Effective Exercises For Long Time Computer User to Avoid Neck Shoulder And Back Pain

Most of the present time jobs are computerized and hence it is not possible to work without a computer for a single second. Even we cannot think about living without a computer.

Exercises For Long Time Computer User
Tired  Long Time Computer User

Increasing competition among individuals to attain higher positions is pressuring us to do more and more work without caring for our health.

And at the same time hectic longtime work hours, crowded workplace, high work pressure and much more is resulting into many health problems if one does not care for themselves.

Neck and shoulder pain along with back pain is one of the common problems for everyone who uses the computer for long time. And if not cared, this may lead to troublesome situations which may be hard to deal with. Fortunately there are few workplace exercises for computer users which can help a lot.

How Ergonomic Exercises for Computer Users Helps?

There is no need for you to spend a lot for consulting the doctor and to get those modern medicines which actually do not provide any help. Instead you can try out some simple ergonomic exercises for computer users which are sufficient for you to be free from those tiring neck and shoulder pains related with long time computer usage.

You can start doing some of these recommended neck and shoulder exercises for computer users that can make you free form the pain and assure an overall soothing experience. Moreover you will be gifted with a great feel that you have done something good for your health as well.

Stretching Exercises for Computer Users (Video)

3 Best Exercise for Avoiding Back, Shoulder and Neck Pain

Besides the above stretching exercises (which are meant for giving you instant relief from computer strain), you can try out some most effective and recommended exercises by the experts.

Basically these exercises are not meant for providing you the instant relief from the strain, but it will help in making your shoulders and neck region stronger. This will help you in long run to avoid the regular neck and shoulder straining problem caused due to long hours of computer usage.

For your help we have listed down here some of the most effective stretching exercises for computer users that can make you free from shoulder, neck and back pain that is actually troubling you after long use of computer.

1- Shoulder Shrug Exercise for Neck

This is one of the best forms of neck exercises for computer users that assure you get relief from neck pain. It is not so difficult to follow this exercise. Just keep standing taking a pair of two-pound dumbbells in each of your hands. Keep your neck straight and lift the shoulder slowly towards the ears.

Then lower the dumbbells again. You can repeat this exercise as many times you can. Sometimes you will be experiencing pain in the shoulders in the first two or three days. But after that you can feel good health in shoulders and neck region. Doing this exercise regularly can help you in avoiding the neck pain that may be caused due to long time computer usage.

Shoulder Shrug Exercise For Instant Neck Pain Relief, Stress & Tension – Dr Mandell (Video)

2- One-Arm Row Exercise for Reliving Back and Neck

This is another effective exercise using dumbbells. Stand in the left side of work out bench with knee height with dumbbell on left hand. Place the right knee on the bench and bend the waist. Place the right palm on the front side of the bench to get balance.

Keep the left arm straight with palm facing in and the weight hanging to ground. Then accelerate the breath and pull the weight slowly towards the chest. Then gently lose and lower it. Repeat this exercise for some time. Then switch the sides and try it with right hand. Repeat the exercise as per your comfort and stamina. This again is a good exercise for you to try out for overcoming the problems of long time computer usage.

How To Do A Single Arm Cable Row: Back Workout Exercises

3- Upright Row Exercise

This exercise is also carried out with dumbbells. Stand straight with weight on each hand. Keep the weights on thighs with palms facing the body. Bend the elbows and lift the dumbbells slowly to the chest. The elbows should be pointed slightly up and not in the straight position.

Keep the dumbbells close to the body and neck straight and relaxed. Then lower the weight gently and repeat. Continue the exercise as much as you can. Follow the exercise regularly and you can certainly feel the difference in the pain.

How To Upright Row (video)

These are some of the effective neck and shoulder exercises for computer users that you can follow with just dumbbells. These exercises have already given great proven results in several people. Doing these exercises will not only help you in getting stronger shoulders and neck but also will help you in avoiding all neck and shoulder problems related with long time computer usage.

There is no need to make a walk to fitness centers or gyms as you can do these exercise within the comfort of your room. Just spend less than one hour to engage in exercise that can surely bring the magical changes in the pain and assure your shoulder and neck with a regained energy.

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