5 Best Cervical Traction Device (Reviews, Procedure & Tips)

One of the many treatments that are usually recommended for neck pain is the usage of cervical traction therapy.

In fact, using a cervical traction device is one of the most effective, natural, and drug-free ways can help you in relieving neck pain.

What is Cervical Traction?

Cervical traction is generally a process of creating the space between the vertebrae, which in turn keeps your spinal discs healthy.

This can be done with the help of:

  • Effective yoga poses
  • Physical therapy employed by a therapist
  • Massage sessions performed by massage therapist
  • Exercises and stretches recommended by the chiropractor, etc.

Based on how it works, neck traction therapy is generally available in two different types: 

Manual traction: In manual or mechanical traction therapy, the pressure will be exerted either by the physical therapist or by hanging the metal weights.

Electronic traction: In the case of electronic traction therapy for neck pain, pre-designed traction equipment will be available, which helps in stretching the cervical vertebrae with necessary weights that are already installed or programmed in it.

cervical traction

Taking cervical traction personally or giving traction to a patient is very easy.

The procedure can be easily followed and accomplished using a proper traction device at home.

Generally, the time duration of a single sitting cervical traction therapy will be 10 to 15 minutes, and the number of sittings will be decided according to the condition of the patient by the physician or the physiotherapist.

Cervical traction therapy has both intermittent and continuous frequency modes which can be easily applied to the patient according to the severity of the condition.

Benefits Of Cervical Traction

Cervical traction proves much beneficial for relieving/treating many different types of the spine or cervical problems.

Some of the common conditions which can be easily cured with this therapy include:

  • Pinched nerves
  • Bulging discs
  • Headaches
  • Cervical stenosis
  • Tightness in the neck, shoulder, or back

Besides all the best benefits offered, there are certain cervical traction side effects seen.

These are mostly seen when the traction device is not used properly or used without enough knowledge about it.

It is worth noting that cervical traction should not be used in case a patient has got spinal fusion surgery or is suffering from bone problems such as osteoporosis.

It is best to get a prior consultation with your physician or physical therapist before you get the help of this therapy.

5 Best Cervical Traction Device To Use At Home

A cervical traction device is equipment that is used for providing the necessary force of pressure for easing the pain in the neck or back caused due to various conditions.

The device releases the pressure created in the discs and nerves, thereby helping you ease your pain by providing a stretching action for the muscles and the joints.

Below we list 5 top recommended cervical traction devices which are the best selling in the market.

You can find their respective detailed reviews before you consider buying one for treating your condition.

1- ChiSoft ® Neck Traction Device

This is the best traction device from ChiSoft that is available in the market. It comes with a 3 TIER tube that is unique, and that helps for faster inflation.

For fast relief from the pain, it is recommended to use 2-3 times daily for about ten to twenty days to get long-term relief from the numbness in the arms, compressed disc, and muscle spasms that are caused by the pinched nerve.

The unique three detachable air tubes allow for fast inflation and safety features, and a unique design.

It is easy to use a neck stretcher, and you just need to place it around the neck and inflate it to the required level using a hand pump and then adjust it with a strap.

This cervical neck traction device by ChiSoft helps to align the cervical spine and neck by preventing poor posture.

The largest pump, Long Velcro Strap, quick inflation, and no leaks are some of the basic features of this traction device. Get relief from your pain with Traction services from ChiSoft.

2- ComforTrac Cervical Traction Unit

ComforTrac Cervical Traction Unit comes with a contouring memory foam headrest along with independently adjustable neck wedges for providing maximum comfort to the user while getting traction.

The device includes a patented hand pump with a quick-release button which makes the usage quite easy.

You can adjust the angle of incline to your desired level (1, 15, or 20 degrees).

This home traction unit comes with easy to transport lightweight wheeled carry case, which makes it easy for you to carry it along with you anywhere you like.

You may find this device a bit costly, but the results it provides can be quite impressive.

