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5 Best Exercises For Relieving Your Neck Arthritis Pain

As we grow older our joints show the signs of wear and tear which causes pain. This common old age health condition is called as arthritis. Neck arthritis (also known as cervical osteoarthritis or cervical spondylosis) is one of the most popular musculoskeletal problems which is effecting growing number of people all around the world. […]

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5 Effective Yoga Poses for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

Neck and shoulder pain arises due to various reasons starting from simple muscular strain to more chronic conditions such as spondylosis or osteoarthritis. At present there are so many treatment modalities available for treating the neck and shoulder pain, no matter what is the main cause. However in conditions where the neck muscles and shoulder […]

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What are Poor Posture Symptoms and How to Avoid Them?

In case of regular poor posture maintenance, many problems arises in the body. These health issues are such as spinal dysfunction, back pain, neck pain, potbelly, etc. The saddest part is that these can not be rectified by any measures until and unless the good posture is maintained at the proper alignment. All most all […]

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