7 Best Essential Oils For Relieving Neck And Back Pain

Neck and Back Pain

Physical pain can break you down completely hindering you from performing your daily activities. Most of the times, these painful experiences in the body parts can be due to reasons such as:

  • injury caused during a sport
  • posture defects
  • pain in joints or arthritis
  • muscle ache or inflammation
  • wear and tear of muscles with growing age, etc

The most difficult part comes in your life when you are stuck with the pain in your back, shoulder or neck areas which actually functions as the foundation of your body.

In these conditions you find yourself helpless and struggle hard for getting rid of this pain and stiffness as soon as possible.

How to Get Rid of Pain by Using Best Essential Oils?

Although, there are some of the best remedies to treat back and neck pain in an effective way, these needs to be analyzed before trying them out.

You need to check the main cause of your problem and based on that judge for the right treatment option that can offer you long term benefits (if not permanent).

In most of the treatment methods tried at home there is no guarantee that such pain would never trouble you back in future again.

In such cases, it is better to rely on treatment methods that can offer long term, natural as well as efficient solution to your nerve pain and spinal problems.

Aromatic essential oils are now widely used as a perfect solution for getting rid of pain in back or neck. According to Ayurveda essential oils contain various natural healing properties that works efficiently in stopping the pain in spinal areas without any risk.

Due to its therapeutic benefits, people suffering from various problems (such as arthritis in neck, rheumatoid arthritis, cervical pain, cervical spondylosis, disc herniation, etc) find it most beneficial. Some of the best benefits of using essential oils for pain are as follows:

  • Helps to heal quickly compared to that of other treatment methods
  • Its anti-analgesic property help to relieve and reduce the pain faster
  • Its anti-inflammatory properties makes its most suitable for almost any group of people

With so many brands and varieties of essential aroma oils that is now available in market, it becomes really difficult to make an analysis on the best ones that could actually prove to offer better benefits for pain treatment.

Here we discuss about the best 7 essential or aroma oils for relieving pain (specifically in neck and back region). You may consider these aromatic oils before making a decision to purchase.

Essential oils for pain

7 Best Essential Oils for Neck and Back Pain Treatment

1- Basil Oil: In case you are suffering from headache or conditions like muscle spasm, then it is no wonder that your first choice is a natural basil oil.

The anti-bacterial and anti-viral property in basil makes it the strongest and perfect choice for relieving pain in body.

These can be best used for reducing muscle spasms, inflammation and pain. Yet another added benefit of basil oil is its consistency which makes it one of the best essential oil for treating body pains.

2- Peppermint Oil: Peppermint is the most commonly used variety of essential oil for pain relief, leaving a long tradition behind.

In addition to a soothing massage session, the clean fresh and strong mint aroma diffused from peppermint oil makes it a handy option for treating pain in back or neck.

The menthol content in peppermint leaves one refreshing and rejuvenated at times they are stressed or tensed.

3- Fir Needle Oil: Fir Needle oil is prepared through a steam distillation process that will help extracting oil from fir needles.

The needles function as the most important part that is the storage house of chemical compounds. Apart from functioning as a best pain reliever, Fir Needle oil also helps in preventing infections and in improving the respiratory process.

Application of fir needle oil also helps to remove aches and cramps in muscles and also increase blood circulation in body.

4- Wintergreen Oil: In case you are a regular user of ointments then you might not be new to the smell of wintergreen oil.

It has a fresh smell similar to that of mint. Over the years, wintergreen oil has been employed to treat respiratory diseases along with long term body pain.

Also, the aromatic property in wintergreen oil helps to uplift mood of a person effectively. It is always advised to use wintergreen oil in diluted manner rather than using it in its raw or pure form. This is due to the toxic property held by wintergreen oil.

5- Marjoram oil: Marjoram essential oil has so many health benefits and properties that let it stand out as the best in category of essential oil for pain relief.

It is antiseptic, digestive, antiviral, and also carries vulnerary substance in it. Both fresh and dry leaves of Marjoram are used in the production of marjoram oil.

6- Cypress Oil: Another important oil in the category of pain relieving essential oil is cypress oil. Its strong property helps to tighten and strengthen body muscles allowing you to stay away from body pain or muscle cramps.

Also it helps in getting rid of muscle spasms and any other problems associated with nerve pain. Also, it helps to get rid of urinary infection letting you stay healthy.

7- Frankincense: Frankincense oil is one of the best essential oils for arthritis in neck.

Making use of this oil offers various health benefits such as reduction of stress and anxiety, pain or inflammation in body parts. It is believed that the strong property of frankincense oil can even treat cancer effectively.

Frankincense oil can be either inhaled directly or applied on skin. Both ways, it works to offer best results for your ailing body parts such as neck and back.

Also, its natural scenting property functions as the best deodorizer and disinfectant that will help reduce pollution caused in home due to indoor activities.

Massaging with Essential Oils and Process of Using

As based on the discussion above it is clear that every essential oil has properties that make it different from the other.

For getting best results from these essential oils it is always advisable to massage it gently on affected body parts that aches.

It is always advisable to blend essential oil along with a high quality carrier oil. Take special care that you do not use these essential oils without mixing a carrier oil.

It is important to take immense care while application of such oils to body part as they could result in developing strong sensation on human skin.

Once the mixing is complete, you can go ahead with massaging it on body parts like neck and back that needs your attention.

If you want additional benefits of essential oils you may also consider purchasing aroma diffuser (at Amazon) that not only helps in soothing the environment but also helps in providing the therapeutic benefits of essential oils in an easy way.

USB diffusers are great to opt for professionals who work for long hours and use gadgets such as laptop, tablets and smartphones.

Other than using essential oil for body massage, these essential oils could also be used as a bath soak or as a compress depending on the pain in body.

Employing essential oils as a hot compressor can help in relieving pain in joints and even muscles that are swollen.

Can I Use Combo Mix of These Essential Oils?

Although each of these essential aromatic oils comes with specific healing properties for reducing nerve pain, many people love to try the blend or combo made from more than one of these essential oils.

Well, there is absolutely no harm in it and you can try this out as per your preference. Few of the best combos that people love using are:

  • Basil with Lavender
  • Peppermint with Lavender
  • Lavender with Marjoram

You can try these combination (or your own) for getting relief from stressed and tensed neck muscles, inflammation, tension headache, etc.

Just ensure that you mix the right unscented carrier oil to a couple drops of your essential oil, before applying to the painful muscles and affected body parts. Especially if your skin is too sensitive you should not forget this step.

In fact, many professional massage therapists and spa centers mix 4-5 of these oils to make a perfect blend of unique aromatic oil. And it works just fabulously for them and their clients for reducing the stress and pain.

Conclusion: Every human body is different and needs specific kind of attention. Hence, it is really important that you take specific attention while addressing to needs of your body.

It is always advisable to understand the nature and benefits of each of these essential oils specifically before going ahead with using the same for treating your body pain.

Get in touch with an expert before making a choice on the kind of healing oil that you want to use.

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