The 5 Best Wedge Pillows For Neck And Back Pain

Getting the best wedge pillow back and neck support can work wonders for treating your painful body forever.

And the best thing about them is that all the treatment is done naturally without any risk imposed.

If you are really fed up with your aching body, especially the bad back, and do not want to try those non-reliable medicines, it is best to check out the most recommended wedge pillow support that can just prove effective for you.

What Is A Wedge Pillow?

The wedge pillow is a simple foam-based pillow that is cut with an angle (high at the top, tapering down to a thin edge) to elevate your ailing body parts like the head, shoulder, knee, and torso.

Equally beneficial for back sleepers as well as side sleepers, it works on the principle of zero gravity to relax your various body parts.

Besides managing your spinal pain (by giving proper support to your neck and back while relaxing/sleeping), these bed wedge pillows also benefit in relieving the conditions such as:

  • Congestion
  • Sinus pressure
  • Poor circulation
  • Sleep apnea and snoring
  • Heartburn and acid reflux
  • Varicose veins and sciatica
  • Faster recovery after neck surgery
  • Pregnancy neck and back pain, and even while nursing

Overall, these pillows are specially designed elevation pillow that helps you in living a most desired pain-free healthy life, slowly and steadily.

5 Best Wedge Pillows for Neck and Back Pain

Below we discuss some of the best triangle-shaped pillows for neck and back support.

Most of these pillow wedge for bed has already worked for many and hopefully can also help you in an effective way.

1- Avana Wedge Pillow

Avana has introduced an absolute comfort system to provide you with head-to-toe relaxation.

This increasingly popular Avana Kind Bed Orthopedic Support Pillow Comfort System offers you great physical and mental comfort while being a luxury piece of accessory for your king-size bed.

This neck and back support pillow include 4-pieces that work harmoniously to support your whole body when you are sitting up and relaxing in your bed.

Solid yet supple lumbar support is offered with this system. You can adjust this back and neck support pillow by moving the scoop cradle up and down to fit your body.

Sometimes, you may find the lumbar support too much for certain postures. In that case, you can flip the back scoop upside down for better customization and comfort.

The headrest of this orthopedic neck and back support pillow offers excellent support for the neck, so you won’t feel any kinks.

Additionally, the knee rest ensures your natural lifted position to provide great relief for your joints. Hence, you are given a grand, flexible comfort and support to watch TV, read books or meditate.

Avana employs the finest materials in order to guarantee a state of tranquility and comfort for long.

The whole product is made using extremely comfortable urethane foam that offers excellent support, while the 1” memory foam adds to the contour as well as cradle your whole body.

It comes with removable covers having a lush polyester top and is bookended by matching microsuede on both ends.

These 4-pieces pillows feel absolutely soft and facilitate machine wash cleaning. If you are impressed with the system, you can now buy this unique utility product from Amazon at an unbeatable price.

2- InteVision Wedge Pillow

InteVision brings in a new level of comfort, named InteVision Foam Wedge Bed Pillow with the removable cover!

This high-quality neck and back support pillow measures 25″ x 24″ x 12″ and is added with memory foam over the highly resilient base foam.

The bouncy design facilitates the wedge pillow to be used as your favorite cushion as it offers smooth support to your lower body and legs. You can use it as a trunk stabilizer for side-lying.

InteVision has designed this bed wedge pillow for patients suffering from acid reflux, poor circulation, breathing issues, snoring, and back or neck problems.

You can use these orthopedic pillow legs for elevating your foot or leg while relaxing. A gradual slope is offered in a comfortable manner while using gravity to keep airways open and reflux down.

It comes with the InteVision trademark on the packaging. If you want, you can buy additional pillowcases that are made available online by the company with an option of 400 thread count Egyptian cotton pillowcases.

Its two-layer design, which includes a 1” memory foam top layer and a firm base foam, provides excellent comfort to the users. With this, you can experience the soft, comfortable feel of the cushion on your back.

It comes with a white cushion cover that is machine washable. As it is non-allergic, people who are allergic can also use this great neck wedge pillow for a comfortable sleep during the night.

You can buy this extra comfort pillow at Amazon, where it is available at a very competitive price! Have a tight sleep while being provided with a great soothing effect on your shoulder and neck muscles.

3- Brentwood Wedge Pillow

Brentwood bed wedge is a support system for your whole body that provides full back support and comfort.

This triangle-shaped pillow raises your upper body effectively, which helps in back and neck support in addition to proper digestion, relieves sinus congestion, and reduces snoring.

The Brentwood wedge pillow supports dual-position, i.e., vertical and horizontal, and is in the form of foam Slants or Wedges.

  • When placed in the vertical position, it acts as good support for sitting.
  • Alternatively, it can be horizontally placed for sleeping better as it lifts the head’s position like a smooth cradle that aids in proper breathing.

