What is Disc Decompression Therapy and How It Helps?

Nowadays so many people are getting the back pain and neck pain easily without any fall injury or accident. This is because of the improper and sedentary lifestyles. Because of lack of physical activity, improper posture maintenance, prolonged usage of the back and neck muscles, etc. the muscles in the back gets weaker which ends with compression in the nerves and problems with the intervertebral discs.

Disc Decompression Therapy
Disc Decompression Therapy

Anatomically as well as physiologically the intervertebral discs are structured by nature to prevent the unwanted contact of the vertebral bones on doing any movement in the spinal region. For example when bending forward or backward the spinal vertebral bones has to flex and extend.

While doing so in case if two bones touch each other, then it may lead to compression of the side by nerves which end in severe intolerable pain in the particular area. To prevent this naturally god has structured a special tissue in our spinal region named intervertebral disc which helps in preventing the direct contact of two vertebral bones. When there occurred any problem in the spinal region mainly with the intervertebral disc then it may lead to pain in the particular area.

The most common problem that occurs with the intervertebral disc is thickening of the disc, disc bulging, disc prolapsed, disc thinning, disc compression, disc herniation, disc slip, etc.. The common causes for all the above mentioned disc problems are:

  • Prolonged improper posture maintenance,
  • Trauma like fall injuries, hit injury, slip injury, accidents, etc.
  • Continuous sitting or standing jobs,
  • Degenerative disorders, etc.

The only solution for this problem is to decompress the disc. For that only the disc decompression therapy came into existence. With the help of the disc decompression therapy one can easily get out of his or her unbearable pain.

The disc decompression therapy is highly useful in the emergency conditions where the patient screams out with heavy intolerable pain. That so the disc decompression therapy is called as and also used as an ambulatory treatment measure in most of the pain management as well as physiotherapy centers.

Requirement & Procedure of Disc Decompression Therapy:

The main device needed for the disc decompression is disc decompression table. The patient with fully clothed should lie down on the decompression table comfortably. The treatment is totally computer operated hence the patient should not get any fear about it. The computer operating system along with the help of the decompression table stretches the spine and relieves the compression of the disc intermittently or continuously.

The therapist will assist the patient by standing nearby and he or she will make the necessary adjustment in between the treatment if necessary. The normal duration of disc decompression therapy is 15 to 20 minutes daily. Depends on the severity of the condition the patient will be called regularly for a few days continuously. Most of the patients feel much improvement in their pain after a few days of sittings. At times the disc decompression therapy also helps in relieving the pain and the problem completely within a short duration of the treatment procedure.

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