5 Best Hot Water Bottles For Back, Neck And Shoulder Pain Relief

We all keep first aid box, painkillers, anti-pyretic, etc. at home to meet unexpected medical emergencies, which seeks immediate attention.

Like all these items, Hot Water Bottle is also one of the most useful items to be kept at.

What is a hot water bottle for pain?

Old Fashioned Hot water bottle for muscle pain is a traditional product that is being used by our grandparents to get relief from horrendous muscle pain and body ache.

It is basically a bag or container made up of rubber, glass, copper, zinc, earthenware or wood filled with hot water and sealed with a stopper, used to provide warmth.

The most common hot water bottles used nowadays are made up of rubber.

These are one of the most favorite items for ages and are still used by most of us to provide immediate relief from various types of body pain and extreme cold.

Health Benefits of Hot Water Bottle

Typically used as a bed warmer (in very cold countries) hot water bottles are also great for the application of heat to a specific part of the body for getting pain relief.

Similar to an ice pack or cold pack, these hot bags can be used in many medical emergencies when placed in contact with the swollen body part or human skin.

Unlike electric hot water bags for pain relief, these are much effective, long-lasting, durable and affordable.

Hot water bottles can be well replaced with the electric heater, electric blanket and firewood as it can save your electric bill and fuel costs.

Let us check some of the most common health benefits offered by these water bags/bottles below…

1- Reduce back pain:

Back pain is the most common problem experienced by the human at one time or another in their lives. Heat is often suggested to reduce pain and keeping a hot water bottle is the perfect way to provide heat.

These bottles are flexible enough to be molded and are pliable to use when sitting, lying or in any other position. It provides heat exactly where it needs to reduce discomfort due to pain.

2- Reduce muscle stiffness:

Muscle aches including neck and shoulder pain are very common during winter due to the freezing temperature. Such cramps are easily cleared out by applying heat.

Muscle aches from other causes like running, jumping, incorrect posturing, etc can also be treated with hot bottles by keeping it wherever it is hurting.

3- Relieves menstrual cramps:

Dysmenorrhea is a condition of painful bleeding which affects day to day activities. It is due to the rigidity of muscles in the pelvic area.

This rigidity can be easily cured by applying heat (by using hot water bottle) to the area, thus relieving menstrual cramp and period pain.

4- Reduces swelling:

Nontraumatic swellings are usually cured with the application of heat. So using these hot water bags can also fight against infections and thus inflammation gets relieved.

Moreover, you can use these bags with cold water which is helpful in reducing swelling.

5- Reduces wheezing coughs:

Hot water bags also proves useful in getting rid of problems such as cold and congestion.

For getting the relief it is usually placed above the chest during respiratory problems like cough and wheezing. It allows effortless breathing while providing great comfort to the users.

In addition to relieving the above symptoms, these hot water bags can be also used for getting relief from pregnancy pain, labor pain, stomach pain, gas pain, pelvic girdle pain, gallbladder pain, kidney pain, chest or breast pain, sinus, etc.

The 5 Best Hot Water Bottle For Pain Relief

As a hot water bottle provides various health benefits, it is wise to keep one or more of these bottles at home to get the advantage whenever and wherever required.

These are inexpensive and can be even carried while traveling.

Below are the 5 best options for you to check online when you are planning to buy one for your pain relief.

1- Fashy Hot Water Bottle

Fashy is here with a fancy hot water bottle for shoulder pain.

It is available in assorted colors and can work wonder for all your body ache including stomach pain.

Also, it works wonderfully in relieving conditions such as peristalsis and circulation problems, muscle cramps and menstrual cramps.

This Fashy Hot Water Bottle Classic can help in providing you with the optimum comfort as it works from the core and prevents pain from growing.

With a maximum capacity of 2 liters of water, this thermoplastic water bottle helps in retaining heat for the extra-long period.

After using the water bottle, make sure to empty it completely.

Open the lid and keep it in a dry area for the water droplets to evaporate from within, before you store it.

2- HomeTop Hot Water Bottle

HomeTop is proud to present an incredible hot water bottle, which is well known for its top-notch rubber quality and cute knit cover.

This bottle is made using premium quality rubber for ensuring maximum safety, at its best.

This HomeTop bottle comprises of the ribbed outer surface, which helps in maintaining liquid temperature.

