Zero Gravity Recliner: Does It Really Help in Back Ache and Neck Pain?

The appeal of any furniture should be weighed based on the salubrious effects it will impart to the body apart from adding character to the home décor by being voguish and durable.

Zero gravity recliner chairs concept draws inspiration from NASA’s experiments in space where gravity is missing and the feedback provided by astronauts who have been to space.

What is Zero Gravity?

According to Wikipedia the term “Zero Gravity” refers to the state of weightlessness or in other words an absence of weight. However it is never truly possible to completely escape or nullify the effects of the gravitational pull of any celestial body. It is often mistaken for microgravity. Microgravity actually refers to creation of conditions where the effects of the gravitational pull can be reduced, causing weightlessness; for example sky diving.

Any object with a mass is said to have their gravitational fields. Even a small amount of gravity can be found anywhere in space. In case of Weightlessness there is absence of any stress or force. A body in free-fall in such an environment with a uniform gravitational field experiences no gravitational acceleration and hence feels weightless. This aspect of feeling weightlessness is what we can call as, zero g-force or zero gravity.

Zero gravity in regard to chairs and reclines means to define design aspects, aimed at minimizing the effect of the gravitational forces upon the body, thus reducing overall stress build up. Everyday routines, including working at the office for hours on end, and the pain of daily life, can cause reduced flexibility and core strength which eventually show as back aches and sore necks.

A zero gravity chair or recliner, alleviates such back and neck pains aiding a more sound sleep regimen. Given that certain aspects of life has to be altered to cure such physical ailments, it is not practical to simply quit well paying jobs as the World is now, and this is where chiropractors and doctors advise purchase of such comfort and health oriented furniture décor.

Experiencing “Zero gravity” positions need not compulsory involve a costly purchase, but can also done at home in a DIY way. You can actually experience this state by making your own DIY zero gravity furniture by elevating legs on a stack of pillows, with knees bent at 133 degree angles, while gearing up to sleep.

People experiencing chronic lower back or neck pains are often advised to use zero-gravity recliners as they provide excellent support and comfort with multiple adjustments including seated, lounging and fully reclines postures with adjustable headrests to be altered for personal optimization.

How Does Zero Gravity Recliner Chair Benefits Your Body?

Zero gravity recliner chairs essentially serve to ease the pressure built on the vital points on the body when it is made to maintain an upright posture over long hours.

Additionally many of these recliner chairs comes with automatic shiatsu massage therapy which provides great relieving massage to the patients suffering from neck or back pain. Shiatsu massage anti gravity recliner although comes at a high price, is getting widely popular due to the health benefits it offer.

The spinal position is essentially relived from contracting a nasty backache. Muscular cramps and aches will be severely brought down owing to the easing up of tension on the externals. People with back ache and neck pain find these chairs very much useful for treating the pain effectively.

These recliner chairs also keeps the heart safe from any toxicity by taking the pressure off it and simultaneously aids in capacity expansion of the lungs. The oxygen level in blood is enhanced dramatically and the augmented flow will improve the circulation. Overall these chairs are must have for you if you desire to live healthful life.

How Zero Gravity Recliner Chairs Eases Your Neck and Back Pain?

With the changing work and living style humans are getting prone to different kinds of body ailments. Back pain issues confront many people and as such it is quite a painful situation that lasts for a long time and returns back once some heavy workouts are done.

Working principle: Zero gravity recliner chairs are quite useful in this regard to ease back pain. It is the very reason behind calling such chairs as perfect chairs for your overall health. It helps to release stress from spine and back.

These chairs work on a scientific principle. While tilting them on a zero gravity mode, the chair removes the stress from spine and eases pain at vertebrae. Hence it helps in easing back pain to a great extent.

Accessories and features: The best zero gravity recliner chairs for back and neck pain comes with an adjustable knob to shift it in a comfortable position as desired by the user. It makes them quite easy to use by all.

