Can Meditation Help In Healing Neck and Cervical Pain?

It is a proven fact that changing your thoughts can change you entire life. Simple method of clearing the negative thoughts from your mind and replacing them with positive thoughts can help in improving your health greatly.

Believe me, it can take your life to a complete different turn!

Same is the case, when it comes to neck or cervical pain. The pain never heals by itself and pops up at some point of time. Recently a study has proved that mediation can be an answer to easing or reducing the frequently occurring pain to the neck and cervix region.

Healing meditations are therefore proven useful for many and can help your life in many ways like by bringing: pain relief, good sleep, love, self-esteem and success.

Let’s see how meditation can particularly help in healing neck and cervical pain in this article.

What Is Meditation?

Meditation can be defined as a state of body in a deep peace, a condition which develops when the mind is completely silent and calm. Meditation is an act of awareness or transformation of mind which aims at improving the mind power and in controlling one’s thoughts.

Meditation simply means the awareness. One can be in a meditation state while performing prayers, while worshiping, while sitting still and relaxing mind, etc.

To meditate is usually a practice through which one trains his/her mind for bringing the consciousness and silence of mind. It helps in developing better concentration, memory and mind power. It mainly helps in getting free from all the negative thoughts by bringing in the positive thoughts slowly and steadily in mind and body.

The most important thing to concentrate while meditating is to “watch your breath”. Be completely focused on the thoughts you are getting while breathing deeply.

How to Use the Art of Meditation for Healing Neck Pain?

Chronic neck or cervical pain is normally associated with the high level of distress and the same is proved through various studies. It is also said that any type of meditation helping in releasing the stress can benefit for the relief of pain.

Different types of meditation create effects on the brain centers that help in modulating the neurobiological pain pathways as well as signals. And with meditation you can get completely relieved of your pain.

Mediation can help reduce everything from chronic pain that can hinder your daily life to the muscle tensions caused by the stress, menstrual cramps and even occasional migraines. Guided meditation or yoga practices can surely help to reduce the pain, even if it can’t eliminate the same completely. For many it also helps in enhancing the pain tolerance levels.

Here are the steps that you need to follow for using the art of meditation for neck pain management:

  • Identify the pain: The initial step is to identify the pain like where is the pain, what it feels like and what is body’s reaction to the same and other related things.
  • Concentrate: Bring yourself into the current moment and start the same by focusing on your breathing. You can either concentrate on your inhaling or exhaling as it comes or on your belly breaths. You can also focus on the body connecting to the floor or the surface on which you rest.
  • Get interested with your pain: Try to investigate your cause of stiffness or tension in the neck by thinking that you are getting it for the very first time. Get interested in your pain at that moment. The more curious you are about your pain the less you will end up worrying about the pain by finding the right treating options fast.
  • Repetition: Make sure that you practice the meditation method that you chose every day. And it is said that with more practice you can train your brain to respond in a natural way to the pain.

The truth behind the art of how meditation can heal your back, neck or cervical pain is that your body knows how to heal yourself.

Yes, human body is designed with some natural self repair mechanisms that are under the strong influence of thoughts, feelings and beliefs that originates from everything that we experience in our daily life.

5 Best Meditation Exercise For Healing The Pain Naturally

It is very clear by now that neck pain is a common ailment and can be caused due to several spinal issues. The meditation exercise mentioned below can help you in reducing the symptoms of Cervical and neck pain.

First make yourself comfortable by sitting in ideal position like sitting on a chair with your hands in the form of Vayu Mudra or you can even sit cross legged on the floor.

1- Deep Breathing

This is the first step so close your eyes and smile and start breathing slowly. As you breathe experience the air flowing throughout your complete body thereby making each of the body cells healthy and filled only with positive energy.

Let all your worries, pain, tension, stress and negative thoughts go away and you feel fresh.

2- Rotating the Shoulders

Take a deep breath in your normal position and rotate your shoulders about five to seven times while you breathe normally. Then you should rotate your shoulders backwards 5-7 times.

3- Neck Tilts while Practicing Meditation

Next is to tilt your neck to the right side so that it touches your shoulder while you sit straight and breathing in. You will be able to feel the stretch of the muscles on the left side of the neck.

Hold it like that till the count of five, breathe out and loosen your stretch to relax the muscles of your neck back to its position. Now again breathe in and repeat the same process by tilting the neck to the left side.

Repeat this exercise on the areas of pain and try to feel the pain by stretching and you can start feeling that the pain is going while you exhale.

4- Rotating the Neck

Take a deep breath while in normal position and stretch the neck muscles and slowly start turning your neck to the right side and try looking back with the neck muscles stretched as much as you are comfortable with the same.

Hold and stretch for 5 seconds with a deep breath. Relax your neck muscles and bring back to its normal position. Then repeat the same exercise by rotating neck to the left side and hold on for 5 seconds.

Repeat these movements about three to five times. Breathe in while you are stretching your muscles and breathe out why you’re relaxing them. You can feel the pain going out as your exhale and also feel that your neck muscles are very much relaxed and your head is cool and light.

5- Bee Breathing Meditation

Sit in straight position and keep a close attention on your cervical muscles as you breathe in and feel the energy, warmth and energy coming in to heal you.

For bee breathing mediation you need to breath in, smile, close your ears and keep you’re your index finger and thumbs on the either sides of forehead and with middle fingers softly placed on the closed eyes, on your cheeks should be the ring finger slightly touching the nose. Chant Om while you breathe in and make a sound like that of a bee. Do it atleast five to seven times a day.

Overall, It is not a false to say that guided mediation is a very effective method for releasing all sorts of body pain including lower back, uppe back, neck, shoulders, etc. Practice it daily to improve your thoughts and life. You can also take the help of techniques such as binaural beats which can prove beneficial for you in long run.

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