Natural rubber which is the main material used for this construction helps in retaining heat for a long period of time.

This Premium Classic Rubber Hot Water Bottle can be used as a remedy for pains, aches and sports injuries.

Avoid filling it with boiling water, as that might hamper the condition of the bottle. Using warm or lukewarm water is just perfect!

The cuddle and soft knit cover provided with this bottle are machines washable.

This cute knitted designed cover makes the bottle more comfortable and attractive looking.

You can take it anywhere you want -even at the office or in a car.

3- Peter Pan Hot Water Bottle

When compared to the other types of hot water bottles, the one from Peter Pan is just amazing.

This bottle comprises of 56% rubber content, making it eco-friendly and far more durable.

These are better as compared from other bottles as it is made out of chalk fillers, PVC or vinyl.

In case you are looking for the HIGHEST quality rubber product, this hot water bottle for pain relief is all that you need.

The Peter Pan Hot Water Bottle helps in keeping the water warm for longer, and can even keep ice water cold for hours.

It can work as a perfect ice package for reducing the swelling of the painful area.

It is an XXX large-sized water bottle, which can hold 3.2 quarts of water and can be used for covering a larger area easily.

Whenever you need to get faster recovery from the painful injury, this rubber water bottle is what you need to keep the pain away.

Whether you are suffering from swollen ankles, sore backs, stomach pain or even stiff neck, this water bottle is your perfect partner.

4- Relief Pak Hot Water Bottle

Just to soothe your body from tremendous pain without incorporating any medical pill in your diet plan, you need Relief Pak Hot Water Bottle.

This is made using premium quality rubber material, which can keep the inside warm for long.

If you are suffering from extreme menstruation pain in the stomach or want relief from back pain, this bottle is what you need.

The heat from this bottle can also be used for relieving arthritis pain, back pain, sports injuries, and even sore muscles.

This 2-quart capacity bottle from Relief Pak comprises of easy to fill feature with screw topper for a secure grip.

It is designed to be used on a daily basis and can address multiple usage values for long as it can easily withstand harsh pressure.

This Relief Pak Hot Water Bottle is flexible, light in weight and one of the most affordable hot water bags you can find on the market.

So, if you are planning to go somewhere, you can easily fit this rubber bottle inside your bag and carry it anywhere you want.

5- AZMED Hot Water Bottle

AZMED is here with its brilliant hot water bottle, which can keep water warm for long.

Just fill the rubber panel with lukewarm or warm water, place it on top of your painful area, and you are up for a great start.

This product is primarily made out of premium quality rubber, which is suitable for getting the ideal pain relief and ultimate comfort.

Whether you are suffering from stomach pain or want to get rid of swollen body parts such as the ankle, this Azmed Classic Hot Water Bottle is what you need.

The bottle comes handy with knitted bottle cover, which is more than what you have expected.

The knitted cover helps in keeping the water warm for some extra time.

As it is flexible in nature and can be carried anywhere you want.

Important Considerations when Buying

Heat based water bottles for pain relief are many times recommended over hot water bottle electric warming bags or modern heated pads due to the unique health benefits it offers.

However, if you are buying them online for the very first time, care that you look for certain factors before choosing the one.

Some of the important considerations include:


Since these water-filled warming bags come in varied sizes and designs you should look at and choose the size that is most comfortable based on your usage.

The size you pick should generally be determined based on the body area you are likely to heat at a given time.

For areas like neck, shoulder, and feet you may get a small-sized water bag but if you want to heat a bigger body area like lower back or abdomen its good to choose a considerable size.


Durability of the product you choose should be your first concern, especially when it’s about protecting your body and family.

Make sure that you do not pick those cheap Chinese made products build with low-quality material, instead go for a one that is most durable.

With that said, look for the rubber material that is used for making the bag and choose the high-quality product that lasts for long.

Material and Sealing:

While buying and using, it is important to assure the material used and the quality of sealing.

The stopper used in the bottle you chose should be stable enough to prevent water leakage.

Also, you need to be careful about the bottle’s chemical components as it should not be harmful to human health.

The Protective Cover:

Many manufacturers sell their hot water bag along with a unique colorful fabric cover that makes the bottle long-lasting.

