6 Best Tips For How To Avoid Or Heal Neck Pain While On Computer

Do you find yourself complaining about neck and shoulder pain from sitting at computer quite often? You will be surprised to know that more than 50% of people who work at computer desks have experienced these sorts of pain in their life time during their work.

Computer Neck and Shoulder Pain
Computer Neck and Shoulder Pain

Our workstation, desk, and computer might be the # 1 reason for shoulder and neck pain. You might be very easily spending 8-10 hours in front of the computer.

But at the end of the day it may result in some tormenting shoulder and neck pain.

In this case your front neck muscles grow short and tight, and your back neck muscles grow long and weak.

The back muscles that get filled with spasm and knots are forced to balance your head for a stretch of 8-10 hours.

Well, worry not! Here are few easy tips for you that will help you in preventing neck pain from prolonged computer use. Following these tips you can easily avoid neck pain at computer.

3 Tips To Avoid Neck and Shoulder Pain while On Computer

Recently you’ve experienced that your neck is hurting too much when you are sitting at computer to work! You may be wondering what the hell happened.

Since it is a nagging pain and it won’t go completely if not treated the right way, you should have enough knowledge about how this neck pain while working on computer has caused and what are the things that can help you.

Professionals using computers are more prone to these kinds of computer syndrome neck pain, due to continuously sitting in one posture and working whole day long for prolonged hours.

According to the recent survey about 95% people (who works on computer or laptop) complains about getting the same type of neck and shoulder pain from sitting at computer all day long.

But glad to know that with simple adjustments and knowledge the problem can be eliminated to make you feel better. Below we discuss few best tips that will ease your neck pain from computer use quite effectively.

Not only the symptoms of long working hours are seen on your neck and shoulder but your overall health is affected. Other problematic symptoms that can be caused due to repetitive strain injury (RSI) may include sore wrists, back pain, eyestrain, finger numbness, headaches, etc.

Below are the easy tips for you to follow which will hopefully avoid your computer neck and shoulder pain in an effective manner.

1. Take A Break And Try Little Stretches

A short break at an interval of about an hour can be of great help as taking a break from the continuous use of computer can relieve your muscles greatly.

The fact that you are getting up from your chair and taking a short stroll at your bay can be of help. It relaxes and stimulates the muscles that can cause a computer neck and shoulder pain.

Exercises have always known to work when it is the matter of shoulder or neck pain. Therefore, the best way you can counteract the prolonged computer usage is indulging in exercises and activities.

During these breaks, you can try out some workstation stretches. You can stretch the front part of your neck as this strengthens the muscles in the back.

You can breathe deeply from the abdomen and keep your arms relaxed in your lap for few minutes. After this, you can stand and stretch your neck and shoulders for a while. However it is not necessarily important to stretch out during every break.

There are lot more exercises that can help you get rid of computer neck pain. Check here for knowing about few of them. Additionally a neck exerciser can help greatly to strengthen the back of your neck.

These machines can easily be found at a health club near you. Many people who suffered from these types of pain also tried using therapies such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, reflexology, etc. which are great for getting the relief.

Not only your neck and shoulders but also your fingers and other body parts needs some relaxation. So it is advised to relax your fingers and hands between lots of typing or mouse usage.

Before trying the above tips we recommend seeking the medical professional advice from your doctor or physiotherapist, who can advice you to carry out these exercises after diagnosing the real problem.

2. Always Sit With A Good Computer Posture

A normal computer user performs tens of thousands of keystrokes daily. And for some of these users awkward computer postures together with repetitions and exertions can cause neck and shoulder pain while you are working at computer. The pain can be associated with nerve, muscle or ligament damage.

If you are a regular computed user like me who need to work for more than eight hours per day, it is most recommended that you keep a check on your proper sitting posture at computer along with the workstation arrangement and setup.

This will not only help you in minimizing the repetitive strain injuries (often seen on your arm, hands, neck, shoulder, back, thighs, legs, etc.) but also helps you in leading a pain free life by preventing the neck, shoulders and back pain.

How to maintain good posture while working on the computer? Here are few points that you should check for improving your computer posture. You should definitely follow them if you want to live pain free life.

  1. Place your computer screen at an arm’s length. Experts suggests that you should keep your screen about 20-25 inches away from you so as to attain a good computer posture.
  2. Top of the computer screen should not be higher than your eyes so that you can view the screen without looking up or down. This also helps in avoiding eyestrain problems.
  3. Use adjustable height or ergonomic seating for proper posture and support. Experts also suggest using lumbar support for getting the best extra support. This will help you sit relaxed when you are working on your device.
  4. Keep your knees and foot relaxed. There should be enough room below your work surface so that you can relax your knees along with the thighs below it while sitting.
  5. Your wrists should not be at an angle while working with keyword or a mouse. Try to keep them straight and in a relaxed mode as much as possible. It is good to place your mouse and keyword next to each other. This will avoid the risk of getting your forearm strained while you are using mouse and keyboard.

Now if you have tried out all the above tips and still got your neck sprained while using your computer, laptop or smart gadgets; its time to check out these effective healing tips that will help to fix your neck or back pain in an easy way.

Trying these methods will not make a halt on your daily routine and you can keep going with your work schedule without experiencing any further computer neck pain symptoms.

3. Rearrange Your Workstation Set-up If Needed

Your workstation or a computer desk placement (with few important accessories) can help a lot in providing you great health.

Specially if you are need to work on your computers or laptop for long hours, the problem associated with neck and shoulder pain at computer can be easily avoided when you use a work surface that has been designed perfectly for your body comfort.

Make a note that while you are working on computer desk straight up, you need to ensure that your body is at its maximum comfort possible. Make the above mentioned changes to your workstation and you can see the magic done on your health.

No matter whether you like to work sitting or standing, just consider investing some extra money in redesigning your workstation following the necessary ergonomic tips.

The investment you make will be worth in future as it can significantly lower your medical bills which you need to pay due to neck and back pain.

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3 Tips To Heal and Treat Your Neck Pain from Computer Use

You have set up your computer as effectively as you can figure out. Your mouse, keyboard, CPU, etc. are accurately placed and the PC monitor exactly in front of you.

Then why the HELL your neck hurts when you are sitting and working at computer? Neck pain caused by computer use seems to be irritating and keeps coming up frequently! What can actually help?


Long Time Computer Usage

If you are routinely spending so much time in front of the computer, you need to know that your body will be habituating with this posture and for this reason your neck muscles are getting stiffer, hence you experience the frequent neck pain after sitting at computer.

But believe me! You can completely eliminate this computer neck shoulder pain even after the long time computer usage with the below mentioned few treatment methods. Just try them out when you are back home from your office and see the difference. With these tips you can really feel charged and tension free for the next day.

4- Soak In Bath Salts

An amazing remedy known as the bath salts, are well known for improving the blood circulations, relieving the muscle tension and helpful in reducing stress. Soak in different types of bath salt to get relieved from your neck pain due to computer use.

5- Use Heat/Cold Pad

Apply a cold/heating pad for a couple of minutes to help stimulate the blood flow in your neck and shoulder areas. This is really effective and instantly cures you from aggravating neck pain irritation caused due to sitting at computer for long hours.

6- Try Yoga for Neck Pain Relief

Posture correction yoga is one of the best technique that can help you get relief from neck pain after a long time usage of computer or laptop. You may check here for different effective yoga postures that can help in neck pain from computer work.

The above mentioned are simple remedies that helps you always in treating neck and shoulder pain from sitting at computer for long hours. You need to follow them strictly for improving your life and health.

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