look haggard in the morning while going to office. Therefore pillows we need to choose should always be comfortable, easy and resting!

But as there is wide range of pillows available in the market these days, it becomes very hard to guess which one will prove to be most helpful for us in treating or relieving our pain. As all the neck pillows we see in the market are not as effective as we desire for, there are chances that we end up buying a pillow set which is not helpful in providing the sound sleep-full nights.

One of the best neck pillows available is buckwheat neck pillow. It is one of those pillows that offers best solution to various kinds of health problems. This buckwheat hull neck pillow not only reduces the health problems eventually but also helps by providing the sound sleep all through the night.

Buckwheat neck pillows will be the best choice for your relaxing sleep as it offers good support to your neck, shoulders and back while you are enjoying your sleep. Let us know more about these types of pillows along with its great benefits, in detail below…

What Is Buckwheat And How It Benefits?

Buckwheat (also known as Japanese buckwheat or silverhull buckwheat) is basically a plant which is grown for producing the grain like seeds. Despite of the name given, buckwheat seed is not at all related to wheat. Rather it is related to sorrel, knotweed, and rhubarb.

These nutritious triangular shaped seeds are known to provide various health benefits when consumed as a food or used externally in various forms. Buckwheat is used as an alternate to rice or can be made into a porridge food.

People who are sensitive to wheat or grains containing protein glutens can use it as a good substitute food. This, as a food, is available in the form of cereals, groats, flour, hulls, honey, noodles, etc.

Buckwheat is not only used as one of the healthiest foods on earth, but also it is used in various different forms due to the benefits it offer. Various known health benefits of buckwheat are:

  • Buckwheat starch can be used as a fat alternate in processed foods
  • Studies showed that buckwheat can also be used to help diabetic patients
  • It is considered as a warming food and is great to consume during winters
  • As it is rich in complex carbohydrates and quality protein it can be used as an excellent meat substitute
  • Extracted rutin from the leaves of plants can be used in medicines for treating high blood pressure
  • It also strengthen intestines and digestive system. Also can be used to improve appetite
  • Can be used as a buckwheat plaster which aids in drawing out the retained water or excess fluid from the swollen body parts
  • Flowers of buckwheat plant are much fragrant and thus attracts the honey producing bees. Strong flavored dark honey can be prepared using these plants.
  • Above all Buckwheat hulls are valuable. These are non-allergic and can be effectively used for stuffing pillows

Buckwheat Pillow Benefits: Why It Is Widely Used and Recommended?

Buckwheat pillows are many times recommended and used over other traditional foam pillows due to the wide range of benefits it offers to the users.

These are generally meant for therapeutic use; therefore people with snoring, neck pain, muscle pain and headache can get relieved using it.

Unlike other materials used in pillows (such as foam, feathers or fiber that are allergic) hulls found in the buckwheat neck pillow don’t have any side effects. And for this reason people who are allergic to feathers, foam or fiber can also use these pillows comfortably.

Few other benefits of using buckwheat pillow are:

No side effects: Buckwheat microwaveable pillow is the vital piece that helps you get relief from various health problems caused due to unhealthy sleeping patterns. These buckwheat neck roll pillows do not show any side effects and are much better than compared to other pillows, which are just good for showcasing on your bed.

Good for snoring: Not only it helps in relaxing your muscles, but also it helps in curing problems such as snoring. Neck pillow with buckwheat helps by providing the proper support to the head which prevents the head from falling back or forward during the sleep. This helps in controlling the airway constriction which eventually in controlling the snoring problems.

Good for all seasons: As buckwheat husks are irregular in shape it allows good air circulation between them when used as a filling in the pillows. This simply means that your pillow stays cool during the hot summers and warm during the chilling winter months, making it massively comfortable in all the seasons.

Designed for varied needs of people: Buckwheat travel neck pillows are also available for people who travels a lot and want to use them for relieving their neck or shoulder pain. Also, there are organic buckwheat hull pillow available which can be put into the refrigerators. These can be used frequently to get a cool comfort during night.

Natural ingredients that avoid attracting bugs: The best thing about these pillows is its 100% natural filling. The ingredients of the natural filling actually lacks the nutrients that often attracts dust mites and bed bugs, making these pillows hypoallergenic, incredibly safe and environmentally friendly. And as there is no chance of bug infestation, these are the smartest choice for those who worry about the bugs in the their bed. In case if you are allergic and are concerned about the Buckwheat reaction, you can choose the hulls that are roasted before stuffing.