This V-shaped pillow for neck pain and support comes with a zippered cover that can be removed and washed, so you do not have to worry about its cleaning.

4- Contour Products Wedge Pillow

Everyone longs for a perfect fit and extreme support for their body while sleeping. And Contour Products Back Wedge Pillow with Massage is made exclusively for that!

It features an ergonomic shape to fit the natural curve of the human body. It comes with a white fleece cover that adds to the plush feel.

You can enjoy two laying positions with the wedge flips that offer an upright, sitting position in a relaxed lower angle that measures 27 X 14 on both ends and 20” wide.

You can easily win over your back stress and fatigue with this back and neck support cushion that is battery-powered to give you a great soothing massage.

It is just a great product to treat your back stress by providing you with an easy and relaxed position on the bed.

The brand Contour introduced its first product in 1991, and since then, they have been an innovative leader in the ergonomics niche.

They continue developing exclusive products to provide great comfort and support for people of all ages.

With this Contour products wedge back support, you can perfectly align the body for a good laying position at night and comfort for the day, adding to improved health and mental pleasure.

Contour Products Back Wedge Pillow with Massage is made of 100% polyester fleece to soothe your neck and shoulder muscles as well as to provide awesome lumbar support.

Top-notch support foam is used, and a medical-grade standard is adopted for the making of this plush soft fleece pillow. You can use this extra comfort back support pillow on the sofa, bed, or floor.

5- Cushy Form Memory Foam Bed Wedge

Cushy Form Bed Wedge is designed primarily for your spine. A lot of problems like neck and back problems, spinal issues, sleep issues, etc., can be easily relieved with foam bed wedges.

It helps people who suffer from breathing problems, hiatus hernia, reflux, neck and back problems, or poor circulation.

This Cushy Form bed wedge gives soft and firm support when you sleep on your back due to its memory foam that comes with two reclining positions.

The provided washable cover (25x24x10 inch) makes sure that the pillow itself is kept safe and free from any dirt or dust inside your home.

Overall the Cushy Foam wedge made up of 10-inch memory foam is a total spine reliever and is a must-buy for your family’s well-being.

How To Use Wedge Pillow?

The wedge pillow can be placed on your bed in various ways as per the purpose you have.

1- To site comfortably in bed:

It can be placed in an upright position (with the widest end placing the wall) if you want to sit, relax or read for some time while lying on your bed.

2- To elevate your neck when sleeping:

It can be placed in a position so as to elevate your neck, shoulders, and upper back so that it helps in treating various health conditions and aching upper body parts.

3- To elevate your legs and relax your lower back:

It can be used as an orthopedic wedge pillow for legs which can be placed below your legs or knees.

This helps to relieve lower back pain and conditions such as varicose veins, tired leg muscles, swollen feet, sciatica pain, etc.

Particularly the size and shape of the pillow will be determined by your doctor for treating the health symptom you are showing.

Therefore before you use these pillows for the very first time, just make sure that you talk to your doctor about what type of wedge would be best suited for your health condition and sleeping.

Especially if you are getting treatment for a certain condition (like lung problem, blood colts, etc.), it is important to get his advice prior to using these wedge pillows.

How To Choose The Right One?

From a large collection of products that differ in design, shape, and size, you need to choose the best one that suits your purpose well.

Hence, a few most important factors you need to consider while buying a bed wedge pillow are:

With such a wide range of brands and models of wedge pillows, selecting the correct one for yourself is quite a challenge. Hence, you should consider these tips when shopping around for wedge pillows:

Incline Angle

If you want the pillow to eradicate your upper and lower backache, then go for the one with a steeper angle. It would allow your suffering part to rest on the pillow.

On the other hand, if you have neck aches, then you can opt for a small wedge pillow that can extend to your neck and shoulders.

For those who wish to seek relief in their legs, they can opt for knee wedge pillows. Pregnant ladies needing small inclinations and a slight slope can also use it.


Size is important when you talk about selecting the right wedge pillow.

The right size will render all the comfort your body needs while fitting the overall bedroom design. A giant wedge pillow may not look nice on a small bed and vice versa.

By choosing the correct size of the pillow, you wipe out your pains without compromising your bedroom style.


Speaking about the lighter ones, wedge pillows may weigh as less as 2 to 4 pounds, while the heavier ones can weigh as much as 10 to 12 pounds.

Heavier pillows will not move at night, but maneuvering is equally difficult.

Lighter pillows may not be recommended for those who twist and turn a lot, but moving and maneuvering are easy.


The material of the pillow is equally important as it touches your body. The best wedge pillows are manufactured from hypoallergenic memory foam.

They are durable and acquire your body shape offering ultimate relaxation and comfort.