3- EverRelief Neck Traction Device

EverRelief Cervical Traction Device is an effective unit that is meant to give you instant great relief for pinched nerves, cervical radiculopathy, and disc herniation.

The soft and comfortable fabric with a convenient notch of this EverRelief inflatable neck traction device can give more comfort and relief.

You can just relax and reduce your tension and pressure and lead a comfortable life with the help of neck pads.

EverRelief home traction unit is considered much better than over-the-door traction units, which are most of the time difficult to use.

Also, this creatively designed cervical neck traction unit is far superior to its competitors due to its safe and effective traction use.

With the easy manual and instructions, you can use it and take it everywhere you travel or go.

4- Pronex Cervical Traction Device

Pronex Cervical Traction is easy to use a, most comfortable device that comes with blue foam cushions to rest on the shoulders. This is over a decade-old product that is helping people to cure their pain cycle.

Various reviews from satisfied customers reveal that this Pronex unit is efficient enough and has reduced and even avoided the costly pain treatment medications and surgery.

You can use it for a pain-free enhanced lifestyle. Just make sure that this is the right product that you need, as it is non-returnable once used.

5- OTC Overdoor Traction Setup

OTC offers an excellent cervical traction set which makes traction easier with its heavy-duty head halter for overdoor use.

The halter includes metal support, self-attaching closures; an adjustable spreader bar; a traction rope; a water bag; and an “S” hook.

You just need to add the right quantity of water to the device bag to get the desired level of traction.

This pain relieving device is good to use at home or even when traveling.

The size is built to fit all, and it is machine washable, which makes cleaning at home easy.

DIY Neck Traction Towel: Does It Work?

Neck Traction Towel

Yes, it does!

In fact, using the towel is one of the best homemade DIY neck traction methods.

To get started with this DIY neck hammock, you need to grab the rope and a small towel.

Tie one end of the rope with the towel and simply loop the rope onto the doorknob bringing it back to the other end of the towel and tying it.

Lie down on the back with the top of the head closer to the door.

Now, rest the back of the head in the sling, which is formed by the piece of towel.

DIY Neck Hammock or Neck Traction Sling

Neck Hammock

Using a neck hammock or a neck traction sling is a great way by which you can easily stretch your neck at home to get the traction benefits.

Neck Hammocks are, in fact gaining much popularity in recent years the reason that they are extremely easy as well as affordable to use at home.

How does it work?

Unlike others, a neck hammock basically works by pulling your head away from the shoulders. By relieving the pressure off your neck muscles, it provides instant relief to the aching muscles.

The good thing about using this neck traction sling is it helps in expanding the space around your neck vertebrae to some extent which eventually helps in allowing better circulation (blood and oxygen) to the painful area.

Although the above-mentioned method to make a DIY neck hammock at home (using a towel) sounds to be cheap and easy, we do not recommend using it due to safety concerns.

If not done right, this may lead to malfunctioning and can cause severe damage to your head and neck.

Getting a professional neck hammock (check here on amazon) is, therefore, the right neck stretcher by which you can safely stretch your neck without causing any risks.

Just in case you want to stretch your neck while sleeping, you can also choose to get the best neck traction pillows that are now available on the market very easily.

Choosing The Right Type of Cervical Traction Device

Using the best home cervical traction device is usually advised by the therapists in the case when the treatment is needed to be done at home.

People seeking natural neck pain treatment methods find this way quite useful.

With proper knowledge about using cervical traction at home, they can easily utilize it to get permanent relief.

When talking about the neck traction home units, these are mainly of 3 types.

Although these work differently, the main aim is to provide relief from neck pain instantly within the shortest period.

Let us look at these three types of at-home neck traction devices in detail so that you can choose the one that is most suited for your needs…

1- Inflatable Neck Traction Device: These are also called Air neck traction devices or neck traction collars. The device is inflated using the pump attached to it.

To use it, it is wound around the neck region and slowly pumped to fill the air.

Fill in the air until it stretches to a comfortable level.

As the device gets strong, it shifts the weight from the neck downwards onto the shoulders.

