6 All Time Best Home Remedies That Can Help in Neck Pain Relief

The neck pain occurs due to various reasons starting from the normal muscular strain and sprains to the major issues like meningitis. Most of the time the neck pain accompanies with neck stiffness which may get aggravate overlapping one another.

This is a pain in the neck’ is an often used phrase and that too in a casual manner…

Although neck pain is a common problem, preventing or getting rid of neck pain is neither a herculean task nor a cakewalk. All it requires is your complete dedication to it and taking in your body’s health a tad bit more seriously.

6 Best Home Remedies for Neck and Shoulder Muscle Pain

Although various different things and treatment methods can help in avoiding/treating the pain, it is essential that one should diagnose about the real problem and its main cause. This will help in getting the right help needed.

Among so many home remedies for neck and shoulder muscle pain relief available, we are presently discussing the following six measures that are highly effective in treating or relieving the lower or upper neck pain instantly at home.

1. Gentle Exercises and Stretches for Neck Muscle Pain Relief

Neck pain relief exercise
Neck pain relief exercise

Neck pain can stem from the variety of causes including serious health concerns such as ruptured discs, vertebrae etc. These conditions and other similar neck pains can be eliminated by performing regular exercises and Yoga.

No matter what type of back pain, neck pain or sprain you have, very soft and gentle exercises may prove helpful.

This can be the first aid you can give to your muscles at home without the need of any medication or anything else.

Try to gently stretch your neck to the right and in 10 -15 seconds return to the normal gently. Then repeat this by stretching your neck towards left.

Rolling your head gently in clockwise and anticlockwise directions may also help in treating the stiffness of the neck muscles at home without any risk.

Again, rest and recovery go hand in hand. It is an indispensable factor that could change your condition for the better. Make sure to rest your head in an elevated position, even when you take your afternoon siesta.

Avoid doing strenuous exercises like lifting heavy weights that could only aggravate a stiff neck.

Iyengar yoga has been effective to ease back the neck pain. Yoga involves various pain relieving poses that help strengthen the neck muscles. These are also helpful to extend and flex your neck.

2. Ice Therapy to Get Relief from Horrible Neck Pain Instantly

Ice therapy is one of the best remedial measures for the neck muscle pain relief. This will also help ease your muscles even in acute stage.

The ice therapy is highly effective and mostly recommended because in case of neck and shoulder pains (like sudden sprain or strain, pain due to fall injury and hit injury, etc.) the inflammatory responses and reactions are in peak level. And with immediate apply of ice therapy one can avoid the chances of pain getting increased.

The ice therapy acts in a way to improve the inflammatory reactions and thereby reduces the joint pain to the maximum. Various forms of ice therapy advised in case of neck pain are ice cube massage over the neck or ice bag (or frozen bag) application on the neck.

3. Hot Application or Heat Therapy for Neck and Back Pain Relief

The conditions where the chronic neck pain are observed are cervical spondylosis, meningitis, inter-vertebral disc bulge or prolapse, ankylosing spondylosis, osteo-arthritis of the cervical spine, etc. The hot application or heat therapy is highly beneficial for the neck pain mainly during these chronic stage (if the pain remains for long).

In all these conditions the neck pain can be experienced for long for which hot applications like keeping the hot water bag on cervical region, dipping the towel in hot water and placing the towel above the neck region, using electronic heating pad over the neck, applying any type of oil and showing the infra red lamp over the neck area, etc. will relieve the neck pain gradually.

If you find that you neck sprain is getting chronic, you may take about 15-20 minutes every day to use a heating pad. Also you may consider taking hot showers on a regular basis which may help you in getting the relief.

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4. Mustard Pack or Mustard Seeds for Shoulder and Neck Pain Relief

For any sort of neck pain either it is acute or chronic, applying mustard pack over the cervical region for ten minutes will relieve the pain instantly. The major property of mustard is attracting the blood cells and creating heat as well as irritation at the area where it is applied.

Thus when applied on the neck region mustard creates much heat and little irritation which gradually slows down and relieves the pain totally. The other plus point in applying the mustard pack is it removes the swelling if any present in the neck area.

Making the mustard pack at home for relieving the neck and shoulder joint pain is easy. For this you can make fine powder of normal mustard seeds and mix it with hot water to make fine paste out of it. Then apply this paste above the painful area to get the fast relief from the pain.

Additionally, you can also consider making a bandage with black coffee for the neck sprain which will help you a lot.

5. Gentle Massage To Get Best Relief from Severe Neck Pain

neck pain relief
Neck pain relief

In both acute and chronic pains doing gentle massage with friction and kneading movements in the neck and shoulder area is highly beneficial.

However it should be cared that the pressure applied should be very minimal as applying more pressure will be responsible for markedly increasing the pain.

There are various essential oils for back and neck pain relief that are available in the market for getting the effective massage at home.

These oils mixed with carrier oils like avocado, jojoba oil or olive oil can work wonder in relieving the long term pain if massaged gently on the affected areas. This also helps in vasodilatation by enhancing the blood flow towards the neck.

You may even consider wrapping a warm piece of cloth around your neck areas after the application of these oils. This will help to work effectively. Massage therapy is effective but you may see the results slowly in case if you are suffering from chronic neck or back pain for long.

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6. Using Natural and Herbal Products Instead of Neck Pain Relief Medicines

Products such as lavender oil or simply smelling lavender perfumes relieve the neck pain which mainly occurs because of the stress and over usage of the cervical joint. Herbal products such as lavender, menthol, camphor, etc. stimulate the brain receptors and relax the sensory nerves mainly over the head and neck area and thus relieve the persistent neck, back and shoulder pain effectively.

Also there are many types of herbal creams, gels, ointments and lotions available for the neck sprain relief and inflammation. A high quality cream or any such product is easy to apply and can help you wonderfully in treating the pain quickly without any side effects. This is one of the best option and can be used anywhere and at anytime you want for getting severe neck pain relief.

Avoid Un-Necessary Stress, Depression and Fatigue To Heal Yourself Better

Number of physical, mental and emotional factors causes depression and fatigue. Even certain health conditions give birth to fatigue hence they should be given immediate medical guidance.

Hectic lifestyle, work stress, thyroid ailment, poor nutrition, anemia, obesity, sleep apnea, depression, extreme temperature, side effects of medicines and lack of physical work causes fatigue in some way or the other. Hence it is important to care for your health properly and avoid all the situations so that you can avoid getting pains in your life.


Consult Your Doctor At Last if Pain Persists for Long

If you feel neck pain even after following these remedies, then you must consult with your physician or a Chiropractor. He/she can suggest you medications to get rid of the pain. Just be sure that you consult an experienced and skilled doctor or therapist that can help best without imposing any risks to your health.

Overall, there are many remedies and relieving processes you may find for treating the bad pains such as back or neck pain. But the best one is trying home remedy for neck and back pain. These natural topical treatments help in getting the relief almost instantly (in case if the pain is not chronic).

Moreover you do not require to consume any types of harmful pain killers which can have adverse side effects on your health. Taking pain killers will lessen the deep pain to a large extent but care has to be taken that you do not get used to it. Instead use massage or other natural methods before trying them.

Hopefully following the above home remedies or methods you will find your weird neck pain ebbing away. You will need not worry for them again when you care for it.

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