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Eliana have been practicing as a professional nurse after completing M.Sc. in 2012.

She seriously loves her job – which is to look after the seniors leading a painful life and are suffering from conditions like arthritis, back problems, spinal and cervical issues, hypertension, depression, etc.

When she is not spending time with her patients, she loves writing about neck and back pain on her site MyNeckSprain.

Her sole mission to write here at MyNeckSprain is to help patients and consumers find the best solutions – when it comes to neck and back pain.

With her experience in the field she is dedicated to provide the best and most accurate information here.

She just want to help you maintain healthy and happy lifestyle!

Why MyNeckSprain.com?

MyNeckSprain can be a great resource for you, if you are looking for products and strategies that today’s users are using for relieving their painful body.

I take my writing seriously here at MyNeckSprain, and try my best to supply you with reputable, research-backed info that is updated on regular basis.

Product recommendations and reviews are based on collections of user reviews available on popular eCommerce sites like Amazon and others.

The treatment and remedies included here are in no way represented as an alternate to physician’s treatment as these are solely meant for informational purpose.

We recommend getting necessary diagnosis and discuss your condition with your physician/ chiropractor before trying any of the remedies mentioned here.

For any concerns and query regarding the site, you may please get in touch with me here.

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