The pain reduces with the relaxation of the muscles and the decreasing pressure from nerves and the blood vessels as well.

The discs also come in line so they can hydrate again.

Pros: Advantages of using the air neck traction device are:

  1. It gives ease of use
  2. It is portable
  3. It does not require to be assembled and is handy
  4. It can be easily carried while traveling while working, etc
  5. It can be used in any position, sitting, standing, lying down, walking, etc

Cons: There are also some disadvantages of this device which are:

  1. The quality of these devices has to be checked properly before buying. As there are devices that wear out too soon and are of very poor quality, you need to invest in a branded quality product.
  2. Sometimes the pressure applied is inaccurate and can be a little too much for the neck and jaw areas.

2- Posture Pump for Neck and Back Device: Posture Pump® for neck pain is of comparatively higher cost than the other two neck traction devices.

Made up of highly durable high-quality medical materials, these devices are very well-built and powerful.

It is said that they mimic the cervical traction that is done in a clinic and the treatment is very much similar to that given by the doctor.

However, it is much more effective than regular neck traction devices.

The person needs to lie down, fit the knobs by adjusting, hold the base of the skull and then let the straps be placed on the forehead.

Once this is done correctly, slowly pump the air in to let it tighten up to the required amount.

Pros: Advantages of using the Posture Pumps devices are:

  1. The posture pumps are light, larger, and handy, sold in a case that is easy to carry
  2. These are said to give traction effects stronger than the other devices
  3. No assembly is required for these devices
  4. Their straps and head pads are also softer and comfortable for use
  5. These devices are more durable and work without any defect for a long time
  6. Unlike the other devices, they do not require a door, and there is no fear of leakage as pillows are not used
  7. The device is safe inside the handy case it comes with when it needs to be carried anywhere
  8. The device is safe inside the handy case it comes with when it needs to be carried anywhere

Cons: some disadvantages of this device are:

  1. They take a little more space, and the units are less portable
  2. They can be used only in the lying down position
  3. The price is comparatively higher

3- Over The Door Cervical Traction Device: These devices require a door for use, as the name suggests.

Assembly is required as it has to be hung from a door’s back. The straps of the device need to be tied around the back of the person’s head and also the chin.

Tighten the straps by using a cord or something available and suitable. Take care not to use anything that can hurt the neck (like a water bag).

Pros: Advantages of using the door traction device are:

  1. Place the straps correctly over a firm door and then tie it around the neck; this makes it easier to use.
  2. As the device plays its part, the person can sit comfortably on the chair doing his favorite reading, watching television, etc.

Cons: There are also major disadvantages of this device.

  1. They are not as portable as the air neck traction devices, as they need a door to be tied to.
  2. The person has to sit on the chair throughout, and there is no choice but to lean or lie down and relax.
  3. The correct stretch takes a little more time here, and the chin has to take up most of the pressure from the traction.
  4. Compared to the air neck traction devices, these are not simple.

Based on the above advantages and disadvantages, you can choose the right type of cervical traction device that is most suited for your body’s needs and pain.

Cervical Traction Contraindications and Precautions To Take

The neck traction is contraindicated mostly in patients who are suffering from a structural disease less important to rheumatoid arthritis, tumor or infection, acute injury process, or any condition which moves contraindicated.

In that situation, various other cervical traction contraindications are recommended to get relief from acute sprains, strains, and inflammatory conditions that may be aggravated with traction.

Besides this, various forms of massage, devices, and medicines are recommended to treat the problem and ensure better health and safety.

Osteomyelitis or bone infection is also a condition where experts do not suggest using cervical traction therapy for pain relief.

As slight pressure to the infected vertebrae region may cause weakness or fracture to the vertebrae bones, this method should be avoided.

Finally, cervical traction is not recommended to apply to the excessive joint motion or hypermobility which already exists in the cervical spine. Proper consultation and massage therapy are advised right to support the spinal vertebrae.

For more information, know in this video about the cervical traction technique and how it helps:

Cervical Traction Techniques – Video

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