Can A Toothache Be The Cause Of Neck And Back Pain?

toothache and neck pain

Teeth are considered to be one of the important parts in the human body. What will happen if some infection or injury happen to an organ in our body?

Let us consider about the infection occurred in the teeth! This type of trouble always demands a good dental treatment so that the problem can be treated well in time without the risk of getting other severe problems.

Do you know that the toothache once occur, is not only associated with teeth; as many other related parts also gets affected by the inflammation and vice versa.

A tooth ache is actually indicated as an infection in the cavity inside the gums or the tooth. The important cause of tooth decay is a sticky film of saliva, food debris and bacteria which gets deposited on the teeth slowly with time.

One of the important disorders which is said to be the cause of tooth ache is TMJ. Temporomandibular Joint disorder is said to be an inflammation of joints which are connected to skull or the jaw.

This condition is very much painful and it makes the person unable to talk, eat or even breath properly.

The nerve connections bound in the teeth cavities is what makes the ache painful and these nerve connections are laid out to many parts such as jaws, neck and even spinal cord itself.

TMJ And Its Effects on Human Body

Temporo mandibular joint problem is one of the major tooth problems that the present day people are dealing with. The joints connected to the skull, jaw and the neck becomes the main victim of this type of disorder.

These joints are connected by numerous nerve connections, so apparently these disorders have a migration tendency and can be seen as toothache causing neck pain.

TMJ are known to migrate from joints to other regions like teeth, connective tissue, nerves and other important joints related to it.

Continuous use of chewing gums and biting nails will exert an abnormal pressure on the teeth sideways and this will lay a path to TMJ.

Important fact is that when TMJ becomes severe, it will be seen not only near to the face region but all over the body. Some of the important symptoms of TMJ are:

  • Facial pain which feels like shock attacks
  • Swelling on the face
  • Facial pain associated with sort of burning
  • Pain in the ears or in front of the ears
  • Severe head pain
  • Sort of neck problems which are followed by sore throat, difficulty swallowing
  • Spinal cord problems which finally results in back pain
  • Tooth ache pains which are not colligated with infection, gum disease or cavities

Various TMJ and other toothache relief products are now available which can help relieve the problem fast. You can get the best toothache treatment after consulting your dentist so that the problem does not spread over to other parts of the body.

Tooth Ache Cause – More than a simple dental problem

Normally, a tooth ache arises due to the formation of dental cavity exhaling from tooth decay. Bacterial action also brings the formation of dental cavities.

The food particles clings to the surface will feed on the bacteria, and long time plaque buildup on teeth weakens the teeth to create small holes in it.

Toothache causing headache and neck pain can also be felt due to some other usual dental problems. It may be caused by a list of reasons such as if you are having sore or swollen gums or you are having erupted teeth.

Also toothache problems may be induced by some inflamed sinus, some sort of tension, stress or sprain in your neck region or in the jaw muscle spam or due to TMJ (as discussed above).

One of the important known reason of toothache, other than due to dental cavity is by gum disorder.

The gums become soft and swollen with deficiency of vitamin C, which in turn results in the loss of bone surrounding to the teeth. This disorder is referred as gingivitis, a dental problem which causes the gums to bleed without pain.

Can Neck Pain Cause Toothache

Above we have seen that toothache and neck pain (or neck pain from toothache) can be a problem which is experienced by the sufferer due to various teeth related problems.

But you will be surprised to know that one of the causes of toothache is also a neck problem. So if you ask me that, Can neck pain cause toothache? Then it is for sure that Yes, it can.

As we know that neck and shoulder pain if not treated initially can lead to severe problems. It may migrate to other parts of the body such as ear, around the eyes, back of head, etc.

After some time it may also migrate to the teeth, in between the jaws, chin, etc. If not treated for long, toothache and neck pain can become chronic and can further get down to arms and legs.

Treating your body pain (whether toothache or neck pain) at an initial stage is therefore most important so that you do not get into more trouble later.

Stop that pain right now and save your body from getting further affected from number of problems that may be caused due to the initial pain.

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