If you are sensitive or allergic and require firm spine support, then buying a good hypoallergenic pillow is highly recommended for you.

You’re Budget

You may come across very affordable wedge pillows and extremely costly ones (ranging from $30 to $75).

Some may, however, go above $100 depending on the number of pillows the set has.

Their price largely depends on the material used and on the pillow size.

This is the reason you should commence your purchase by setting up a budget and seeing all the options in your selected category.

Cleaning and Storage

A lot of people travel with their wedge pillows. Some of them are disassembled and folded to easily fit in your backpacks. You often get a travel carrying case at the time of your pillow purchase.

Most wedge pillow covers are washable in the machine.

However, the memory foam shouldn’t ever be hand washed or machine washed as any exposure to moisture willfully damage the foam and destroy it. Go for light spot cleaning to clean it.

Lifespan and Warranty

The life of wedge pillows generally relies on the foam quality and its frequency of use – as a lot of people sleep more frequently with wedge pillows than others.

Many sellers offer sleep trials. This allows you to test out the chosen pillow for a certain period of time (usually 30 to 90 nights). You can then buy it or return it to the seller if you are not satisfied.

Just like sleep trials, warranty coverage may sometimes be included, depending on the company. Often wedge pillow warranties cover defects for 1 to 3 years.

Remember that some of the brands do not offer any sort of warranty coverage, while there are a few that will be offering a lifetime replacement guarantee on their products.

So, check the terms and conditions of the product carefully before you purchase them online.


Different Types of Wedge Neck Pillow

Choosing the right type and material is important when you are choosing a good pillow for your neck, back, knees, or legs.

Here are a few types of materials that are being used in these wedge leg pillows for back pain.

Make sure that you check and choose the material that suits your body best.

1- Memory Foam Wedge Pillows

The curvy design and adjustable quality material of the memory foam wedge pillow help in relaxing your shoulder and support your neck, thereby resting your whole body.

Additionally, properly ventilated memory foam wedge pillows with air cell technology help in proper ventilation and do not arrest air inside.

The continuous movement of air inside this pillow also lets them stay odor-free and does not trap any kind of moisture inside.

All these features make memory foam one of the best materials when it comes to choosing the best bed wedge pillow for lower back pain and neck pain.

2- Polyester Bed Wedge Pillows

Polyester is a synthetically made material that is available in different varieties for making or filling pillows.

These are the pillows that are very popular and most commonly used due to the wide range of benefits that a user gets from them.

These are available at affordable rates, are easily washable, and are proven to have good resistance to tearing.

The negative aspects of using these pillows include insufficient air supply, improper support to the neck, and being prone to get infected by dust mites easily.

Also, there is a possibility that it might retain the odor of the base material, which might cause discomfort to the users.

3- Synthetic Fibre Wedge Pillows

These pillows are made of polymers that are specially synthesized out of polymers made out of petroleum products.

These materials are relatively cheaper, water-resistant, flame resistant, does not impart allergies, washable, and highly durable.

It, of course, has its disadvantages as well.

Those who sweat heavily may not be able to use this pillow at all as it will not absorb moisture and may thus create various health problems.

Can a wedge pillow cause neck pain?
Yes, it can! If you choose the wrong stiffness or the wrong material of the wedge pillow that is not comfortable for your body, it can cause neck, shoulders, and back pain. As a general rule, the wedge pillow you choose should neither be too soft nor too firm.

Can I Use Wedge Pillow for Reading in Bed?

Yes, a wedge pillow for reading in bed is a special variety available on the market. Often known as reading wedge pillows or simply reading pillows, these are best suited for book readers.

Although these sit-up pillows come in varied designs, most of them are designed to be placed against a wall or against your bed’s headboard.

You can then recline against the pillow and read while relaxing. By offering your lower back enough support, these reading pillows will likely help in getting rid of your fatigue and pain forever.

If you often spend your free time reading books in bed, you should definitely take a look at these types of reading bed wedge pillows, as these can provide optimum support to your back, neck, and shoulders while you are in the reading mode.

Where to Buy Best Wedge Pillow for Back Online?

No matter whether you are suffering from pain or not, these bed wedge pillows can be an awesome tool for you.

You can surely spend a great relaxing time on your bed with these pillows.

However, you will need to learn how to sleep on a wedge pillow, before buying one for yourself. This will ensure that you get maximum benefits out of them.

People who love building DIY things at home can try making a DIY wedge pillow at home. You just need some creativity and patience to design the best.

Believe me; these can be a great addition to your bedroom.

We recommend shopping for these wedge pillows are stores like AMAZON, where these are available at the best affordable price online.

You can check, compare, and read various reviews on some of the best brands available before making a final buying decision.

Its an investment you will make for your life and we are sure, your family will definitely THANK YOU for this.

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