Excellent lifespan compared to regular pillows: It is good to know that the filling of hulls becomes even more polished with time, as you use the pillow regularly making it more comfortable than before. Husks present in the pillow remain in good condition for 8-10 years and thus you can enjoy the great comfort of the pillow for long years without feeling it deteriorate. However it is recommended that you add more hulls to it over time so as to ensure that your pillow remains in a firm condition. This will avoid the need of buying a new pillow after few years.

For all the above reasons, several medical practitioners recommend using these pillow for making you’re sleeping time comfortable and relaxing, so that you can wake up smiling and rejuvenated.

Can Buckwheat Hull Neck Pillows Help In Relieving Pain?

Buckwheat pillows are getting increasingly popular among people who are suffering from neck pain problems during sleep.

The much better support provided by these pillows offer complete relaxation to the aching muscles which helps in lowering down the muscle tension. This not only helps in reliving the neck or back pain but also helps in managing pain throughout the body.

The uniquely designed buckwheat neck support pillows are made out of hulls that are known for providing relief to the pressure on the ears and head, thereby encouraging air circulations along with offering added comfort.

These pillows can be best used to give support to your neck and to relieve tension or pressure in the neck region. The pressure in your neck can be the reason for headache too. Using these pillows therefore can be a good solution to prevent all these kinds of health problems in your day to day life.

As these buckwheat filled neck pillows provide good support to the neck and head region it eventually helps in preventing tossing and turning while sleeping.

This further helps in achieving better sleeping positions to get better rest throughout the night time without any interruptions. The magical comfort of these pillows makes you fall asleep soon and helps you in staying asleep in a good relaxing mode.

10 Best Buckwheat Neck Pillow Reviews

Buying buckwheat seed neck pillow is now convenient if you search for them online. Stores like Amazon have variety of good range for all. You can make a quick research by reading few genuine reviews to purchase the best pillow as per your requirement and budget.

Below we list down some of the best neck pillow with buckwheat hulls that are available at Amazon. Just check their detailed reviews before you make a final buying decision.

1- Bucky Buckwheat Neck Pillow

Are you a frequent flyer? Do you have no choice but to detest flying simply because of an aching neck, every time you step off a plane? Well then, here’s something you would like to consider. Bucky buckwheat neck pillow is an original U-shaped travel neck-pillow for convenience in travel.

With 4 inches height and 9 inches width, this bucky neck pillow comes with a bucky bag sporting a bungee cord strap with cord locks. Not to mention, it is filled with high quality buckwheat hulls which is all natural, premium and Eco-friendly.

Bucky travel neck pillows are said to be hard to sleep in, for the first few uses. But the users gets accustomed to it considering the excellent neck support and spinal alignment during the much-loved, sleep hours. It does not trap heat like memory foam pillows and is an excellent choice for side and back sleepers alike.

Overall this is a pillow to have if you travel a lot and want a good neck support pillow.

2- Sachi Organics Buckwheat Hull Neck Pillow

Looking for a sturdy pillow replacement due to dire back and neck aches?  The Buckwheat Hull Pillow by Sachi Organics could help. The pillow is made from organic buckwheat hulls that are encased in a sturdy organic cotton canvas casing.

These American made pillows are moderately sized and conform to the user’s neck in order to relieve pressure and stress build-up. The hulls used in these handmade pillows makes the pillow really lightweight and very malleable. These also provide quality insulation and resist odor build up over time.

Overall, the pillow corresponds to the quality assurance of Sachi Organics, the brand which is known for their handmaking organic pillows for over 30 years. And thus you can be never wrong by opting these pillows. Just go for it and feel the difference in your sleeping conditions.

3- Sachi Organics Buckwheat Cylinder Pillow

The buckwheat cylinder neck pillow by Sachi Organics is a perfect partner for those who travel frequently. If you feel burdened by neck and back pain during the hectic travel hours then this handmade pillow is the right fit for you. Sized at 6 inches high and 14 inches wide, these pillows are filled with organic, environment friendly buckwheat hulls from Madison, South Dakota.

These pillows conform to the body of the user without much sag, ensuring better support and spinal alignment thus alleviating any neck or back pain. The pillows are reviewed to be hard to sleep in at first, but gets more comfortable and adjustable when you get used to it within 2-3 days.

The buckwheat hulls are cased in certified organic cotton and are sealed using a zipper so as to fill or remove as per individual’s requirement or for cleaning. The organic cotton cover is washable which promises its use, over a long period of time. And the hulls do not pick up odor over time, and ensures a good healthy sleep.

