About Signs and Stages of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

CFS or chronic fatigue syndrome is a tricky illness to be diagnosed since it has various different effects on each individual.

Moreover as it resembles to various other disorders such as the influenza or other virus infections, psychoneurotic disease, despair and glandular fever it is often hard to identify the phases and stages of cfs in the early stages.

Basically there are three different stages of CFS. These are:

  • Severe illness
  • Continuation (Stabilisation)
  • Healing

Based on the persistence, chronic fatigue syndrome is categorized as follows:

Mild CFS – In this stage, victims possesses an ability to move and do their regular work themselves. They can do few domestic works, which are not heavy. However they try  to keep themselves away from all leisure hobbies and they often need leave from their work or study.

Moderate CFS In this stage, movements are reduced and all the everyday activities are restricted. Patients in this stage of cfs had to stop their work or education and need time for relaxation. They tend to have troubled sleep at nights.

Severe CFS – In this stage, victims will neither be able to do any work themselves nor can do their smallest daily activities. They feels to be lost in severe cognitive difficulties. In most cases they need to depend on wheelchair for any movement and often unable to leave their home. They tend to be bed ridden for most of their time. They also show severe sensitivity towards light and noise.

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Signs of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: It Can Be Physical or Mental

Fatigue is generally defined as a feeling of lack of energy and motivation. Fatigue can be physical, mental or both and cannot be mixed with drowsiness at all. It is a condition in which a person usually feels tired and thus it can also be referred to as lethargy and exhaustion.

Most of you have already suffered from fatigue at some point of time in your lifetime. And the good thing is, many times you do not need any medical help in recovering from fatigue problem.

However in some cases fatigue can lead to serious medical disorders. Various signs of chronic fatigue are weak muscles, slow responses and slow movements.

-> In case of physical fatigue, one major signs of chronic fatigue syndrome is lack of strength. It is caused due to inability of an individual to exert force with his muscles to the maximum extent they actually can.

-> Weakness of strength and Drowsiness is another major signs of chronic fatigue syndrome. Usually a test is done to determine the strength of a person for physical fatigue. On the other hand mental fatigue does not include muscle weakness at all. In fact sign of fatigue, in case of mental fatigue, are decreased attention and sleepiness.

-> Decreased attention can also be termed as ego depletion and is one of the dramatic signs of chronic fatigue syndrome. It occurs when an individual’s self regulatory capacity is depleted. It can also be defined as a state of more or less consciousness and it harms one’s concentration power.

-> Mental exhaustion is also one of the major signs of chronic fatigue syndrome. If no proper treatment of fatigue is done it can lead to problems like forgetfulness. It can also lead to lack of mental clarity and can make the mind unfocused.

Treatment and Healing Rate

Sometimes the signs of chronic fatigue syndrome are so intense that a person needs immediate medical treatment. For instance if a person has blurred vision a sudden weight gain can create large number of problems for them.

Immediate medical treatment is also required if a person is sensitive to cold, feels weak and don’t sleep properly at night. Other warning signs of fatigue include unexplained weight loss, headaches and constipation.

CFS has its own way of affecting the people. Some people affected by CFS stay back in their homes. And few try hard to get better to the position where they can restart their occupation and other regular activities, even though the fatigue symptoms are still having the bad effects on them.

Healing rates for CFS are unclear. Improvement rates are varied depending on the people, their mental health and overall well being. Complete recovery from CFS becomes difficult if a person loses hope to recover.

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