5 Weirdest Reasons For Getting Persistent Neck And Back Pain, You Never Knew Of!

Neck pain is a common condition with which we all suffer at some point in our life. This painful ailment is more frequently seen in women than in men.

Neck pain not only shows the signs of severe pain in the affected region but also is linked up with irritation, discomfort, and inflammation.

Neck pain reasons

According to researchers, at least 4 out of 5 people are affected by the problem of neck pain and they keep looking for some simple and safest ways to keep the problem at bay.

Sad to reveal that only a few of the results in getting the best solution for their problem exactly.

Since persistent neck pain can badly affect your routine activities and lifestyle, it is definitely a cause of worry and should be treated timely.

Knowing about the main reasons for neck pain not only helps you in avoiding the problem to a great extent but also helps you in treating the problem if ever you face it.

But have you ever wondered that there could be some other possible reasons which can be weird to know about, but are actually the cause of your painful conditions?

Let us discuss some of the weirdest causes of neck and back pain below, which you may not be knowing of. 


#1- Your Hobbies

Hobbies are an excellent way to unwind oneself from the stresses of life, but it is sad to reveal that sometimes these can also contribute to the neck pain problem.

For e.g., if you hit the ball with your head while playing rugby, soccer, or football, your neck is likely to get hurt.

Also, if you wear a Glock holster for a longer period of time on your back you can suffer from pain, particularly if it is not well made or not of good quality.

Even sedentary hobbies like knitting, scrapbooking, writing, cross-stitching, internet surfing for hours, etc can cause pain in your neck and back region.

Keep in mind that if a person looks at an angle for a large period of time (like in the above few hobbies), it will put a huge strain on the neck postural muscles which ultimately causes persistent pain in the neck and spinal region.

#2- Your Shoulder Bags

Carrying heavy bags or backpack bags repetitively on the same side of your body also leads to neck and shoulder tension. Try switching the heavy bag from one shoulder to another while you are traveling with a messenger bag.

Or go for a good branded backpack bag that can distribute the weight evenly on both shoulders.

You can also consider getting an ergonomic bag that can be worn across the body or carried on both the shoulders to overcome the pain problems.

#3- Your Flip flops

These are one of the favorite most staples for many during the summers. But do you know that your footwear (especially the flip flops where you need to hold it with your toe to take the step forward) can actually alter your gait?

In severe cases, this can further cause persistent health problems such as pain in lower legs, knees, hips, back and spinal region.

For avoiding these problems try the new footwear type for a few days or a week. In case you find any difficulty consider changing it to a better comfortable one.

If you like wearing flip flops, always consider buying the best-branded one which is made up of high-quality comfortable material.

This will not only avoid painful conditions but also the unavoidable slip which is common with low-quality flip flops.

#4- Your Wallet

Keeping a wallet in our trousers’ back pocket is a common thing for most of us. But have you ever wondered your back and neck pain can be due to this reason?

Sitting on a pocket that carries a heavy wallet can actually cause the misalignment in your spine.

This sometimes leads to muscle imbalance and tension causing the persistent back and spinal problems for the users. In worse conditions, your wallet in the back pocket can also compress your sciatic nerve which may lead to sciatica pain.

To avoid the condition, consider keeping your wallet in your front pocket or find an alternative for it as soon as you find it problematic.

Especially if you carry a heavy wallet with lots of papers, credit cards, cash, etc. you should avoid keeping it in your back pocket.

#5- Your Couch

Many of us (especially youths) find it best to lie on a couch while relaxing or sleeping.

But if you relax uncomfortably or slouch while sitting on a couch, it can significantly overstretch your ligaments and spinal muscles causing a persistent pain in your body.

To avoid the painful conditions, always sit in a relaxed position eyeing on your posture. Using a posture corrector can prove useful for many if they are suffering from chronic pain in the back and neck.

Also, try hard that you do not throw yourself on the couch for sleeping. Always use proper pillow and mattresses for comfortable pain-free sleep time.

Besides the above reasons, people sometimes also suffer from neck pain due to certain unbelievable reasons such as gum chewing.

People who are in the habit of vigorous gum chewing often strain their muscles present in the head and neck region. This can further cause tension headache and neck pain.

Sleeping on the stomach, sleeping in a car, enjoying piggyback rides with your kids, wearing a too-tight necktie and sitting on your wrong office chair are few more weirdest causes that may be causing you persistent neck and back pain.

Knowing all these and finding the real cause for your neck and shoulder pain can really prove helpful for you.

Just implement the combination of the above tips in your life and most probably you will never have to face the neck pain ever again.

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