Made in America, this pillow by Sachi Organics lives up to expectations of standard. When considering the impressive pain relief and supportive qualities, these are the perfect partner for anyone.

4- Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow

The Beans72 Organic Buckwheat pillow is a pure natural pillow made up of organic buckwheat hulls which allows the air to circulate easily for faster cooling. This helps in the free movement of air through the pillow and keeps the head relatively cool.

This Pillow helps in a restful sleep due to the millions of micro-air hulls present in the pillow which provide firm support for the head as well as neck. Thus using this pillow can reduce your headaches as well as neck spasms.

This pillow is shaped and designed well to go along with the contours of the neck and shoulders. The seeds present in the pillow works by moving and conforming the head in a desired position giving you a good sleep all through the night without any disturbance. It comes with a natural unbleached cotton case absolutely free.

5- Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow by Natures Pillows

Sobakawa buckwheat pillow by Natures Pillows is a good option for you if you are looking for an ideal buckwheat pillow. The size of the pillow is 20”x 15” and is made up of pure cotton to provide extreme comfort. The cotton texture gives you the real comfort irrespective of where you use it. This unique pillow manufactured in US has been in use widely throughout the Orient for many centuries.

This Sobakawa pillow is filled with buckwheat hulls that help in shaping them automatically as per your head and neck while you sleep. The hulls have certain properties (therapeutic and supportive for a stress less sleep in the night) that makes them comfortable uniquely. The only disadvantage is this pillow is not a machine washable and a cover or a sham would be needed to keep it protected from oil as well as dirt.

Using an ideal pillow that suits your neck and shoulders (and can support your head) is very important while sleeping and that is what Sobakawa buckwheat pillow by Natures Pillows provides. Get this buckwheat pillow for you and have a restful sleep always. We are sure that you will love using it.

6- Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow Queen (As Seen on TV)

This original Sobakawa buckwheat pillow is made up of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. With this pillow you can have a wonderful peaceful sleep in the night. Not only for a side sleeper, but this pillow will equally provide the support for the other category of sleepers as well. People who are having problems with their back and neck can definitely try this product as they can get maximum comfort with this pillow.

This Sobakawa buckwheat queen pillow is filled in with 100% premium quality hulls that are completely natural and safe. It provides complete support and comfort while conforming to the contours of head and neck. And for this reason these are preferred by many over traditional foam and feather filled pillows.

You can get great relief from neck pain, muscle tension, headache and stress using these pillows while sleeping. These pillows can be used for travel as well. You can use it while driving, on travel and even at home to enjoy each and every day of your life. The size of the pillow is queen size and other details are attached with the product catalogue to help you in using the product.

7- Zen Chi Organic Buckwheat Pillow (Queen Size with Cotton Cover)

Zen Chi’s Organic Buckwheat Pillow are designed to offer sound sleep and maximum comfort. It is filled with 100% of Buckwheat hulls that are grown organic. These hulls help in the circulation of air for natural comfort and cooling of your skull while you sleep. This organic buckwheat pillow is 100% refillable and hence you can even adjust the amount of hulls as per your liking or convenience.

The best advantage of queen size buckwheat pillow from Zen Chi is that it adjust itself to the ideal position of your spine, neck and the head as you move while sleep. These revolutionary pillows can thus help in relieving usual sleeping problems like the muscle pain, tensions, stress, headache and stiff neck.

This Zen Chi pillow is used for centuries in Japan due to the exciting features it offer. The organic Buckwheat pillow or the natural sleeping pillow is perfect for everyone. These are best suitable for people with feather or foam allergies. Being organic it is healthy to use anywhere and anytime.

8- ComfyNeck Buckwheat Neck Pillow with Case

The ComfyNeck buckwheat neck pillow is designed to provide complete support for neck and head and thereby provide a restful sleep. This pillow can be used at home or while traveling and is perfect for a person of average size. It is cylindrical in shape and is manufactured based on German design with a weight of about 3.5 lbs and dimensions 17”x 6”.

It is custom made with 100% cotton. Each pillow comes with a pillow case irrespective of the size. The case of the buckwheat neck pillow is made up of 100% of organic cotton with a zipper that is invisible. This pillow is filled with Buckwheat hulls that are grown in USA and cleaned without using any fumigants or chemicals. These Buckwheat neck pillows comes in three variable sizes. And it is one of the best addition to have a relaxed life.

9- Dreamtime Buckwheat Neck Pillow

Struggling with neck pain that just won’t quit? The Dreamtime comfort zone neck roll may be just the solution for you.