Further many zero gravity recliners come with massagers that help in easing pain to a great extent by using shiatsu massage therapy. It causes muscle decompression and thereby causing spine to relax upon sitting on this chair. Since the pressure on spine reduces the back pain eventually reduces. In addition to that it also helps in reducing problems associated with spine discs.

Effect on other body organs: Zero gravity chair recliner is also helpful in cases where people suffer due to bad posture. A person with bad posture feels problems with neck and back. A special chair like the zero gravity recliner allows releasing unnecessary tension that builds up in body and thereby improves posture to a great extent.

The recliner chairs are also good for heart patients. Since the feet of the user are positioned above the heart it allows easy circulation of blood from and to heart. In a word it eases heart function than what it is at a standing posture.

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Zero Gravity Recliner Chair

Stress has become part and parcel of day to day life in this restless life. Following the busy work schedule people hardly has time to go for some refreshment between work and even coming back from workplace they hardly has any energy left in them.

Such chairs bear the feeling of weightlessness. Hence, it relieves off pressure from spine and eases back pain that is quite predominant as a result of prolonged working. It has other benefits for lungs and reduces high blood pressure very effectively.

Now when you have made up your mind about buying a best recliner chair, you need to check few points to ensure that you end up buying the best one as per your requirement. There are certain things that must be considered while one decides to have one zero gravity recliner chair for use. Lets check them out…

1- Is the chair suitable as per the body type: The best recliner chairs are designed as per a definite height and weight of a person and it is not meant for all kinds of people. Thus any person measuring below or above the requisite measurement will find it uncomfortable for usage. Thus it is better to choose something that suites the body shape and size of the user.

2- Frequency of Usage: Choosing a recliner depends upon the usage rate. If anyone is considering using it for most of the time then it is recommended to go for some better ones and not the cheaper options. In this regard it is necessary to enquire about manufacturer warranty for normal maintenance of the chair while usage.

3- Importance and purpose of purchase: Deciding on the nature of chair depends on usage or purpose. If it is meant for permanent positioning better quality models are recommended. You should go for a high quality recliner in case if you want to get it for indoor usage. This not only looks great but also offer better features along with ideal relaxation.

However if you want to get a recliner chair for outdoor purpose (like for placing in lawn or patio area) it is better to go for some light weight models so as to carry them at any place easily. These are cheaper than the premium quality recliners as it comes with lesser functioning.

4- Foldabe or non-foldable chair: Choosing the foldable or non foldable chair again depend on your requirement and suitability of placing the chair. In case if you are looking for a chair for large room, you can choose the non-foldable chairs with extra features and functioning. Although these are bit expensive, but the advantages you get will be worth your investment.

However, if you are in need of a chair which fits into a small space or for outdoor purposes, you can choose the low budget foldable chairs. These looks like a simple chairs with only zero gravity feature as an add-on. As these are fold-able you can take them where ever you want, even at outdoor trips or for camping.

5- Deciding on the budget: Nothing comes for free on this planet. It is equally applicable for these shiatsu recliner massage chairs too. Good quality attracts price and thus there must be a balance between the price and quality. Of course you need to give preference to your need first and then invest in the chair which comes best for your requirement.

Your Turn To Improve Living with Best Zero Gravity Recliner Chair

This space age technology is bound to sweep you off your feet with these recliner chairs. The recliners are emblazoned in sophisticated colors that confer upon them an irresistible charm. The aesthetic appeal of the recliner improves manifold from the charming looks it is endowed with. It is a win-win situation for the buyer who gets to benefit on the health front along with getting a nice makeover for his living room.

The zero gravity chair recliners for pain treatment are very competitively priced and with a number of major players making their way to the market, it is not hard a haggle a glittering deal for oneself. The prominent manufacturers and online stores are willing to offer the best deals that are worth the money invested considering the manifold benefits provided.

Overall, Zero gravity recliner chairs assure you of world class aesthetic value, supreme comfort and oodles of health benefits while trying hard not to make a dent in your wallet. The affordable zero gravity recliner chairs are real assets that returns back hundred times what is invested in them.

So why not get one for your living room. We assure you that you will simply love it.

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