Many of these fabric covers are stain proof and helps in protecting the rubber bottle from getting a puncture.

Although it’s not an essential accessory, while making a purchase, you can consider getting the bottle that comes with a high-quality cover for extra protection and durability.

Make sure that it comes with multiple colors and multiple patterns.

The Cost and Consumer Reviews:

Getting an overpriced product from your local market is not a good idea if you can easily get the same product at a much reasonably priced online.

However, finding a premium quality product that is affordable at the same time, needs you to do a bit of research work.

Fortunately, you can easily check the latest consumer reviews and rankings of these products while checking them at sites like Amazon.

This will help you find a good affordable product (based on your personal preferences).

Hot Water Bag Application And Safety Tips

While using a hot water bag it is essential to follow certain tips so that you can get the best benefits out of it without any risk. Make the bag ready for applying it on your painful body part and get started.

First of all, do not add boiling water into your bottle as it can injure your skin when getting in contact – it is good to use warm water.

While filling the bottle, hold from its neck. Fill it to a maximum of its 2/3rd capacity so as to avoid water getting splashed back.

Now when you have completed filling it, check the water level carefully by gently squeezing the bottle.

Upon seeing the water appearing at the neck of the bag, insert and tighten the stopper. Ensure that it is sealed tightly.

Important Tips To Follow While Using Hot Water Bottle At Home

Here are some additional important tips and things to check while using the hot water bag:

  • While using the bottle, care that nothing is placed over it.
  • Also, care that you do not lie upon it accidentally while sleeping or working.
  • Prevent the bottle to get in direct contact with sharp objects, oil, grease, hot surfaces, and direct sunlight.
  • Best is to use a high-quality hot water bag with a cover which avoids all the chances of getting it damaged.
  • After using the bag empty it completely, dry it and keep it in a cool dark place.
  • Do not ever place the bag in the microwave or conventional ovens.
  • Do not place any other substance with water like essential oils, cooking salt, etc.
  • Use it for the intended purpose only and check it regularly for any wear and tear.

Most importantly, for getting the best advantages from your hot water bag, read the instruction manual carefully provided with the product.

It is also recommended to replace your old bottle with a new one, after every three to five years even if it does not show any signs of damage.

Below is a video that will help you know more about how to use a hot water bottle at home…

Frequently Asked Questions On Hot Water Bottle

Hot Water Bottle Vs Wheat Bag: Which Is Safer?

The wheat bag is one of the best safe alternatives to a hot water bottle. Many times when people have kids or pets at home do not want to use hot water bottles due to safety concerns.

Microwavable wheat bags or heat packs come as the best rescue for them.

Although these bags are good to use and provide better flexibility to the users (than hot water bottles), these do not retain the heat for long.

Few users also complain about its bad smell which comes after a few usages. So if you are a bit allergic to odors you should avoid using hot water bottle bags.

Additionally, you need to be careful while heating them as it can easily catch fire in the microwave if heated for long.

It is good to follow the heating instructions carefully (mentioned on the product manual) while warming or re-heating them.

Also, make sure that you only buy and use a high-quality wheat bag which comes with clearly mentioned heating instructions.

Besides wheat bags, a gel-based hot water bottle microwaveable is also used by many. However, these are less popular due to fewer features and safety issues.

Electric Heating Pad Vs Hot Water Bottle: Which Is Better?

Electric Heating pads for pain relief are considered by many as a safer option for relieving various painful health conditions.

However, many still love to use traditional hot water bottles over electric versions due to the fact that these are convenient to use.

This is generally the case for elderly people who suffer from normal cold or cramps.

People who suffer from chronic lower or upper back problems find using electric heating pads helpful and convenient as they need to use them more frequently.

Additionally, for people who want to use heat therapy on bed find electric heating pad much useful due to the possibility of water bottle leakage or spill.

Many users, who have used both, recommend buying each one of them; as both of these can prove helpful in varied conditions.

Overall, a hot water bottle or a bag is one of the most essential items for every home. As it provides a range of different benefits to different users it is worth investing in this low-cost product.

You can even consider buying more than one model which can be chosen according to different colors and the needs of a user- Get one for yourself and do not forget to buy one for your kids.

Do not forget buying attractive looking covers for these hot water bags, which are made up of different fabrics to make them even more comfortable and appealing.

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