Filled with hypoallergenic and naturally breathable buckwheat hull filling, the pillow conforms to the person’s anatomy thus allowing better sleep, making it a best steadfast solution to those aching neck and back muscles every morning.

Sporting premium fabrics and ingredients, this neck pillow is comfortable and long lasting, not to mention easily washable. The sleek looking neck roll is added with an inner case with a zipper which allows addition or removal of filling for adjusting to personal needs. Reviewed by multiple users to be nothing less than a lifesaver, it is certainly a product to consider for upper back or thorasic nerve pain.

10- Buckwheat Lavender Neck Pillow

This travel neck pillow is handmade in Pennsylvania and is one among the most comfortable neck pillows. It is made of soft fleece fabric along with firm organic buckwheat hulls added with lavender buds for fragrance. For this reason it is most suitable for those who are allergic to smell of the pillows.

The buckwheat hull filling provides firm support, is Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic in nature. The lavender buds filled with the buckwheat provides a lovely feel to the pillow, and a pinch to the lavender buds can renew scent just like new, just in case the scent begins to mellow out over time and use.

It is a great neck support pillow for adult and child use alike. The pillow is roughly 4 inches wide at the arms, 4 inches high and stretches to a good 7 inches due to the fleece fabric. The fleece material is washable and also can be mildly microwave-d to dry.

How To Make A DIY Buckwheat Neck Pillow?

Hopefully, the above list can help you find a great pillow for your family. Just in case if you are a DIY loving person like me, you will be glad to know that making your own buckwheat pillows is also easy and can return you many benefits.

Choosing to make your own DIY buckwheat pillow assures you 100% organic product through a clear and honest manufacturing process. Let’s check out how it can be done in few easy steps…

Things you need:

  • Sewing machine
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing pins
  • Iron machine
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Zipper
  • Thread
  • Fabric
  • Buckwheat hulls

Basic steps involved:

Step 1: You can make any size pillow you want, so determine the size you want before get to making a buckwheat pillow for neck pain.

Step 2: Cut the fabric. Most people choose cotton as it is durable, versatile and easy to clean. Measure and mark cuts you need and add an extra ¼” perimeter to the outer region. Now cut the cotton, join the fabric with the right sides facing each other and sew three sides close.

Step 3: Leave one side of the fabric open to include a zipper. Use a zipper that will easily manage the pressure of buckwheat hulls under your head. You can put the zipper on the backside and sew four sides close if you don’t want to put it on any one side of the pillow.

Step 4: Twist the outside of the pillow inside and fill it with buckwheat hulls and any herbs you want. Keep filling it until you feel right. As you added a zipper, you can add or remove hulls whenever needed. You will want to add new hulls once in a while as the old ones break down, but it is an easy task to do.

Step 5: You can replace the fabric with any chosen pillow case fabric. Also, replace the zipper with a hem so that you can make a pillow sleeve.

You have done it! You might go surprised how easy it is to make a buckwheat neck pillow. You can add herbs like lavender if you want better and greater relaxation.

Important Things To Check Before Buying

Although there are so many magical benefits offered by buckwheat pillows, there are some important limitations/ disadvantages of using these. You should know about them before making a final buying decision.

Stiff and Hard: Many people who used this unique style of pillow before, complained about the stiffness of the pillow. As they are too hard for them to sleep during the first few nights they did not sought the comfort they are desiring for. However they become used to it finding it comfortable after few days.

Noise: Few people also complained about the noise made by buckwheat hulls pillows which lead to their disturbed nights. Surprisingly, few others felt this noise as a gentle rustling sound which is much calming.

Odor: People who are sensitive to even the slightest odor also found some of these pillows uncomfortable due to the slight odor of the buckwheat hulls. Good to know that not all brands of pillows are same, you can choose the pillow which have roasted hulls in it as filling. As these are odor free you do not feel any smell while sleeping.

Cleaning: Cleaning of the filling is not recommended at all and you should care that the husks present should not get wet. In case if needed you can wash the removable cover of the pillow. Dry the cover thoroughly before covering your pillow again.

Overall, which ever pillow you choose, ensure that they are safe when you sleep. Neck pillow with buckwheat filling are just amazing to buy and it is worth every penny you spend on it.

You can use these pillows while you are on wheels for providing support for your lower back, while at home watching TV keep it under your knees or even at the time of yoga.

So why not try it out and say good bye to all your sleeping problems. JUST Enjoy the great benefits of a buckwheat pillow and have sleepy nights ahead!

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