Having Ear Infection: Get Ready Neck and Back Pain Can Be Next

The ear is the most sensitive human organ and houses the important senses of the human body. Since the ear is delicate, there are many problems that may occur.

The ear may get easily infected, and pus may happen, leading to discomfort and inflammation. This problem is common in children.

Ear pain

Earaches and infections are termed Putikarna in Sanskrit or Ayurveda.

It may happen due to the vitiation of the Kapha dosha that can coordinate the water and earth elements.

If you suffer from ear problems, you should take every probable step not to increase the Kapha dosha.

Generally, an ear infection happens very rarely, but once it occurs then, it is really a painful condition to bear as well as to rectify.

And the bad thing about it is that if not treated at the initial stages, it can leave other body parts aching.

Various sources revealed that ear infection with neck pain and/or back pain with headaches can be simultaneous effects and makes the condition serious for a sufferer.

It is therefore recommended to visit your ENT specialist as soon as you feel that your ear is infected.

Causes of Ear Infection

The medical terminology normally used to explain the ear infection is “Otitis.” Anatomically the sense organ ear is divided into 3 parts or chambers. These are:

  • The external or outer ear,
  • The middle ear, and
  • Internal ear

Normally the ear infection happens in the middle ear because of the formation of wax and the presence of tympanic membrane or eardrum in the middle part of the ear.

For this reason, there are higher chances that any sort of infection or accumulation starts from here.

The ear infection will not start suddenly. It usually occurs because of a long-standing cause. The persons who are highly prone to getting ear infections are:

  • Deep-sea divers,
  • Regular swimmers,
  • Athletes, mainly swimming competitors,
  • Kids and children,
  • Poor and less hygienic people,
  • Mentally disabled people, etc.

It is mainly during the winter season that one suffers from ear problems. A common cold can give rise to ear infections.

Also, allergies such as sinus and sore throat problems can be a reason for this.

Inflammation may cause permanent damage to the eardrum and so the problem needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

The most severe case of ear infection is the formation of pus. The major causes which create the infection in the ear are:

  • Constant exposure to cold weather
  • Recurrent cold and cough
  • Upper respiratory infection,
  • Infective tonsillitis,
  • Complications because of the trauma of the ear due to any accidents or fall injuries, etc.

Sad to know that ear infection causing neck pain can be a problem not only for adults but children also.

Children, toddlers as well as teenagers can be susceptible to getting this problem as they have higher chances of developing ear canal infections.

How To Diagnose The Problem?

Ear infection, when felt, should not be left unnoticed. Rather you should visit an ENT expert as soon as possible to diagnose the problem and its causes and to learn about the best treatment options.

The diagnostic tools or the investigation procedures which are available readily and are highly helpful to confirm the infection in the ear (to know the severity of the ear infection and to find out the cause of the ear infection) are as follows:

  • A simple physical examination of the ears with the help of a long beam of torchlight will explain the problem and its severity very easily.
  • Observing the ear with the help of the specially invented ear examining instrument called an otoscope. It has a specialized lens with a small light attached to it, which clearly shows the middle part of the ear.

In the case of a viral infection in the ear, examining the ears alone will not help diagnose the problem.

Beyond that, you should also check the nearby tonsils, sinuses, throat region, oral cavity, etc., to confirm the primary infection site.

Sometimes a detailed case history will help you to confirm the ear infection very easily. Hence this also should be taken into consideration in diagnosing the ear infection.

Can Ear Infection Cause Neck Pain?

It has been seen that if you are suffering from a bad inner ear infection for a long, you may have to next deal with other problems also.

This simply means that if you have not cared about treating your ear infection, you may get ready for other painful conditions such as stiff neck and shoulder pain.

The major signs and symptoms which predominantly are seen in the person during the episodes of ear infections are as follows:

  • Intolerable earache
  • Constant or recurrent type of fever
  • Neck pain & back pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Disturbance in the sleep because of the excessive unbearable pain
  • Draining out of pus or blood
  • Swelling of the ear
  • Jaw pain
  • Partial or complete hearing loss is temporary in nature because of the infected particles and dead cell accumulation, etc.

Overall, for people who ask about Can an ear infection cause neck pain and headaches? it can be clearly answered that Yes, It Can!

Getting the best treatment for your bad ear infection is the only rescue that should not be delayed at any cost.

Or else things can worsen, and you may have to deal with it by investing more time, money, and energy.

Best Treatment & Remedies for Infection

To ease the symptoms of ear infections, one can use home treatment and remedies.

In the case of ear infections, the principal treatment plan should cover the following major things.

  • Ruling out the primary cause
  • Treatment for removing the primary cause
  • Draining the pus or accumulated dead cells out of the ear
  • Taking proper care and hygiene, etc.

When coming to the treatment part for ear infection and neck pain in adults, the immediate medication prescribed by an ENT for treating the infection in your ear is antibiotics.

Then anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics can also be prescribed to treat further infection and pain conditions.

Experts also advise taking enough rest along with the usage of proper ear drops for getting relief fast.

Natural remedies can treat ear infections very effectively without any risk, thus avoiding the chances of getting neck or shoulder pain in the near future.

There are several herbs that can treat ear infections, and they include Onion, Holy Basil, Neem, Bishop’s weed, and even garlic, onion, and salt.

Here are the 5 best home treatment and ear infection remedies:

1- Apple Cider Vinegar is the foremost treatment for earaches. If the fungus is causing the ear infection, it is even more effective.

You need to take one part of vinegar and an equal quantity of water.

Soak sterilized cotton swabs in the high-quality ACV solution and put the cotton ball into the ear like an earplug, and leave for 10 minutes.

Now, remove the cotton ball and lay it on the opposite to drain the liquid from your ear. You may use the hairdryer to dry the ear.

2- Garlic bears natural pain-relieving qualities since it has antimicrobial properties. It can treat ear infections effectively.

Prepare garlic oil by cooking two cloves of garlic in the 2 tablespoons of mustard or sesame oil till it turns semi-black.

Strain the solution and when the solution is bearable, pour a few drops of it into the infected ear.

3- Salt is another cure for ear infections. It is due to the bacteria and the blood that stagnate in the infected area in the ear.

Heat the pan of salt and place it on the cloth. Seal the open ends by tying a knot.

Now lie down and place the hot bag on the affected ear for 10 minutes. Repeat this process daily.

The salt increases the blood circulation in the ear, allowing you to relax.

4- If the earache is minor, use the basil leaves to reduce the ear infection. Simply crush 4-6 basil leaves and extract the juice.

You need to apply the extract to the affected area and avoid getting the basil juice into the ear canal.

Basil oil can also be mixed with coconut oil to prepare the mixture. Wipe your ears clean with the cotton soaked in the mixture. Do this twice daily.

5- Wax is the major cause of ear infection which is the result of some bacterial and fungal growth.

This wax leads to the blockage of Eustachian tubes and this obstruction can be done away with the olive oil.

Warm a small quantity of olive oil and pour in a few drops. The oil will make the wax soft, which can be removed with the cotton swabs.

Just like olive oil, you can also use mustard oil.

The above-mentioned home remedies for ear infections are sure to treat the infection.

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