What Are The Best Exercises for Neck Pain Treatment And Strengthening Upper Back?

Neck pain is one of the common issues that affect the daily life of every common man. The modern lifestyle that every people live today, is said to be the most prominent reason behind this menace.

Exercises for Neck Sprain
Exercises for Neck Sprain

Generally a neck pain can be reduced or relieved by following certain natural methods such as neck pain relief exercises. A normal neck pain exercise program includes a blend of stretching, aerobic conditioning, strengthening and trigger point exercises.

Simple exercises like tilting your head sideways, rotating side to maximum extend, icing and warming up your neck, etc can also provide you much comfort and relief from the neck pain.

These neck pain exercises must be performed as gently as possible because a sudden movement or rotation in the neck region may cause severe issues.

5 Best Exercise to Reduce Shoulder and Neck Pain

Try Them Out Regularly and Forget About The Neck Pain For Ever!

As of today experts have already designed number of neck strengthening exercises for getting rid of neck and shoulder pain permanently.

Trying these neck exercise for cervical pain on regular basis will help in keeping the muscles and ligaments in your neck region healthy. And this way you can easily make your neck, upper back and shoulder muscles become less prone to getting any injury or damage fast.

Following are the 5 best recommended neck pain exercises that can help:

  1. Neck flexion exercises
  2. Side or lateral neck flexions
  3. Neck extension exercises
  4. Neck rotation exercises
  5. Neck retraction exercises

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Best Types of Exercises for Treating Neck Stiffness and Pain

Here we discuss about few different exercises types for neck and shoulder pain that help you relieve the pain caused by various issues. Let us check them out so that you can lead a healthier and pain free life!

Neck stretching: Stretching exercises for neck pain can help enhance or expand the level of motion and elasticity in affected neck joints. This exercise program includes flexibility and stretching exercises that help relieve the stiffness and thereby reduces the pain.

Neck stretching has to be done every day and some stretches should be performed many times a day for getting the relief from the painful conditions.

Aerobic conditioning: Aerobic conditioning exercises helps in increasing blood flow to the tissues and muscles to the neck and upper back. Thus, it helps the body to relax the muscles and improve level of motion.

Additionally, 30-minute aerobic exercise can generate endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers) which helps to decrease the neck pain naturally. This exercise program has to be done every day. Some of the most popular aerobic conditioning trainers include elliptical machine, stationery bike, treadmill, arm bike, upper body ergometer, etc.

Neck Strengthening: Strengthening exercises for neck will help preserve or increase motion that in turn will remove or reduce recurrent flare-ups of pain in neck region. This exercise regimen should be done every other day so that your neck muscles could get time to repair themselves making them stronger.

Calisthenics Exercises: Calisthenics neck exercises are generally the type of exercise which involves simple continuous movements (clockwise, forward, backward or sideways) to enhance the strength and flexibility of your neck and shoulders.

These types of exercises can be done easily at home without using any weights, tools or equipment. Spending few minutes of your day in performing these neck and cervical exercises can help you in getting range of different benefits.

Many people need to get their neck pain under control before starting a neck exercise program, which generally helps them in strengthening their neck and shoulders. Stretches to improve level of motion and gradual joint motion will decrease the neck pain caused by normal activity in the long run and can be tried out on the regular basis if you are more prone to getting neck sprain.

Neck Stretch Exercises For Pain, Tension & Stress Relief (Video by Jen Hilman)

3 Best Neck Exercise Equipment For Strengthening

Although neck workouts without equipment can be performed easily, using neck exercise equipment for strengthening muscles and upper back can prove relatively much useful.

Using exercise equipment for neck muscles and upper back strengthening is especially very helpful for athletes to avoid injuries. Here are some of the best equipment that can be used:

1- Neck harness exercise equipment: Neck harness or head harness is one of the best neck-strengthening tool that can help. The neck harness comes with chains and straps attached to it with hanging free weights. This harness needs to be fitted on the head just like a hat. Recommended exercises using this neck harness can be performed smoothly on a regular basis for strengthening.

2- Barbell, Dumbbells and Free Weights: These can be used for performing various different types of exercises for neck, shoulders and upper back. Where barbell can be used for performing exercises such as upright row and reverse shrugs, dumbbells can be well used for performing shoulder shrugs. These prove much effective for working out upper trapezius muscles.

3- Neck Extension Machine: Exercises for neck extension can prove much useful for strengthening upper back and avoiding injuries and hence pain caused. Exercise using neck extension machines like 4-Way Neck Machine can be done by sitting comfortably on a seat provided. The machine also features head pad and handles to help perform various different kinds of exercises.

Should I Consult A Professional Before Starting Neck Sprain Exercise Regimen?

Severe or recurrent neck pain can make the body debilitating and sometimes it will be accompanied by shoulder blade pain, upper back pain and headache. These conditions can make a person’s normal life painful. Fortunately, different options are available to alleviate the neck pain and neck pain relief exercises are one of them.

Right neck exercise treatment program can address most of these issues and pain. You can try out some of the best self neck exercisers, exercising machines, equipment and tools that can help you out in relieving the pain in a natural way.

You are advised to consult a health professional such as a chiropractor, physicist, physiotherapist or a rightly trained physical therapist, before you start doing any exercises for upper back and neck pain. This is necessary to get a correct diagnosis for the cause of your neck pain or stiffness.

Different clinical diagnoses and type of pain will determine what type of physiotherapy exercises for neck pain will be most helpful. This will avoid worsen your condition or an increase in pain and symptoms.

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